Days Recap: Golden Boy.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Nick gets into it with Sami, Sonny, and then Will, and Daniel finds something incriminating at the cabin.

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In the woods, Nicole jumps for joy, calling Eric's proposal the sweetest most romantic proposal in the world. She accepts. He pulls out a ring and pops it on her finger. "It's a perfect fit," he says. "Just like you and me." They kiss. He worries the stone's too small but she adores it. Nicole's uneasy to learn Hope will be interviewing them about Liam today. She doesn't want to relive last night and tears up.

Jennifer changes Daniel's bandage at his place and blames herself but Dan says it's Liam's fault. Jenn admits Liam took it badly when she broke up with him. She wishes she would have told Daniel earlier. Daniel tells her it's over. Liam's dead. Jenn lost her necklace at the cabin so they go get it.

In the Horton Square, Paige and JJ argue about her leaving for Stanford in a few months.

At Club TBD, Will mopes over his writing which is suffering because Nick's making their lives miserable. Hope stops by and they tell her about the custody agreement and how Nick fits in. Hope doesn't think the battle is Nick's business and promises to talk to him tomorrow. She goes.

Nick follows Sami from the pub to the park. He knows something is going on and wants to know what it is. Sami says she doesn't know what to make of him. He helped Allie with her homework and gave Sonny and Will a beautiful present for their wedding... Nick's meek and says he likes his family and what Sonny and Will have. He timidly says he just wants to fit in. She asks if that's true. If so, maybe it's not too late. If he stays out of the custody battle and stops seeing Gabi for a while people could accept him. Sami moves close and Nick's demeanor changes. He says it'll never ever happen. Sami's confused. Nick says maybe he did those things because he wanted to or maybe he was just messing with their heads. He tells her to get used to it. He's not going anywhere. She should tell Will to mind his P's and Q's, and maybe he'll see his daughter once in a while.

In his office, Abby tells EJ she's going to tell her mother she had sex with him. EJ demands she promise not to. She paces and tells him Nick has photos of them together. EJ knows. She's surprised he didn't tell her and assumes Nick's blackmailing him. EJ tells her to calm down. The situation is fixable.

Paige follows JJ home. She tries to get to the bottom of his issue with her leaving town. He admits he has abandonment issues. He tells her about his dad's death and how he called the night before the accident. JJ regrets ignoring his call because he was playing poker. He cries with guilt. He talks about reading Jack's book and how he found out some nasty things about him and couldn't even talk to him about it. Paige asks if that's why he trashed the window at the square. He says it is and feels like a loser. Paige doesn't see it that way. She identifies - her father took off. They bond over their losses and wind up kissing.

Abby finds Will at the square. She apologizes for giving Nick Aiden's name. Will shrugs it off.

Back at the club, Sonny sees Nick and orders him out but Nick's not going anywhere. Sonny knows Nick's holding something over Gabi's head. Nick says Will is all about Ari now but he wasn't always. If Chad hadn't spilled the beans at his wedding he'd be playing daddy instead of them. Nick knows Gabi has made bad choices. He brings up Melanie's kidnapping. If the cops found out, she wouldn't be allowed near her child. Sonny accuses Nick of not caring about Gabi at all. Nick says he's the one with the cards. He dumps his coffee on the floor and goes.

Sami arrives home, a bundle of nerves. She cries. EJ arrives. He can see she's in turmoil about Nick and offers to stop the hitman. She doesn't want him to. They snuggle.

At the Brady's pub, Hope tells Eric and Nicole the investigation is over. They found nothing relevant at the crime scene. Nic's relieved.

Jenn finds the necklace at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island while Daniel finds Chyka's document outside.

After Henderson lets Sonny into the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny runs upstairs and gets a gun.

Abigail paces the woods, deciding to tell her mom the truth. She turns around and sees something.

In the park, Nick taunts Will, calling him "Golden Boy." It pisses Will off but Nick says, "If the golden slipper fits..." He talks about Will getting away with everything. He keeps it up until Will slugs him.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric and Nicole tell Jenn about his proposal.

Will learns Sonny's hiding something.

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