Days Recap: This Guy's Like A Zombie.

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Liam's reign of terror comes to a shocking close, Nicole must explain herself, and JJ runs into Paige on his date with Bev.

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In the woods outside of the Horton cabin on Smith Island, Nicole fires a shot off and it hits Daniel in the guts. Liam rolls off of the doctor. From the cabin, Hope, an officer, and Eric hear the shot. They rush outside. In the woods, Jenn tends to Daniel's wound while Nicole can't get the gun to fire another shot. Liam works at turning a branch into a weapon. He attempts to hit Jenn with it but Daniel comes to and throws Liam to the ground where he lands on a large shard of wood. Eventually he falls unconscious. Blood gushes from his wound and Nicole checks his pulse. "This guy's like a zombie. He just keeps coming back." Liam comes to and grabs Nicole, calling her a liar. Nicole's rattled. Daniel goes to him. Liam asks Jenn why she couldn't love him. She cries that she's so sorry. He tells her she will be and dies. Hope, Eric and the cop arrive and Daniel tells them a bullet grazed him. As everyone's busy talking, Nicole searches Liam's body for the paper. Hope catches her. Nicole claims she was making sure he is dead. She gives Hope a statement and everyone realizes she knew Liam was a threat. Nicole explains everything and says she tried to call the police on her way to the island but had no reception. Everyone leaves and Chyka's document is stuck in a branch.

From home, Theresa calls her mom to cancel plans to visit. She hangs up and Brady says he didn't realize until now just how easily she lies. Theresa spazzes out, crying and tells him everyone in this town is against her, including him. Brady's on her side - if she's honest. If they catch Liam and he talks, will she still be in the clear? She flashes to giving Liam Daniel's key and starts shaking. She drinks wine to sooth her nerves.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Abby and Maggie are concerned when they can't get a hold of neither Daniel nor Jennifer. They shrug it off and go off to swap recipes. Later, Jenn calls and tells them to get to the hospital. They leave.

JJ tries to study at home but thoughts of Paige run through his mind. Bev arrives for their date. She's glad they're going out but asks what happened to Paige. JJ says he didn't see things working out for long. Bev starts trash talking her and JJ changes the subject. Bev notes that they're alone but JJ talks her into going out.

At Club TBD, Bev says she got into Salem U because her dad pulled some strings. JJ got in too. Rory got wait-listed. Bev's looking forward to skating by by cheating. Paige arrives and JJ goes to her under the guise of getting a drink and she confronts him about his anger toward her. He's not angry, just being proactive if they've no future. Bev interrupts. JJ got a text from his mom. JJ reads it and goes. Bev stops Paige and warns that JJ's hers.

At the hospital, Daniel has had 14 stitches and a prescription for antibiotics. He tells Jenn he's fine. Theresa arrives. In a room, Eric gushes about Nicole saving Jennifer's life. Nicole feels awful for shooting Dan and asks Eric to check on him. Meanwhile, Nicole deletes the photo evidence against her in Liam's phone and crushes it before throwing it in a bin. She wonders where the paper copy is. By the hub, Daniel explains that Theresa fingered Liam. Theresa's relieved to hear Liam's dead. Maggie and Abby arrive with hugs for everyone. Jenn recites the tail of Liam's demise and Maggie's unsettled when she hears Dan was shot. Nicole walks up, apologetic. Dan asks her to get Rafe to take her to the shooting range and everyone laughs. Hope arrives with news - they searched Liam's apartment and found some interesting things. A key to Dan's, and the listening devices. It looks like he was working alone. Theresa apologizes for not trying harder to tell Daniel about her suspicions about Liam. Jenn forgives her and apologizes for blaming her. Theresa brushes it off and Brady takes her home. Jenn thanks Nicole for being a good friend and says she can't wait to clear Daniel's name. They leave.

JJ arrives home to Jenn, and Abby. He's told the story and is glad they're all okay. Dan calls Chloe to fill her in. Abby and JJ leave the room and Daniel and Jennifer make-out.

Theresa arrives home and Brady apologizes. She's verklempt. They kiss and Brady goes. Theresa's relieved and schemes of ways to pull Brady back in.

Eric and Nicole walk the Horton Square and Nicole promises to keep things drama-free from now on.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Will's in a panic.

EJ confronts someone.

Sami reaches out to Abigail.

Kate drops a bomb on Jordan.

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