Days Recap: Happy Fourth Of July.

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Theresa learns about the lawsuit while most of Salem celebrates the holiday.

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At the Horton house, Abby and Jenn discuss the lawsuit and then the wedding kerfuffle. Jenn thinks her daughter should check on Sami. She guesses something is up. Abby tells her how damaging the DiMeras are.

Adrienne stops by TBD looking for her son. Only Ben and Tad are there so she heads off. Tad brings out his box of hot dog buns. He vows to win this year's eating contest.

At their place, Will and Sonny wonder how Sami is handling being separated from her husband. "It's like she's being punished for someone else's mistake," says Will. Adrienne shows up and tries to reassure Will about his mom. She nags them about the picnic.

Eve is in the square when she spots Daniel and Parker. She pushes her chest out, strolls over and tries bonding with him over being a single parent. He explains he shares custody with his ex. She asks him out for a drink to discuss her surgery. The doctor has learned the hard way not to get involved with patients and tells her to make an appointment. Meanwhile, Paige meets with JJ outside of the square. She knows that he was with her aunt when she overdosed. JJ insists he has nothing to do with Theresa anymore. Paige needs to know what went on between them. "Did you have sex with her?" she asks as she shudders. He assures her that he never did. She finds all of this weird. They discuss what a problem Theresa is and he promises that he will never be stupid enough to get involved with her again. Eve interrupts so JJ runs off. Paige feels like her head is spinning. Her mom tells her to go to the lake and talk to JJ.

Theresa sits down with Anne in the pub. Eve calls her and wants to talk. Her sister hangs up and moans to Anne. She explains that Eve hates Jenn too. Anne whips out some tickets for the party boat on the lake. Theresa spots her grandma behind the bar and runs over. She finds her keys for her. Caroline's upset about forgetting where she put them. Theresa offers to help her out any time she needs it. They chat about Brady and Caroline wonders why her granddaughter looks unhappy. Theresa tells her that Eve is back and worries that she's worse than her big sister. Caroline assures her that Eve is far worse. That's the sweetest thing Theresa's ever heard. They hug.

Eve corners Theresa as she goes into her apartment. She tells her that she's suing Jenn. They have a chuckle about that. Theresa wonders what it's all about but Eve is evasive. "Little Jenny Horton is gonna get what's coming to her," Eve says. Her sister warns her about the Hortons and Dr. Do-Right. Theresa starts laughing when she hears Dannifer are over again. They toast to ruining Jenn's year.

Abby visits Daniel at his apartment. She tells him that her mom needs his help. The doctor says Jenn already knows how to reach him. She suggests he go and see her at the lake.

Adrienne, Will, Sonny and the baby arrive in the park. Abe and Theo show up as they prepare the picnic. Tad and Ben arrive and take the lads off to play softball. They get shirtless and swim. Ben wanders back to the picnic and introduces himself to Jenn. Tad continues wondering where the girl he was supposed to meet was, but he keeps getting her name wrong. He hangs out with Will and the kid. Paige arrives and fawns over the baby. Meanwhile, Abby and Ben slip away to sit alone. He's not surprised that EJ was up to something illegal. Amidst the trees, Jenn looks around for a pin that Theo lost. Daniel finds her and wishes her a happy Fourth of July. He wonders if she wants to talk. She tells him she needs him in her life. Maggie calls him to pick up Parker so he leaves. Later, Paige tells JJ that she's over the Theresa thing. They kiss. Finally, Tad's date arrives.

Salem Spoilers for Monday on Days of our Lives:

Kate surprises Sami.

Nicole offers EJ some help.

Clyde tracks down Jordan.

Brady changes tactics with John.

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