Days Recap: He's At Peace.

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Family mourns as Nick passes away, and his enemies secretly cheer.

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At the Horton Square, Rafe calls in Nick's shooting while Julie holds a bloodied Nick and screams. Nick holds his hand out as if trying to point at someone while EJ, Abby, Gabi, Ben, Rafe, Will, Sonny, Sami, and Kate gawk. Nick falls unconscious. Sami rushes to Allie and she and Lucas try to get Allie to focus on something else. Julie tells Rafe to get back and yells, "All of you hated Nick and one of you did this. He knew it!" Jordan checks Nick's wounds and asks Gabi for a clean cloth from the bag she's clutching. Kate is able to distract Allie. She and Lucas take a walk with her.

At the Brady's pub, Hope asks Maggie to talk to Nick about being in the midst of the custody case between Will and Gabi. Maggie already tried but he's stubborn and doesn't see that he's done anything wrong. They laugh that they should turn Julie loose on him. Hope takes a call and runs out.

Hope arrives at the square. Nick's barely hanging on. The EMS arrive and Julie goes with Nick to the hospital. Rafe fills Hope in, saying Nick walked into the square already shot. Nobody heard the shots. Another cop gets contact information from everyone and Rafe and Hope follow the trail. Jordan tells everyone she's surprised Nick's still breathing. She takes a shocked Gabi to the hospital while Ben takes a crying Abigail.

Kate, Lucas, and Allie arrive outside the pub and Allie's in shock. She wants to see Nick and asks if he's going to die. Lucas doesn't know. She agrees to stay at the pub. They head in and Lucas takes Allie to Caroline. Kate nonchalantly tells Maggie Nick was shot. Maggie rushes to the hospital. Lucas returns and Kate hopes Nick's dead. Lucas deletes his conversation with Nick and they run to the hospital. Kate hopes there's something to celebrate.

Will and Sonny arrive at the hospital. Julie says Nick just went into surgery. She's beside herself. Abby and Ben arrive. Julie has to call Melissa but can't. She accuses everyone of hating Nick again and goes to sign forms. Gabi arrives late. She says she was in the emergency room. Julie rushes to her, worried. She asks who hated Nick enough to do this. Maggie arrives and bawls in Julie's arms. In the community room, Will says Caroline's staying with Ari. Will tells Sonny to get that gun back to Victor's. By the hub, Jordan comforts Gabi. Will and Sonny return and EJ and Sami arrive but hear there's no word. Julie tells Maggie when Nick wakes up, he'll tell her who shot him. Julie points fingers again and Maggie calms her. Rafe, Lucas, and Kate arrive. Rafe comforts Gabi.

Hope and Rafe find the crime scene at the park. Hope asks Rafe if everyone who was at the square was there when Nick dragged himself there. Hope tells him everyone there is a suspect. They return to the hospital.

At the parkette, Sami's in a panic, thinking Nick was trying to point the finger at them. EJ grabs her, "Trouble, breathe." This doesn't calm her down. EJ says even if he saw the hitman, he can't connect him to them. She fakes a smile and they head to the hospital.

Hope and Rafe go back to the square and Hope feels guilty for not talking to Nick sooner.

Sonny arrives home to Will holding the gun. They agree to get rid of it first thing in the morning. Each confesses they'd do anything for the other.

Ben takes Abby home. They each apologize to each other for the way they've acted and Ben goes. Abby flashes to Nick calling her EJ DiMera's w**** and to Nick dying.

At the hospital, a doctor arrives and tells everyone Nick died ten minutes ago. Julie, Maggie, Gabi, Hope, and Abigail break down while everyone else looks stunned. Julie asks Gabi to go with her to see him once more. Rafe steps down from the case so it's all on Hope. EJ calls someone to find and destroy all photos - now. Sami overhears and questions 'what photos'? He says the ones of them dragging Nick's body into the river. In another room, Hope says a tearful goodbye to Nick. She feels she let him down and is sorry. Gabi, Julie, and Maggie are next. The ladies feel they've failed him. "Sleep well, my angel," Maggie sobs. They go and Gabi flashes to better times with Nick when they were together, and then married. She touches him and then pulls away, fast. In the community room, Rafe's not sure how to comfort Gabi. Gabi comes out and tells Rafe Nick's at peace. By the hub, Hope questions Julie who tells her Nick was trying to point at the killer. Julie recounts who was there, "Sonny Kiriakis, Will Horton, Lucas Horton, Kate Roberts, Rafe and Gabi Hernandez, Jordan Ridgeway, Ben Rogers, Abigail, and that snake, EJ DiMera, and Sami Brady." Later, a nurse covers Nick's face with the sheet.

Sami and EJ arrive home. Sami's miserable.

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