Days Recap: Nick Is The Only One To Blame.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Daniel confronts Nicole, Gabi cancels the custody hearing, and Marlena plays Nick's voicemail for Hope.

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Nicole arrives at Daniel's and assumes by the look on his face he heard about Nick Fallon's death. It has made her feel awful for shooting Daniel on the island. Daniel tries fishing for information on why she wanted Liam dead. She covers. He recalls she stopped him from saying anything before he died. Nicole doesn't want to discuss Liam anymore. She has a secret. Daniel knows and says she can tell him anything. She tells him she's getting married. She's the happiest she's ever been. Daniel shakes his head. She hoped he'd be happy. Aren't they friends? He says they are - he's been too much of a friend. She assumes he's jealous and is flattered but that ship has sailed. Daniel drags things out and finally says she risked everything to give Eric the choice to choose between her and the church and then she took it away. She's confused until he shows her the proof and she starts to cry.

Eric goes to Jenn at home with his condolences over Nick's murder. Jenn asks him to take her mind off it and they joke about how close Nicole and Daniel are. Each of them is comfortable with their relationship. Eric applauds Nicole for helping Daniel to clear his name with Chyka, knowing she could have lost him to the church.

Aiden extends his sympathies to Hope at SPD. She asks him to explain why his card is in Nick's wallet. Aiden explains Nick called him to represent Gabi in her custody case.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami drops the tea upon hearing Nick's voice on Marlena's voicemail. They learn he left the message right before he was shot. They replay it as EJ walks in. They hear the shots fired. Sami gasps, "He shot Nick when he was leaving a message saying he wanted to change." EJ holds her. Marlena rushes to get it to Hope. "Someone has to pay for what happened to Nick." EJ agrees and she leaves. Sami looks disgusted and ready to puke. EJ encourages her to be careful about what she says. She called the shooter a man. Sami groans and apologizes. EJ tells her to focus. Nick's dead and that is good for everyone. Later, they gather Johnny and nu-Sydney and ask them to support Allie after seeing Nick get hurt last night.

At the Horton Square, Rafe and EJ discuss the murder. Rafe hopes Allie's okay. He notes that Nick was a problem for a lot of people. His death is convenient. EJ gets uptight and admits Rafe's a better shot than him.

At Will's, he and Sonny take the gun from the closet, ready to take it to Victor's. Gabi awakens. She can't stop thinking about Nick. Family court calls to remind them of the custody hearing tomorrow. Gabi cancels it. She says they can make things work without resorting to that. The guys kiss happily and Sonny leaves. He runs into a cop who asks him to come with him. Inside, Will knows this must be hard on Gabi. Rafe arrives. Gabi steps out and the guys discuss Will finding out about the custody hearing yesterday and threatening Nick. Rafe says Will has to talk to Hope about it.

Sonny arrives at SPD looking guilty and clutching his bag. Hope questions him about the last time he saw Nick. Witnesses say their exchange was heated. Sonny explains how it went down over Nick interfering with the custody case and is free to go. Marlena arrives with the tape and plays it for Hope. Hope's stricken with sadness and says they'll need a copy. Hope feels guilty but Marlena says it's not her fault. Rafe arrives with Will.

Aiden turns up at Jenn's. He recalls meeting Eric and Nicole at Daniel's. Eric laughs and assures him things have gotten better between them since then. Later, Aiden talks to Jenn about experiencing tragedy and how it changes your future. He goes and Eric and Jenn head to Daniel's.

Sonny returns the gun to the Kiriakis mansion after wiping all the prints off.

Later, Sami and EJ are alone at the mansion when EJ assures Sami the hitman left town and the cops will soon stop looking for the killer. Gabi walks in as he says, "Nick is the only one to blame for the fact that he had to be murdered." They discuss Allie and offer to cancel some of her upcoming modelling tours but Gabi wants to continue working. She tells them she cancelled the custody hearing and asks EJ to draw up the custody agreement so it's fair and equal with loads of wiggle room. Sami hugs Gabi and cries.

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