Days Recap: The Top Of The Suspect List.

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Nicole confesses to everything, Will has a confession for Hope, and Abigail has an accusation for EJ.

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Will and Rafe arrive at SPD where Marlena tells them about Nick's voicemail. Rafe and Will snark that Nick was pretending to ask for counselling. Hope frowns. Everyone leaves except Will who tells Hope he threatened to kill Nick before he was shot. He shares the details but says he didn't kill Nick. Hope asks where he was at 8:45 PM. Will recalls returning a book at Salem U - alone, then going to the square. He's surprised to learn she spoke with Sonny, then asks if she believes he didn't kill Nick. Hope can't rule anyone out.

At Club TBD, Jordan tells Ben she had nightmares about Nick last night. Ben shrugs. It's no great loss. Nobody cared about Nick other than his aunts. Ben tells his sister he stood up for Abby when she was arguing with Nick. Jordan asks if he still has 'that gun'. He does and she knows why he does. Jordan urges him to be careful.

EJ goes to Abby at the park. He wanted to check in with her but she was with "that nice chap." Abigail scoffs. In a round about way, she accuses him of having Nick murdered. He tells her to be quiet. She knows there are a lot of suspects but EJ has his daddy's contact list. Nick's murder had DiMera written all over it. EJ grabs her and caresses her face and whispers that he'd never do that. She calls him a world class liar and runs. He agrees. He is.

At his place, Daniel throws down the evidence and asks Nicole to come clean. Nicole acts like this is the first time she's seeing them and excitedly says these proves Chyka gave Kristen the drugs to seduce Eric. "This clears his name." She's thankful he found these. He tells her to stop it. He put two and two together and assumes Liam had them and was blackmailing her. Dan reminds her that she had the same paper at her apartment weeks ago and the shredded paper at his place. Nicole thinks she's being set up. He yells and she starts to cry and finally admits it's true. She could have cleared Eric and didn't. Daniel tears up. Nicole explains herself and her selfishness but Daniel says the papers change everything. That's what she was afraid of. She tells Daniel about Liam following her to the woods where she was going to burn the papers. He blackmailed her with those because she was starting to figure out who he really was. She's shocked when Daniel forgives her and cries. He tells her she's going to tell Eric the truth.

Jenn and Eric are about to leave her house when Caroline calls feeling guilty for not doing everything she could for Nick. Jennifer reminds her of how generous she was to him when he was released from prison and hands the phone to Eric to comfort her. Later, Jenn's own guilt surfaces. Eric tells her to forgive herself, and Nick. Later, Jenn agrees to smooth things over with Marlena and Sami before he tells them he's engaged. She grabs a bottle of bubbly and they run to Daniel's.

Marlena stops Rafe at the Horton Square, worried about Will. Rafe says not to worry and asks if she'd mind talking to Gabi about Nick's death. "Whoever killed him did us all a favor." Rafe admits he had motive. Lots of people did.

EJ drops by Hope's office. He picks at his nails and arranges his cuffs. Hope admits she has interesting pictures of him with her cousin and hopes he can explain them. EJ cringes. They're pictures of Nick and then EJ leaving Madworld the day Nick was killed. She got it from Madworld surveillance. She suggests he get a lawyer. He covers and says it was about business. He calls her police work shotty. He has a good alibi. Hope says this looked like the work of a professional. EJ thinks she's grasping and walks out.

Rafe drops by the hospital with flowers and a kiss for Jordan. He thanks her for being nice to Gabi. They discuss the shooting and if he was working the case, he says he would put himself at the top of the suspect list.

Abby arrives at TBD to thank Ben for taking care of her last night. She tears up.

Will meets Marlena at the Brady's pub. He tells her about Hope taking his statement and shocks Marlena by admitting he hated Nick and is glad he's dead.

Ben takes Abby for a walk in the park. She admits she feels guilty about Nick and wished she had tried harder to work things out with him. She's not so sure Nick's murder had nothing to do with her. Ben gives her a pep talk and calls her a good person. They kiss.

EJ is watched in the square.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Will has a confession...

Abby and Ben get close.

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