The Search Turns To A Recovery Mission

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Kayla tries to help Steve to remember...from the heart, Chelsea confronts Nick when she believes he cheated, and Claire goes missing at sea.

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Kayla posts their family tree on the wall of the Bikini Bar's hotel room. Steve looks at the photos but doesn't remember anything. Kayla says, "I think the Beetles got it right when they said ' All you need is love." "The Who?" Steve asks, and Kayla replies, "Not the Who, the Beetles!" He asks her if it includes tough love, and she says, "It depends on how well my patient cooperates." Kayla gives Steve a relaxant to calm him, but he gets a little agitated and finds it difficult to trust. He plays his harmonica and tells Kayla how beautiful she is, then grabs her hard and kisses her passionately!


Kayla promises they won't leave the island until they undo the past 15 years. She shows him a few photos of his family, in the hopes that he will remember the people from his heart. He takes Stephanie's photo, holds it to his chest and says he's not sure if she loves or hates him! He wants to give up, but she whips out a photo of EJ and asks him how it makes him feel. The look on Steve's face is of pure terror and in a fit of rage; he rips up the photos. Kayla forces him to try to get some rest.


At the Brady Pub, Chelsea admits to Hope that Nick's getting his own place for them, soon. Maggie shows up and asks Chelsea to give the two women some time to talk. Chelsea goes off to check on Ciara and Maggie comes clean. "I found a pair of Chelsea's panties in Nick's room." Hope is startled and considers they could be from another girl, but Maggie is doubtful and just wants Hope to ask Chelsea if she can have some respect for her home and get intimate somewhere else. Maggie leaves and Hope confronts Chelsea about sleeping with Nick. Chelsea is floored by her questioning and denies anything has happened yet. Hope goes into detail and says Maggie found panties in Nick's room. Chelsea becomes angry and hurt and jumps to the conclusion that Nick has been cheating on her. Hope tries to encourage Chelsea to ask questions first.


In his room, Nick finishes reading the note that Maggie left for him regarding the panties she found, and is interrupted by Willow, tapping on his window. He reluctantly lets her in and gives her the panties she left behind. She toys with him and tells him that he seems to be guilty before proven innocent… just like her! She then tries to take Nick on a guilt trip, when she finds out that he's looking for his own place. She comments that she's been sleeping on a park bench and he has a home. She then asks for the hairbrush but he denies having it and gets smart and tells her that once her trial arrives and she's thrown in jail, she'll have a roof over her head. Willow slaps Nick hard across the face, and he apologizes. He offers her money, and the apartment, much to her pleasure. Nick feels as though he's being blackmailed by her and refuses to give her anything more.


Chelsea arrives at Nick's place and interrupts the two, so Willow goes out the window. Chelsea confronts him about the panties and demands he tell her who the woman is. He considers it could have been Abby's panties but Chelsea thinks he is sleeping around. He kisses her and promises that the only panties he wants under his bed are hers!


On Tinda Lau, Gabby and Bo breathe a sigh of relief when Gabby finds out that Shawn, Belle and Philip have been found! The two drink to the news while they wait and Gabby goes back to the radio and finds out that Claire is missing. They hear a helicopter on the way and Gabby goes off to get extra blankets and coffee, while the medics bring the threesome to the bar. Belle appears to be in shock, and Shawn explains in a quivering voice that they've lost Claire.


The rescue workers go back to search for Claire, and Philip blames himself for losing Claire. He cries as he explains that he was holding Claire but the waves pulled him under… he dove for her, but couldn't find her. Shawn pulls him into an embrace as the two men commiserate over their loss. Bo tells Belle that it's not her fault and that they're not giving up. He asks her to have faith, and through her tears, she cries that Claire's out there alone. Gabby gets on the radio again, and relays bad news that they haven't found Claire yet. The rescue workers have changed their mission to a recover mission. Philip begs Bo to call and get them to go back, but Bo says he has no jurisdiction here. Belle sobs.


At The Brady Pub, Hope hangs up the phone after talking with Bo and tells Caroline that Claire is missing. Both women are in shock but Caroline has faith that they'll find her.


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Phillip tells Victor that it was his job to keep Claire safe. "And now, my little girl is gone." He says sadly.

Sami tells Lucas that she's happy with who she is, and with the kids and won't let anyone take it away from her.

Tony yells at EJ, "You bring me Samantha Roberts - now!"

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