Days Recap: The Wrath Of Sami.

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Sami spills about EJ's betrayal, Abigail tells JJ the truth, and Theresa causes harm to John.

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At Sonny and Will's, Sami tells them EJ was having an affair with Abigail. Will flashes to Abby telling him about having issues with an inappropriate guy she was seeing and realizes it was EJ. He tells them.

At home, Abigail tells her mother she is a s*** for sleeping with Chad and then his brother EJ. She bawls and Jenn consoles her.

John finds Eric at the Brady's pub and asks to help Brady back on the wagon. Eric says Brady won't listen to him. He still blames him for Kristen. They agree that Brady and Theresa are a train-wreck. Can Eric talk to her? Eric says there's nothing they can do. He lets John know about the AA mantra, "Let go and let God." John sighs. He just can't do it!

Theresa helps a drunken Brady into the Kiriakis mansion. She tells him they're celebrating and looks at her wedding band. He has no idea what they're celebrating but drinks champagne anyway. She talks about Vegas weddings and Brady pokes fun at them. Kristen taught him how to hate weddings. He drinks to being single while a look of horror comes across Theresa's face. He passes out. Worried, she calls John and asks him to get over there. Brady comes to momentarily when John arrives. He passes out again and John worries he has a concussion. Theresa's not that concerned. She sips champagne and announces they're married. When he laughs, she shows him the certificate. John thinks Brady married her under the influence. He's not of sound mind so that's grounds for an annulment. Theresa looks panicked. She offers him a deal. If he gives her a million dollars, she'll annul the marriage without Brady's knowledge. John shows Theresa his phone. He's been recording her! She makes a grab for it. "You are not going to win," she cries. They argue and she goes at him. He pushes her away and she falls. She grabs a poker and hits him across the head. John goes down.

At the Horton square, JJ flashes to Eve's truce and calls Jenn.

Back at Jenn's, she ignores her cell phone. Abby is ashamed. Jenn asks why she didn't tell her. Abigail says she couldn't find the words and then it was over. Jenn thinks EJ took advantage of her but Abigail is taking responsibility for her actions. She apologizes and tries to explain when Jenn asks. Jenn stops her. "That is enough." Abby asks for forgiveness. Jenn forgives her. Abby knows Sami will tell the world and she can't blame her. Jenn thinks Sami's the last person who should be throwing stones. Abby defends Sami. JJ arrives and they fill him in. He doesn't judge her but wants to take EJ's head off. Jenn tells him Sami's got it covered. They agree it's not going to be easy fighting the wrath of Sami. Abby goes upstairs and washes her face a few times while downstairs, JJ tells Jenn about his visit with Eve. Jenn's not happy with it. Abby returns and asks what they're talking about.

At the Salem Ballroom auction, Chase and Ciara try to get Aiden and Hope to dance more. Marlena walks in and Hope says she 'rocked the house'. Marlena jokes about quitting her day job. Roman walks up with Giselle and compliments Marlena. Hope takes Roman aside and Roman says he can't wait to dump Giselle after the gala. Hope thinks he should turn his attentions to Marlena. Aiden and Hope can't take their eyes off each other when Father Louis toasts to them. Hope claims exhaustion and takes Ciara home. Marlena seems to know something's off. Meanwhile, Aiden flashes to almost kissing Hope while Father Louis tells Aiden the proceeds are up 50% over last year.

Eric arrives at Will's and Sami blurts out that EJ was cheating with Abby. She tells them Nick arranged for the photos to be sent to her before he died. Eric's so sorry. She shocks them all by telling them she got the photos weeks ago. She tells them about her revenge. Will hugs his mother and Eric takes her away to talk. Will worries for the other kids. They assume Sami had EJ arrested. While Sonny wants to call Abigail, Will suggests they stay out of it. He doesn't get how EJ, who loves his mother, could do this to her and Abby.

At the Brady's pub, Ciara thinks her mom left the gala because she misses daddy. Hope agrees but flashes to dancing with Aiden and caressing his hair. She looks upset.

In the park, Sami explains to Eric how powerful and rich she feels and talks about making Abby pay. Eric worries she'll be the one hurt by this the most.

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Theresa tries to save herself.

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