Days Recap: Our Lady Of Lateness.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Family mourns over Nick's passing, Marlena receives Nick's last text, and Abigail almost spills to JJ.

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At home Daniel flashes to Nicole telling him she destroyed evidence that could help someone. When Nicole calls, Dan ignores it. Jenn arrives, crying. Nick's been murdered. After what he did to Melanie, Nick wasn't Daniel's favorite person but he's sorry to hear and worries for the kids. They profess their love and kiss.

From the Brady's pub, Nicole hangs up from calling Daniel. Marlena arrives and Nicole hides her ring. Marlena questions her about the night on Smith Island. Nicole feels attacked and asks the shrink what she's accusing her of. Marlena calls her defensiveness very telling.

At the Horton homestead, JJ admits he really didn't know their cousin Nick that well. JJ thought she and Nick were close. Abigail snaps that they weren't close anymore and now he's dead. She flashes to Nick calling her a w**** and tells JJ about Nick using her to get the name of the lawyer who started the custody battle. JJ can tell she's keeping something from him. He offers to listen without judgement but before she says anything Paige arrives with her condolences. Later, Jenn arrives and Abby tells her mother she's done crying about Nick because he turned out to be someone she didn't recognize - a bastard. Abby tells her how Nick used her. Abby says they used to be close. She feels terrible for saying so but wishes he never returned from New York.

In the DiMera mansion, Sami calls EJ to rant about him going into work early. Has he forgotten they murdered Nick Fallon last night? She says she needs him home and hangs up. She turns and Eric's there. He asks what she did. She runs into his arms and says she'll hate herself for this forever. He questions her. She babbles and tells him Nick Fallon was murdered and Allie saw him bloodied. Eric says children are resilient. He asks why she feels guilty. Lucas' call saves her from answering. Eric calls Nicole who puts Marlena on the line. "Sami needs you." Moments later, Marlena arrives and Eric goes. Doc gives Sami the name of a child psychiatrist and suggests she see someone, too. She offers to listen, as her mother. Sami will consider it. She goes to get tea and Marlena notices some texts and unheard messages. "Nick," she whispers. She listens to his message seeking professional help as Sami walks in. Sami hears Nick and drops the whole tea tray.

Theresa races up to Anne at the hospital. "Our lady of lateness has graced her with her presence," Anne says. Theresa is looking for Brady. Anne says she can't believe the hospital isn't draped in black because of Nick Fallon's death. Theresa thinks it's good the focus is off Liam Frasier. She can get back on track. Anne notes that she had a good thing with "that booze-hound" and asks what Brady's worth. Theresa will let her know.

Brady hugs a teary-eyed Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. She tells Brady Nick was never the same after his addiction to prescription drugs. Maggie asks if he'd go to a meeting with her. Brady declines and goes to work. Daniel arrives to support his mother. Maggie feels guilty for not giving Nick the emotional support he needed. She cries on Daniel's shoulder. She asks after Parker. He's returning home soon. Maggie realizes if he died on Smith Island she could be making funeral arrangements for him. He promises he's going nowhere. Maggie wants to call Melanie. They hug and say I love yous. Outside, Dan texts Nic.

Eric finds Nicole at the crime scene. She tells him to stay back. Something must have happened last night. He tells her Nick was murdered. They decide to put off telling family about their engagement. She wants to tell Dan but Eric needs to see Maggie. Nic receives Dan's text and kisses Eric before leaving.

At the park, JJ tells Paige a little about Nick's history. He talks about his family and she wants him to meet hers. They kiss.

Brady shows up at Club TBD. They discuss Nick's murder and Theresa asks where they stand. She orders booze and he tells her he's in a different place now. He wants to take things slow. She smiles.

Eric visits Maggie and comforts her. They discuss how happy Nicole has made him.

Nicole arrives at Daniel's.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami can't stop feeling bad.

Dan confronts Nic.

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