Days Recap: A Big Storm Coming.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Eve and Jennifer clash, Hope gets another tip on EJ, and EJ blames Stefano.

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At JJ's graduation, JJ jokes with Jenn and Maggie. Paige, with Eve, looks over. Abigail arrives and Maggie assumes Sami made her late. She says it wasn't Sami - EJ was arrested. JJ brags about Paige's awards. Maggie spots Eve and gasps. "Eve Donovan, oh my God." JJ twigs on the last name. Eve gushes at Maggie and announces she's staying in Salem. Bev watches JJ. Rory tells her to get over it. Meanwhile, Eve offers to take everyone out for dinner. Jennifer and Abigail shake their heads. Maggie wonders why. JJ explains that Eve and his mom have an issue. Eve declares that Jenn gave her no choice but to sue her. They argue. Paige and JJ look miserable. He says he'll text her later. Paige is upset with Eve.

At the station, Hope and Rafe discuss EJ's arrest and the tip from someone who wanted him to get caught. Hope finds the timing interesting. Rafe denies he had anything to do with it. He says the DiMera Enterprises' annual meeting is coming up. They speculate someone may be planning a coup. Hope gets another tip and Rafe decides to go rattle EJ's cage.

In his cell, EJ rails about Stefano doing this to be sure he's not at the board meeting. Sami wonders if Kate's involved. She tells EJ they have to fight together. EJ tells her he's fighting for her and their kids. He admires her dress and Sami thanks him for always making her feel like she's the only woman for him. Later, Rafe appears and trades barbs with EJ. EJ asks who tipped him off. Rafe mentions the board meeting. EJ insists he'll be there.

At Club TBD, Marlena learns of EJ's arrest from Roman, who says it happened after the wedding ceremony. Marlena is worried about Sami and the children. Roman says they'll support them and hints this doesn't bode well for the marriage.

Sami walks through the park on the phone making sure 'they' got the tip.

At the mansion, Sami tells Stefano's portrait he taught her well as she opens the safe. She flashes to videotaping EJ open it previously. Inside she finds cash, passports, the evidence EJ cleaned up from the river, and the evidence that Will shot EJ. She figures EJ saved it for a rainy day and smirks that there's a big storm coming. The doorbell rings. Sami prepares to 'play her part' but it's her parents. The police arrive with a warrant. Sami acts shocked. Hope tells Sami they got another tip and notices Sami used the fireplace. Hope spots the family passports with false names. "Planning a trip?" She says the tip was about the DiMera jet's flight plan - filed for Casablanca which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

At home, Eve informs Paige that they are going to talk, but not about the lawsuit, about JJ and what kind of boy he is. She lists JJ's transgressions and says Theresa told her because they were involved. Paige is taken aback, but rallies to say JJ is different now. Eve says she's too trusting. She hugs Paige. "I only want what is best for you."

At the Horton residence, Maggie thinks Eve is worse than before. She, Abigail, and Jenn feel for Paige. Jenn hopes to handle this right for JJ's sake. Maggie debates with Jenn about whether Daniel should be told, but agrees to keep mum. Abigail takes Maggie home and JJ appears to reassure Jennifer. He asks about Eve being a Donovan. Jenn confirms she's related to Theresa. JJ can't believe Theresa is Paige's aunt. Jenn feels bad for him. JJ calls Paige and they agree to meet.

Sami returns to the jail and tells EJ the police found fake passports - they were left on a table. EJ says he didn't do it. EJ blames Stefano and swears he won't get away with this. Sami wonders who will stop Stefano from taking control. EJ says Sami will have to do it. She smiles. "Just tell me what to do."

At the station, Hope and Rafe wonder who has the most to gain if EJ misses the board meeting. They think it looks like Stefano wants payback. Hope thinks it's too perfect; it all fits - something doesn't add up.

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