Days Recap: He's My Brother.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Rafe gets a shock, Abby tells EJ off, and Kate's jealous.

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At the Brady's pub, Marlena's pleased Victor offered to host Sonny and Will's wedding at the mansion. How can she help? Will asks if she'll marry them since she was a big part of him coming out and finding true happiness. She says no but they say she can get certified to become an ordained minister for peanuts. She laughs. With a lot of prodding, she says she'd be honored.

Abby goes to Tad at Club TBD for help in planning Sonny and Will's bachelor party but he refuses when she asks to do it at Gabi's.

At Gabi's, Nick eavesdrops outside while EJ cautions Gabi not to jump into a relationship with Nick. She asks if EJ thinks Nick has changed. EJ calls Nick intelligent and says he has had a difficult life. His encounter with death has given him clarity. Gabi's lost. EJ closes the door and Nick goes to the window to listen. EJ continues, saying after speaking with Nick it's clear he has an agenda. Gabi doesn't believe Nick will turn on them and if they get back together, she doesn't think he'll hurt anyone she cares for. "Are you saying that you're sacrificing yourself?" She assures EJ Nick's the man she fell in love with. He asks her to be careful, hugs her, and goes.

Sami finishes a call from the Horton Square. Kate comes upon her. Sami tells her she overheard Jordan and Ben arguing and told Rafe. Kate starts questioning her and Sami laughs at how transparent Kate is. She admits Ben and Jordan definitely know each other. They both find it strange that Jordan almost left Salem. Sami questions why Kate cares but Kate is over Rafe. She's just concerned. Kate turns it around. Does Sami still want Rafe? Sami scoffs at that. She loves EJ. They set a wedding date. Kate doubts it'll happen. Sami snaps and calls Kate jealous. Nearby at the park, Rafe finds Ben and Jordan arguing and goes at him. Fists fly and Jordan intervenes. Rafe demands to know who this guy is and Jordan blurts out, "He's my brother."

Abby leaves TBD and spots EJ. She's cold to him. She's had time to think about them and needs to move on. She doesn't want him anymore after realizing he's not a good and decent man. If he was, he'd have had restraint. She goes.

Back at the square, EJ comes between Kate and Sami and Kate says Sami's still into Rafe. She goes and EJ's perturbed. He walks away. Back at the park, Rafe is surprised by Jordan's news but tells Ben this is no excuse to hurt her. Ben yells that he'd never hurt a woman. Rafe goes and Ben asks if she's going to tell Rafe. She can never do that.

Abby stops by Gabi's to discuss the bachelor party and can tell she was expecting someone else - Nick? Gabi purses her lips and goes to check on Arianna. Gabi tells Abby about EJ's advice concerning Nick. Abby advises to do the opposite of anything EJ says. She admits EJ convinced her not to tell Julie and Hope about Nick leaving town. Gabi defends EJ, who just told her to be careful. Sonny arrives and wedding talk begins. Gabi thinks it's rude not to invite Nick.

Nick says hi to Tad at TBD and ponders EJ's advice to Gabi. He wonders if he should take the advice and keep his distance from Gabi to make her want him more. Will shows up and Nick calls it amazing that Will and Sonny are committing to each other. Will says that's what people do. He calls Nick and Gabi's marriage a lie but Nick snarks that he knew Gabi better than Will knows Sonny.

At home, Sami explains she was trying to protect Rafe. EJ snarks about Rafe being so important. She shuts him up with a kiss. They have sex upstairs.

Kate meets Marlena at the pub and says she's offering Sonny and Will a first class honeymoon and will ask the governor to marry them. Marlena's condescending and tells her the boys asked her to marry them. She'll be ordained online. Kate finds it... interesting. Marlena mocks Kate and thinks she's jealous because Will loves her more. She's joking but says they're both lucky to be a part of the celebration.

Jordan meets Rafe at the square and tells him she and Ben had a falling out. He's the reason she was leaving town. She can't tell him more and asks him to keep it mum. It's a lot to take in for Rafe.

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