Days Recap: A Little Wired.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Clyde calls Kate, Sami lashes out at Rafe, and Marlena helps Hope and Aiden.

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In the DiMera garden, Sami imagines EJ kissing Abigail. She faints and EJ catches her. When Sami comes around, Lucas asks if she faked the faint so she wouldn't have to marry EJ. Sami tells EJ how much this day means to her. Lucas mutters to Sonny that he thought Sami came to her senses for a minute there. Abe resumes and Sami says, "I do." Sami and EJ both have tears as Sami reads the vows she wrote and EJ speaks his vows from the heart. They exchange rings. Abe pronounces them husband and wife. After, Abigail tells Sami that she and EJ belong together. Sami hopes one day she can repay Abigail for all she's done. She pushes EJ to hug Abigail. Sami then tells Lucas nothing was going to stop her from marrying EJ. He muses she was never the fainting type. Sami thanks Abe and EJ thanks Lucas for coming. The kids holler their congratulations before Abe and Lucas take them away. Abigail tries to leave, but Sami says, "Nonsense. This party is one you'll remember forever." Sami manipulates EJ into dancing with Abigail. Will tells Sami she seems a little wired. EJ hands Abigail off to Ben. Sami tells EJ that Abigail looks happy. EJ feels bad that Sami didn't get her grand moment. Sami thinks that will come.

At the station, Rafe tells Agent Hodges he's been waiting a long time to arrest EJ DiMera. He muses that right at this moment, he's getting married to his ex-wife. Rafe calls for an arrest warrant. Hodges leaves. Jordan arrives wanting to talk. Rafe tells her about a high priority file that will keep him around. He assures her that whatever she has to tell him won't change their future.

At Club TBD, Marlena wonders to Roman why Sami didn't twist their arms to be at the wedding. Giselle arrives and asks who Marlena's date is for the gala. She admits she's going alone. Giselle says they don't have room at their table for an old woman. Roman reassures Marlena about Sami and she goes. Giselle sniffs that exes can be so tedious.

Rafe arrives in the DiMera garden with Agent Hodges and places EJ under arrest as everyone gapes. Sami beats on Rafe with her bouquet. Sami kisses EJ and he's taken away. Ben muses to Abigail that he wouldn't want Sami mad at him. Sami gives Abigail her bouquet and leaves. Abigail snaps at Will about it being time for EJ to pay. She apologizes and Ben takes her to the graduation.

At the Brady Pub, Aiden tells Hope he's working on Jennifer's case. She muses that he knows a lot about her family and she knows nothing about his. He changes the subject and she calls him on it. Aiden shows her the checklist they've gone through since they've been working together - they're going to put on a hell of a gala. They high five as Father Louis appears and asks if they found an MC. Aiden looks dumbfounded. He and Hope decide they'll figure it out. Marlena appears and offers to call Patti Stanger. She does and giggles with Patti and sets it up. Aiden is so impressed he asks Marlena to marry him. Hope hugs Marlena.

In the square, Kate gets a call from Clyde. She wonders if he's thinking of coming to Salem. Clyde says if he comes it would have to be a surprise. "I just want to see the look on their faces." She hopes it works out for him. He hangs up and muses that it will - thanks to her. Later, Lucas joins Kate, who tells him Ben is Jordan's brother. "Who knows what else she's hiding?" Lucas refuses to get sucked in. Kate learns he was at Sami's wedding and asks what happened. Lucas shrugged that everyone seemed pretty happy - it wasn't like a Salem wedding at all. Lucas gets a text about EJ's arrest and takes off. Kate whispers, "Nicely done, Sami. Nicely done." Jordan appears and tells Kate she can put aside her concerns about Rafe.

At the jail, EJ tells Rafe and Hodges to enjoy their moment - it won't last. Hodges goes. Sami appears and lashes out at Rafe, who says he doesn't care about her, EJ, or their special day. Sami informs Rafe that EJ is a better man than he will ever hope to be. Sami yells that this isn't about taxes and Rafe knows it. Rafe walks away. EJ tells Sami that Rafe had help - all the signs point to one person.

In the Ozarks, Clyde's man gives him a file on Kate Roberts. Clyde says he has unfinished business - in Salem.

Ben kisses Abigail goodbye at her door. He says she was the most beautiful maid-of-honor he's ever seen.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

EJ is certain Stefano is to blame for his troubles.

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