Days Recap: He's Been Shot!

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Nick calls Marlena to get help, everyone's angry about Nick messing with Will and Gabi's custody agreement, and Nick is shot.

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At the Brady's pub, Lucas mopes about Sheryl to Kate. Was it worth interfering? Kate thinks it is because Jordan's leaving Salem. Lucas calls her deluded if she thinks Rafe's going to come crawling back to her. Kate updates him on the custody agreement and Lucas blows up. He won't let Nick use the baby as a pawn. Later, Kate leaves and tells herself she won't kowtow to Nick Fallon anymore.

At the park, Rafe confronts Jordan about leaving town. She loves him but can't discuss it. Rafe knows it's something big that has her spooked but he can help. Jordan decides to stay in Salem.

At Club TBD, Ben tells Abigail that nobody likes her cousin Nick and to stay away from him. Abby flashes to EJ telling her not to worry about Nick and tells Ben Nick won't be trouble for much longer.

At home, Sami feels guilty about Nick. They're no better than Stefano. EJ says Nick made this necessary. The alternative is prison for her and Kate and a lifetime with Nick as Arianna's father. EJ suggests they take a walk. "It's a lovely night." Sami mutters, "For a murder."

The hitman is about to shoot Nick at the parkette when Julie arrives. She's worried about Nick who says it's been a lousy day. Everyone's gotten in his face. Aside from her and Maggie, "nobody in this town would care if I live or die." Julie points out Gabi doesn't hate him. They discuss the custody agreement and Nick says Will asked for this. It's not like he's kidnapping Ari. Julie calls him one of the smartest guys she has ever met. He laments that he keeps doing stupid things. All he wants is a bit of happiness. Julie has been there and knows he has to deal with his own demons. Nick asks if she thinks he is crazy. He points out that he killed Trent and kidnapped Melanie. Julie doesn't think so. He was on drugs then. She thinks he should talk to a professional, not her. He has but says in the end they're alone. Julie asks him to call Marlena. He breaks down in tears. She hugs him. He thanks her for not judging him. "God would strike me dead. I have no right to judge anybody," she says. She goes and he stays behind to clear his head.

At home, Sonny admits he was going to kill Nick. Will tells him to put the gun back before Victor realizes it's gone. Sonny puts the gun up in the closet where nobody can find it. He'll bring it back to Victor's tomorrow. Sonny says if it came down to it he'd do anything for Will.

Back at the pub, Allie finds Lucas upset. Jordan arrives and sends her off to play with her phone. Lucas gets a text from Kate saying the custody hearing is next week. He texts Nick asking where he is. Nick says he's in the park. Jordan agrees to watch Allie for a bit and Lucas goes. Later, Abby meets Will and says someone is promising to help them about Nick. Will doubts that. He asks if Nick has something on her. She admits it's bad.

At the club, Kate is surprised to learn Sonny doesn't know the custody hearing is next week. Sonny feels ambushed. They agree Nick's behind this.

Back in the park, Nick flashes to telling Rafe he hopes they can eventually be friends, promising Gabi he won't let her down and to his last conversation with Sami. He calls Marlena, telling her he can't go on like this.

Jordan and Allie greet Gabi at the Horton Square. Gabi is texted by Rafe and goes. Later, Sami and EJ walk around trying to be seen to get an alibi.

Back at the pub, Will asks Abigail to tell him what Nick has on her but before she can, Sonny calls about the hearing and Will runs off. Outside, Julie walks by and the hitman walks in the other direction.

Jordan and Allie arrive at the club but Ben's not there.

Back at the park, on the phone, Nick tells Marlena he knows he's hurting people and himself and doesn't want to. He feels better just talking about it. Suddenly he's shot from behind. He turns and is shot again twice more. He looks down and sees blood and falls to the ground.

Back at the square, Lucas goes to EJ and Sami looking for Allie and Jordan. Sami sneers. He left her with Jordan? Lucas says it was fine. He had business to attend to. Nearby, Gabi tells Will and Sonny she's sorry they had to hear about the court case from someone else. "It'll be okay." Kate watches. Abby sees Ben and he follows her. Julie sits down and Rafe spots Allie and Jordan. Allie screams and points - at Nick. He made it to the square and collapses into Julie's arms. She screams, "He's been shot! Who did this to you?" Everyone stands and watches as Rafe calls it in and Nick looks like he's trying to point to someone in the crowd.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nick dies.

Accusations fly.

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