Days Recap: It Juliennes Potatoes.

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Sonny and Will's bachelor party begins, Tad has a special surprise for the guys, and Liam stalks Jennifer and Daniel.

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Gabi runs right into Nick in the park while talking to herself. She apologizes. She's headed to Will and Sonny's bachelor party and hopes he doesn't feel left out. Nick knows he brought this upon himself. She defends him and he calls it unexpected. He blathers on about wanting people to like him. He knows it's unlikely to happen. They reminisce about their marriage and he encourages her to have fun at the party. She'll be thinking of him. She goes.

Sonny and Will prepare for the party at home. Sexy guitar music starts up while they kiss and when the sitter arrives, they leave.

JJ zones out at home while playing guitar and flashing to Paige. Abigail yells at him to get ready and they leave for the party.

At the square, Aiden tells Hope he heard her tell Adrienne to stay clear of him. They get at each other's throats and Eric interrupts. Aiden goes and Hope asks for one more final statement on the Dr. Chyka/Kristen case. He'll be glad when it's over.

At Daniel's office at the hospital, Jenn tells Daniel Nicole lied about her reason for ditching her after their lunch tonight. She doesn't mind.

Liam sneaks up on Nicole at the park while she's looking for a match to light up the shredded paper. He thinks he knows her from somewhere. It looks as though she's worried he knows her as Misty Circle but he recalls seeing her at the hospital. Why is she in the park? Nicole covers and looks apprehensively at the garbage can while Liam gets ready to relieve himself in the trees. She goes and returns later with matches and torches the contents of the bin. Eric calls and wants to meet her at work. She convinces him to meet her at the pub.

At Club TBD, Tad sets up a stripper for the night even though Sonny and Will's other friends don't think it's their style. Abby and JJ arrive then Will and Sonny arrive to cheers. Tad makes a toast and says how cool it is to be the best man. He remembers how big of a jerk he was when Will came out. He's grateful they got past his past behavior. He almost lost one of the best friends a guy could have. He calls Sonny "manly" for getting over this and becoming a friend. The guys hug him and Gabi runs in. Abby admonishes her for missing the toast and assumes she was with Nick. A cop arrives looking for Sonny. She finds him, sets up some tunes and starts stripping. Everyone laughs but Tad looks beside himself. She was supposed to be a guy. Will interrupts and dances with the blonde. Sonny laughs and tells the stripper they're both grooms. She tells them it's on the house, "So are the drinks," Sonny gets and pours. Sonny tells her she was great. She comments that the good ones are gay, and married. Gabi gets a text from Nick who hopes she's having fun. She texts that she wishes he was there. Paige arrives and learns it's a private party. She apologizes but JJ invites her to stay. Mary Beth walks in and takes her away. Tad apologizes to the guys about the stripper being a girl but they laugh it off.

At Daniel's, Joanna drops Parker off and he goes to get ready to get ice cream. Daniel talks about his new software for keeping his finances in shape and Jenn mocks him. "It juliennes potatoes," she jokes. This goes on for a while. She reminds him the bank will send a statement each month but he prefers his system. Parker returns. Outside, Liam shows up and stares at Daniel's door, pissed. He hides and when the apartment empties, he lets himself in and snoops a little before letting himself out.

Hope apologizes to Aiden outside the Brady's pub. He thanks her for what she said to Adrienne. He's not in the market for a relationship. Hope gets it. Aiden tells her he'll never be in the market. Hope apologizes and things get more awkward. He goes to get Chase. Nicole meets Eric inside. He catches her in her lie about coming from work. She says she was planning a surprise. Eric gives her a card for the guys to sign and she squees. Miles texts and she has to run back to work.

Hope finds Jenn, Dan and Parker giggling and eating ice cream at the Horton Square. Hope brings up her latest run-in with Aiden. He confuses her. They discuss the upcoming wedding and Hope's mood is lifted. They agree to be each other's date since Dan has to work. Liam watches from behind some shrubbery.

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