Days Recap: Up To Her Old Tricks.

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Marlena gets herself into trouble, Abby tells Sami to back off, and Aiden and Hope start getting along.

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Hope holds her daughter and wipes away her tears at the Brady's pub. Chase calls her a big baby. She shoves him and Hope intervenes. She explains what happened when Aiden arrives, then hugs Ciara. Aiden tells his son to apologize. Chase does so but Ciara retorts that she's not sorry. Hope thanks Chase and takes Ciara to see Caroline. Chase complains about how unfair that was and goes to Judo class. Hope returns and thanks Aiden for the way he handled things. Hope explains she was telling her daughter Bo wouldn't be home for a while. Hope takes a call and once they hang up, she tells Aiden they made a lot of money in the bake sale. They have a nice chat and Aiden goes.

From home, Will and Sonny prepare to meet their mothers to plan the wedding.

In the hospital, Abigail refuses to let EJ take her to the doctor. If she's pregnant, she'll make the decisions about what to do about it. EJ refuses to walk away from his responsibilities and wonders if she planned this. She's shocked at his implications. She refuses to let him take her to a doctor on the DiMera payroll. EJ will allow her to make the decisions but doesn't want her to face it alone. Abby feels alone. EJ will never deny a child of his or let harm come to the mother. Meanwhile, Jennifer walks in on Nicole kissing Eric in her office. Nicole tells Jenn she won't bother Eric in the office but Jenn encourages it. It'd be good to see her. Besides, she hopes Daniel will do the same for her. Nicole goes and Jennifer extols Nicole's virtues. She admits it bothered her when Nic and Daniel were living together after they broke up but Eric says they were faking being a couple for his benefit. He fills her in on the story.

At Club TBD, Adrienne finds Sami getting more culture into her by reading art books. Adrienne asks her to stop the guys from rushing into marriage. Sami can't risk being shut out by her son. Adrienne realizes Sami's right.

At the DiMera mansion, Dr. Chyka catches Marlena's attention when he tells her he left his 'things' behind at the cottage when he escaped from Nicole's clutches. Suddenly an alarm goes off and Stefano says, "It seems that somebody's up to her old tricks." He grabs the USB drive and Marlena feigns innocence. Galen, Stefano's new henchman, comes in and destroys the drive and when Doc asks to speak to Chyka again, they pretend they don't know him. Stefano threatens that she'll pay for this as she walks out.

Will and Sonny arrive at the club and Adrienne follows Sami's positive lead on the wedding. Sonny tells them that they'll marry at the Kiriakis mansion but when Sami suggests the DiMera garden, Adrienne doesn't think the daffodils block out the mansion's 'history'. They debate the demerits of the Kiriakis vs DiMera mansions and finally, Sami agrees the Kiriakis mansion is fine. There are fake smiles all around. Adrienne and Sonny get drinks and Will says he wants Gabi and Abby in the wedding party. They gossip about Abigail being miserable over a married man. Sami finds that reprehensible and blames the guy. When Sonny and Adrienne return, Sami leaves.

Back at the hospital, Nicole gets a call from Stefano, who tells her about Marlena's visit. In the waiting room, Abby cries that if she is pregnant, it'll kill her mom. EJ gives her the number of a doctor and when they hear Sami's voice, EJ hides. Sami questions Abby about taking the pregnancy test and offers her and EJ's support. Abby hyperventilates and Sami mentions food. Abby almost throws up. Sami knows the father is married. Is she still in love with him? Abby tells her to back off. If she is pregnant, it'll ruin the guy's life. Sami hears a noise and EJ cringes.

Marlena runs to the Horton Square, worried Stefano will do something to her. She sees John and dives into his arms for comfort. She realizes who she's hugging and walks away, straight into Nicole, who wants to know if Marlena's trying to help Eric or pin something on her. Marlena knows she didn't let Chyka go. Nicole accuses her of speaking with him, not to prove Kristen raped Eric, but to try to get the dirt on her. Eric walks up and confronts his mother. John watches, squinting the whole time.

Aiden passes Jennifer on the way out of the pub. Jenn's surprised they're getting along better. Hope agrees to go to the dinner party. They agree she needs to get out more with Bo gone. Aiden returns to get Chase's bag and agrees to attend the party.

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EJ finds himself out on a ledge, hiding from Sami.

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