Days Recap: Soon. Very Soon.

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Daniel and Jennifer's dinner party doesn't go as planned, Liam steals something of Jennifer's, and JJ pesters Abby about the man who dumped her.

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Theresa wants sex in the Kiriakis living room so Brady reluctantly agrees, throws her down on the sofa and rips off his shirt. Maggie interrupts, revolted. She tells Brady there's been a fire in one of their factories in Indonesia. Brady jumps up and goes to make a call while Maggie launches into a tirade and Theresa gets mouthy. Maggie accuses Theresa of dragging Brady down to her level. Brady returns and Theresa taunts Maggie before leaving. Maggie tries to make Brady understand that Theresa will destroy his life if he keeps seeing her. He's pissed when she tells him Theresa's after his bank account. Maggie can't stand by and watch him destroy himself. "I'm done," she says, before storming off.

Nicole puts on some romantic tunes and leaves her bra unhooked before she lets Eric into her hotel room. She gets out a little vino and gets him to fasten her up. She "accidentally" spills her wine on his shirt and takes it off in order to "clean it." This turns to kissing but Eric's willpower kicks in and he stops things. Nicole doesn't get it. Eric isn't happy she couldn't honor his beliefs for one day. She sighs. He calls this a set up and asks her not to be so selfish for once.

Parker rushes into Abigail's arms at the Horton house, making her flash back to being told she's not pregnant. Daniel walks in after and takes a call from Hope who cancels dinner. He's bummed because Kayla and Aiden cancelled. Hope suddenly decides she can make it. They hang up and Daniel thanks Abigail for babysitting. She brings up the website attack on Jenn. Daniel frowns. He wasn't aware. He goes and JJ looks for advice about Paige. At first she's encouraging but when he tells her they're from two different worlds, she suggests he drop it. He assumes she's speaking from experience. Liam shows up and JJ and Abby tell him Jenn's out. He says he left his phone charger there last time he visited Jenn. JJ takes Parker away and Liam asks to use the restroom while Abby looks for the charger. When she's gone, Liam runs upstairs and rummages through Jenn's drawers. He races downstairs when Abby returns to say she couldn't find the charger. Liam brushes it off and JJ returns. When Liam goes, JJ comments on how strange that was. He starts in on Abby about the guy who dumped her.

At the hospital, Maxine tells Jenn there have been no more postings on the hospital website. Aiden walks up and Jenn convinces him to go to the party after she mentions Hope's not going. Abe walks up and Jenn leaves. Maxine and Abe decide to go together since she loaned out her car.

Daniel arrives at his apartment where Jenn's setting up for the evening. He asks why she didn't mention the drama on the website. Jenn says it was taken care of. She knows he wants to help but thinks he should let people handle their problems on their own. He admits he's overprotective but will try to tone it down. Abe, Maxine, and Hope arrive. Hope gets the door to Aiden and each scowls. Aiden walks in and he and Hope are at each other's throats. It gets uncomfortable.

Back at Nicole's, she and Eric continue to fight until Daniel calls. Eric dresses and they race out.

Eric and Nicole arrive at Daniel's and Nicole immediately demands wine. Jenn notices the wine stain on Eric's shirt and offers to clean it but Nicole doubts she can get him out of his clothes. She introduces herself to Aiden and learns that he and Hope are quibbling, too. Abe and Maxine cringe as Jenn tries to lighten the mood. It doesn't work. Jenn practically falls over herself to get the door when the pizza arrives. Rory stands there with cold pizza. He didn't expect to see her and assures her there's no weed in the pizza. Hope and Aiden try to leave but Maxine stops them. She'll heat up the pizza. Nicole spills wine on Daniel's shirt and apologizes. Eric starts in on her and Daniel mumbles, "Could this night get any worse?"

Liam finds Theresa at Club TBD. She accuses him of stalking her. He just wants to gossip about Jenny. He asks if she's the one who wrote nasty things on the website about Jenn and created that sexy flyer. Theresa snaps that it had nothing to do with her. She walks away and he eyes her purse. At the bar, she calls Brady but he purposefully ignores her call.

In Liam's room, he takes out a negligee he stole from Jenn's room and sniffs it while imagining Jennifer's in it beside him. "Soon. Very soon," he says, eerily.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Maxine brings up marriage.

Eric has concerns about his future with Nicole.

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