Days Recap: Horrific Gold-Digger.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Kristen lets Daniel know what she wants from him, Sami goes to drastic lengths to take revenge upon Abigail, and Will makes a move.

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EJ stops by Sonny's and gets an earful about cheating. EJ says he made one stupid mistake. Why does it have to erase everything else? Sonny thinks if he really cared about all of them he wouldn't have cheated.

At TBD, Abby tells Will that Sami has a right to be furious with her. She hopes this doesn't come between them. Will flashes to Sami slapping him into the middle of next week but says they're fine. He asks how the affair began. Abby says she didn't realize how drawn she was to him and EJ was having trouble with Sami. Abby says it was mutual. She blurts out, "I am not in love with EJ DiMera. I never was." She apologizes for her outburst. Will says he's not crazy about what Abby did but Sami needs to dial it back. Abby's sure she has but Will knows his mother's out for blood.

Anne fluffs out her hair before approaching Sami at the Brady's pub. Sami wants to know more about HR guidelines and employee conduct. Anne's enthralled with Sami and mentions one employee who gets away with everything. Sami asks her to send the hospital code of conduct to her via email. Anne does and Sami asks her to keep their meeting quiet. Anne goes and Kayla arrives. Sami tells Kay about having EJ arrested because of his affair with Abigail. Kayla is disbelieving and disgusted. Sami shows her a photo. Kayla says, "Oh my God." Sami replies, "That's what she said." Sami asks Kayla to fire her. Kayla's sorry about what happened but she can't and won't help her take revenge. Sami quotes the conduct handbook and says Abby had sex with a member of the board. That constitutes firing. Sami wants Abby fired and barred from ever working at University hospital and if Kayla doesn't comply, Sami will pull the 20 million dollar pending donation for the new children's wing.

At Theresa's place, Eve asks Theresa why she's terrified John will wake up. After some prodding and threats, Theresa says her statement to the police was in her husband's best interest. Eve's holding her cell phone while Theresa speaks and calls her out for lying. Theresa spoons some peanut butter from the jar into her mouth as Eve says she needs Theresa to donate blood for her upcoming operation. They've the same rare blood type. In turn, she'll keep quiet about John.

Brady walks into John's hospital room as Marlena tells Roman she has a feeling that something terrible's about to happen. Brady thinks it's because he's there. Marlena asks if he remembers anything. He doesn't. Roman goes to take a call and Marlena is uncomfortable. Brady tells her his anger kept him alive. He felt so dead after... "Kristen," Marlena finishes. Brady says this is his fault, and it's not because of Kristen. Brady tears up. He tells his father he was right. Marlena puts a hand on Brady's shoulder. She hopes John hears them. Brady thanks her for letting him be there. She grins. He goes and Roman returns. Brady finds Theresa nearby. She tells him she's donating blood for her sister. He goes and Marlena heads out of John's room. Theresa makes a run for it and Eve stops Marlena to chat. Marlena asks if Theresa has recalled anything from John's attack. Eve says she hasn't but she knows her sister is praying he'll recover soon.

A gagged and bound Daniel comes to and sees Kristen in his hotel room in St. Louis. He struggles and she takes off his gag. He yells, "Help! Room 625. Help!" Kristen smacks him. The goon leaves and Kristen starts yelling. She asks if he wondered why he was upgraded to this room. She says, "It's sound-proofed. Nobody can hear you scream...I can't believe I just got to say that." Daniel blasts her about raping and destroying Eric. She doesn't want to talk about that. She asks how Brady is. She knows about him marrying a "horrific gold-digger" and about what happened with John. She asks Daniel to tell her more. When he won't, her goon returns and hits him.

Will arrives home. Sonny tells him about EJ's visit. Will plans on neutralizing his mother. He makes a call.

At the Horton square, EJ tells a board member through gritted teeth that he and his father have complete faith in Sami and Kate. He hangs up and sees Abby. They stare at each other for long moments and Abby walks away.

Abby runs to the park where EJ finds her.

Brady paces at the Kiriakis mansion. He flashes to Theresa's statement.

Back at the hotel, Kristen's goon gags Daniel and she picks up a call from Brady on Daniel's cell.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Abigail is furious when she hears what Sami did...

Eric wrestles with feelings for Nicole.

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