Days Recap: Pointy Hats And Brooms.

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Rafe delivers a subpoena to Kate and Sami, Sami overhears a big secret, and Will visits EJ in jail.

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Sami arrives home to Kate who has moved in since she owns half the house. She has started on a plan to drive DiMera Enterprises into the ground. She thinks it's a shame she could only get two trunks of her things delivered tonight. Sami scoffs, "Just your pointy hats and brooms?" Harold brings drinks and Kate says she'd like to decorate. The first thing to go is Stefano's portrait. Sami agrees. Kate shows her two files they're going to attack. They'll work on making some accounts profitable while crashing and burning EJ and Stefano's assets.

At SPD, Rafe tells Abe they've enough to put EJ away for a long time. DiMera Enterprises has been subpoenaed by the state to provide financial records. Rafe's surprised to hear Sami and Kate are now running the show there. He almost falls out of his seat and decides to deliver the subpoena to Sami himself.

Clyde finds Jordan at the park. He tells her fathers never stop worrying about their little girls. She counters that he's not her father. He's her step-daddy. He reminds her the lowlife on her birth certificate didn't want anything to do with her. She was five years old when he drank himself to death. He asks if she has heard from her brother. He asks her to call Ben but she won't do it. He warns that he has his people watching him.

At TBD, Abigail admits to Ben she had sex with EJ. He says that's her business. She swears it is over and happened before they met. She apologizes for keeping it from him. She's afraid Sami's not going to stop until she ruins her life. Ben just has one question. Is she with him because she's trying to forget EJ? Abby says she was never in love with EJ. Ben receives a text from Jordan and runs.

Adrienne overhears Lucas tell Sonny that Abigail had sex with EJ DiMera. She bursts into the apartment, raging about Jennifer being through enough. Adrienne assumes he forced himself on her but Lucas says Abby denied that. Adrienne calls to check on Jenn.

Will visits EJ in jail and confronts him. EJ's sorry to have disappointed him but insists he loves Sami. Will thinks he has a funny way of showing it by sleeping with his mixed up grieving cousin! Will wanted to believe EJ had changed but he hasn't.

Rafe arrives at the DiMera manse and gives Kate the subpoena. She says they'll be glad to comply. Harold interrupts. Sydney's out of sorts so Sami goes upstairs. Rafe hears EJ betrayed Sami with Abby and that Kate's not back with Stefano. Kate says at least he is happy with Jordan. Sami overhears them agree not to tell Jordan they slept together. Sami returns and Rafe says he's sorry about what happened to her. Sami's fine. Rafe can tell and almost feels sorry for EJ. He goes and Sami smirks and lets Kate know what she overheard. Kate shrugs. They couldn't help themselves. She tells Sami that Rafe will find out about Jordan's past soon. If that doesn't break them up, Sami can tell Jordan about Rafe cheating. Sami doesn't want to be involved. She doesn't want to see Rafe get hurt. Kate accuses her of being interested in Rafe but Sami's only interested in making her husband's live a living hell. They get to work.

Ben arrives at the park. "Hello Ollie," Clyde says. Twangy music plays and he tells the kids he has his family back and he's not letting them go. They stole money from him and Jordan took a minor across state line. That's an offense. He threatens they don't want to make him that unhappy again. He wants his money back. He took Jordan's id cards so she can't run again. She gasps.

Abby visits EJ. He's sorry for what she has been through and thinks he's getting what he deserves. She tells him that Sami told Ben the truth.

Will arrives home and Adrienne says Sami showed Jenn and Abby photos of the betrayal. Will's surprised. She's sickened and Sonny takes her aside. Lucas promises to take care of Will's little brother and sister and asks him not to worry. He leaves with Adrienne. Sonny consoles Will and later, Will learns the magazine wants him to write a cover story about his mother and EJ.

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