Days Recap: Know-It-All, Stuck-Up...

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Jordan has a change of heart, JJ goes off on Paige's friend, Chyka speaks with Marlena, and Abigail has a frightening experience.

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At a clinic, Dr. Mattingly steps out to speak to his nurse. Abby prays she's not pregnant but if she is, EJ reminds her they're in this together. The doctor returns and Abigail gives him her symptoms. He will have to examine her and goes to get the nurse. EJ holds her hand. Later, she's in a gown and questions Dr. Mattingly. Why does he need to do an exam? Mattingly injects her with something and she becomes more concerned. Eventually she passes out. Later, she comes to and EJ asks the doc if she's pregnant. "Not anymore," he says. Abby panics and wakes up in her bed, gasping. Later, she's dressed when EJ shows up. Frightened, she runs out the back door.

JJ stops Paige in the hall at Salem High and puts on a show, telling her he didn't know she too studied in the library before school. She's never seen him there before. He tries to explain his community service. Since they both have a free period, they head outside to talk. Her friend Mary Beth stops her and introductions are made. Mary Beth is rude to JJ and tells Paige why JJ was doing community service. She makes up some stuff for good measure and JJ goes off on her for being a "know-it-all stuck up." Rory watches nearby, jaw on the floor, and follows when JJ stomps off. Paige yells at her friend. She didn't need to be rescued from JJ. Mary Beth assumes Paige likes him. "That druggie Bev Walters is more his speed," she says.

Rafe sits at the Horton Square picking at his food and moping about Jordan leaving town. He flashes to saying goodbye. Gabi calls and he tells her Jordan left town.

At home, Jordan stares at her New Jersey ID, sadly. She flashes to telling Ben they can't be in Salem together. The taxi arrives so she and Arthur take off.

From her hotel room, Nicole texts Eric and fluffs her hair in the mirror. She tells her breasts it's 'showtime'. She opens the door to... Stefano. She tries to get rid of him. They get into it about Eric and Kristen. Stefano accuses Nicole of ruining Eric's life, not Kristen. Nicole knows he hasn't let go of what she did to EJ but she has changed. Stefano snaps that he has no use for her and takes off.

Roman goes to Eric at the Brady's pub to ask him to cut Marlena some slack. He defends the doctor and Eric agrees to at least listen to her. He compliments his dad on being a peacemaker. The men tell each other they love one another and Eric goes.

At the park, Marlena tells Hope she's positive Nicole has information that could clear Eric's name. She needs her friend's help. Hope gives her a USB gadget to plug into Stefano's laptop. It'll download Chyka's location. Marlena smiles. She notices Hope is down and prods her to spill it. Hope tells her friend Bo will be out of touch for at least another year. Marlena's shocked and supportive. Hope goes and Stefano texts Marlena, "Now." She runs away.

Jordan stops by Rafe's table at the Horton Square. Her flight was delayed. Indefinitely!

Nicole finds Eric at the hospital and tells him about her run-in with Stefano. Eric's sympathetic and kisses her. Abby shows up and goes to take some boxes out of the janitor's closet. EJ follows her and asks why she's avoiding him. She tells him she's not going to his doctor, "And you can't make me."

Marlena arrives at Stefano's and is searched. He tells her it's a precaution and takes her cell phone. He gets her water and she hooks up her USB drive to the laptop. Later, Marlena Skypes with Chyka and asks him about his time in the cottage with Nicole and Daniel. Chyka tells her he forgets what he told them. She's disbelieving. He admits he left without taking his 'things' with him.

Rafe and Jordan make love at her hotel. She explains she couldn't leave him.

JJ and Rory arrive at the Horton house and JJ moans that the damage Mary Beth did was likely permanent.

At the pub, Hope tells Ciara about Bo being undercover and not returning for a long time. She says he has to stay away to protect them. Ciara doesn't understand why he can't tell her himself if he misses her so much. Hope tells her daughter Bo keeps the Valentine she made him on him at all times, close to his heart. Ciara cries and Hope holds her.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Hope sees Aiden differently...

Eric slips up.

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