Let The Games Begin

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Sami and EJ rehash a plan, Julie translates Santo DiMera's letter, and Nick unintentionally pushes Willow to her death.

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In the hospital, EJ yells at Sami to spit out the poisoned food, while Lucas storms into the room, flailing his hands wildly and demanding that the security guard arrest EJ. EJ explains that the food Sami was about to eat was poisoned by someone who works for Tony, and then begs Sami to tell Lucas that he's the only one who can protect her. Lucas pokes fun at EJ's dramatics and calms down some, when Sami says she wants to have the food tested. Lucas goes off to get the food tested and once he's gone, EJ makes a few wisecracks about Lucas having a low IQ. Sami asks him to can it, and then he gets serious. He starts to tell Sami, "There is only one way that we can save our lives." Sami finishes for him, "Talk to Stefano…" EJ agrees, but tells her that each time he tries to talk to Stefano; Tony puts a stop to it. He needs to find a way to get to Stefano, without Tony knowing. Against EJ's wishes, Sami tells him that she's going to see Stefano with him. The two argue about it and she suggests that Lucas watch EJ's back, when he reminds her that Tony wants them dead. EJ doesn't think that Lucas will help. Sami tells him that they'll have to come up with a way to get Stefano out of the house, if they can't get in to see him. She has a plan and tells EJ that he needs to pretend to be Stefano and call 911. "Tell them that you think you're having a having a heart attack, and then the paramedics will come to take Stefano to the hospital!" she says. EJ compliments Sami on her devious thinking and agrees that it just might work! Lucas enters the room and wants to know what EJ thinks might work. Sami relays the conversation but Lucas doesn't like the sound of it, when she tells him that she and EJ plan on seeing Stefano. Lucas tells them, "You may as well just eat the poisoned food." He flat out refuses to let his wife near Stefano. EJ leaves and Sami realizes that Will has an exam tomorrow. She pleads with Lucas to go home and make sure that Will is safe and well fed before the exams, and he reluctantly agrees to leave. They kiss, and Sami steals Lucas' cell phone, before he leaves.


Once outside Sami's room, Lucas asks the guard to make sure that EJ doesn't enter Sami's room. Once Lucas leaves, EJ returns, but the guard refuses him entry. EJ gets a call from Sami, who asks him to distract the guard so she can sneak out of her room. He hangs up and apologizes to the guard for disrespecting him and says he'll be on his way. He goes to shake his hand, and keels over, as if in pain. As EJ groans, the guard tries to help him up, and calls the hospital staff over as Sami comes out of the room.


At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope debate whether or not Shawn and Belle should move in with Philip. Hope feels that it's a good idea, since Victor is out of the country. Bo shows Hope the letter from Santo DiMera, that he found in Sami's car. The two think that this could be a clue to what started the DiMera/ Brady feud. Hope wants to help Bo investigate and jokes that they can be like the couple in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. Bo accepts her offer and asks that she come to him if she ever needs back-up. The two kiss as Hope agrees to go to him for back-up, and then Bo cuts the kiss short and jokes that they could get grounded if his parents see them kissing like that. Hope laughs and tells him that they could give his parents a few ideas!


Hope and Bo are happily surprised to see Julie and Doug enter the pub, and dash over to them to greet them with hugs and kisses all around. Doug says that they just got back from Crete, and mentions that since Julie has been talking about Ciara the whole time; they've decided to come to Salem for a while. Doug says that they're staying with Alice for a while, and lets them know that Alice is planning on teaching Julie how to make her famous donuts! Julie holds Ciara and she and Doug fawn over her. Hope is happy they're here and admits she's overwhelmed at seeing her parents. She tells Doug that them being there reminds her of Claire missing. Doug is supportive and tells her he's certain that they'll see Claire again soon. He hugs his daughter, and Julie asks about John. Both she and Doug are thrilled to hear that John's doing well and up and around.


DiMera mansion. This reminds Doug of being in the secret room at the DIMera mansion and he says that he'll never forget what they found there. He tells them that he found an aerial map of Salem and a family tree of the Hortons and the Bradys. He says it was disturbing, and that the DiMeras must have been perusing the maps for some time. Since no crime was committed, he sadly admits that they could do nothing about it. Bo says, "Speaking of the DiMeras, Tony moved back to Salem, with Stefano." He relays that Stefano is ill, and Doug drinks to Stefano's ailing health! Hope asks her dad what the feud is all about, and shows him the letter from Maison Blanche. Julie knows Italian, she agrees to translate.

Julie reads,

"My dearest son, I am at the end of my days on the bed of my last breath. But there must be no sorrow no mourning. All I have planted is yours for the harvest. My secrets are yours. All I am all I own with my blessing and God's. I leave the earth certain that my love of wine, music and justice are part of your deepest heart but deep in my deepest heart I held a black diamond from you. Sharp, hard and cold, never once spoken of never shared, over these many years. Long ago there was a woman, outside and beyond the vows made to your mother. A woman I loved that I never loved as another. I share this with you my son knowing you'll understand as we're driven men with great appetites." Julie stops reading, offended that Santo would be so open about his affair with his son. Hope begs Julie to finish.

"The name of the woman who owns my heart, body and soul, the most pulchritudinous creature I've ever seen…" Julie stops to explain what the word means… "My Colleen was the rarest of woman, the sun to my darkness, her smile beyond major my life my joy, but she was taken from me. Ever since, not a moment free of grief. Here with the final few beats of my heart, my dear son, my pride, I beg you shoulder my burden and take my revenge. Find those who stole Colleen from me and torment them, generation upon generation. Find them and torment them as they have tormented me. Terms of the vendetta follow." Julie says that it looks like the name is Brady, and that they can find them in Salem. "My son, seek them out. Make them pay, dearly for what they did to your poppa."


Nick meets with Willow at the beach. She shows him the brush, and requests money in exchange for it. He refuses, so she threatens him with jail time. Nick tells her that he's not giving her one more dime, but Willow again demands that Nick give her cash and his credit cards or she'll call the police and turn him in. He tries to grab the brush and tells her he's finished with being pushed around. Nick and Willow struggle for the hairbrush and Nick grabs it. Willow threatens to kill Nick, and when he pushes her away from him, she falls and hits her head on a rock.


Nick notices that Willow isn't moving, and kneels before her, trying frantically to wake her. When he can't, he calls the police, with his cell phone. After the call, he yells at her, "Willow, please,… don't do this! You know I tried to help you! Please don't die Willow!" He sobs into her stomach, as he yells. Nick soon realizes he has to do something about the brush. He starts fantasizing about the police arriving, arresting and handcuffing him. His eyes widen as he realizes what he needs to do. He buries the brush in the sand, nearby.


The paramedics arrive, and pronounce Willow dead at the scene. Nick is visibly upset and tells them that she's pregnant with Shawn Brady's child. The cops agree to tell Bo Brady the news and tell Nick that they think that things look to be more than just an accident. They have to take Nick in.


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