Days Recap: Most Bloodsuckers Are.

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Nick and Abby have a strange run-in, EJ threatens Percy, and sends him packing, and Rafe tries talking sense into Gabi.

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Rafe and Jordan wake up in her bed. He says he loves her and she confesses this is the first time she professed her love for another. She's embarrassed but feels safe in his arms.

Over the phone at Club TBD, Abby and Will discuss Liam stalking Jennifer. They hang up and Ben walks into her. She accuses him of eavesdropping but he was bringing her drink. He can't help what he overheard and hopes she's okay. She apologizes for snapping at him. She's fine. She watches him curiously.

EJ's on the phone at the DiMera mansion discussing the passenger list when Johnny arrives with a photo of Santa. EJ scrutinizes it and can see Percy is Santa. Johnny remembers how Santa would say 'greetings' instead of 'ho ho ho'. EJ frowns and sends Johnny off. He calls a goon to get the dirt on Percy Ruggles.

Kate finds Percy in her office. He's watching a Drinking Bird and brings up how it works through thermodynamics. Kate snarks that there sure is a lot of hot air in there. Where is Nick? He calls Nick nocturnal. "Most bloodsuckers are," she quips. She hands over some papers and goes. Later, EJ finds him. "Greetings," Percy says, looking apprehensive. EJ slowly puts on black gloves and says he can see they need no introduction. It's obvious by Percy's demeanor he knows who EJ is. EJ accuses him of taking the photo of him and Abby. Percy gulps and admits it. Nick instructed him to follow Abby there that day. The phone rings and EJ pulls the cord from the wall and winds it around his wrists, menacingly. EJ says his men will take him to his place where he can give them the evidence he has and after, they'll take him to an airstrip. He's going back to Devon, England.

At the park, Nick and Gabi discuss the custody agreement. Gabi says this isn't anything like what the real thing will look like. Nick says it's exactly what it should look like. She should lock down a court date ASAP. Gabi disagrees. They argue over whether or not Sami would take her daughter. It'd kill Will not to see Ari much. Nick gives her a gift - a crystal heart with their names engraved on it. He wants them to be a couple again and knows it's what she wants. She asks what it has to do with Will and Arianna. Nick thinks Sami will do "whatever it takes to keep us away from your baby." He points out that Rafe can't stand him either. He dials Aiden's number for her and asks her to request a court date. She reluctantly does and asks Aiden to go through with the custody agreement he already drew up. Nick tells her to keep quiet about the court date request. Gabi looks unnerved.

Sami storms into Will's and rants about not standing by doing nothing about Nick. She says Nick won't let them bring up Nick's past in the custody battle. Will argues that Gabi will stand up for Nick. Sami relents. Maybe it will work out. She rushes out and finds a way to put the screws to Gabi. She texts Rafe. Later, Gabi arrives. Will asks what's wrong. She scares Will by saying how sorry she is.

Back at Jordan's, Rafe receives Sami's text. It says it's important. He has to go.

Kate walks up on Jordan in the woods. Kate can see she's walking on air and taunts her. Jordan knows she's been trying to dig up dirt on her but there's nothing to find. Kate flashes to the many id cards in Jordan's room and calls her Joan Cooper.

Sami meets Rafe at the Brady's pub. She asks Rafe to talk sense into Gabi. Rafe's confused with her about-turn. She tells him about the custody agreement and thinks Nick railroaded Gabi into it. Rafe demands she tell him about the big secret Will's keeping but she can't. Rafe's shocked by the terms of the agreement and texts Gabi.

Back at Will's, he makes Gabi ignore Rafe's text and he asks her to promise not to take their daughter from him. She promises - says she's sorry because of Nick. He has changed. She has to believe it or she'll lose her mind. Will runs out. Rafe arrives to discuss the agreement. She claims it's what she wants.

Abby meets Nick at the Horton square. He tells her getting involved with the wrong guy can come back to haunt her. She's shocked. He says he's talking about Ben - unless there's someone else? She denies seeing anyone. She's scared and he asks if there's reason to fear him. He tells her to take stock of those trying to control her.

Sonny comforts Will at the park about the agreement.

At the club, Sami asks for Abby's help to convince Nick not to take Ari away from Will.

Nick arrives at Kate's office to find EJ. "You wanted my attention?"

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Abby realizes Nick may have something on her!

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