Days Recap: Babelicious.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

JJ cyber-stalks Paige, Abigail and EJ decide to see a doctor, and Sonny goes to Victor, complaining about Nick.

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Victor walks in on Rafe making plans over the phone at Club TBD. He assumes Rafe's working on police business and asks if there's anything he can do. Rafe's good.

From her hotel room, Jordan calls ahead for a car to take her to the airport. She focuses on a fake ID card for 'Joan Cooper' and reads Rafe's note asking her to meet. Reluctant, she leaves.

JJ spots his mystery girl at the Horton Square. It's awkward. She introduces herself as Paige and he stammers his name. He learns she's volunteering to pick up trash. She says a teacher inspired her. Abe shows up and asks how JJ's required community service is. Paige's eyes widen. Abe knows Paige and says hello, then leaves. JJ says he was about to tell her he's on probation. Russ interrupts to tell JJ to get back to work so Paige goes. Later, Jordan walks through the park, hesitant about meeting Rafe. She finds him at the Horton Square with a romantic table set up outside Mandalay. She's taken aback. He tells her she deserves a proper send-off. They drink champagne and dine. Music plays and they dance. He kisses her goodbye and she cries.

At Gabi's, Nick calls her special and wants to spend the rest of his life making sure she knows. Sonny walks in disgusted. "Oh. My. God." The baby cries and Gabi goes to her while Sonny tells Nick this'll all blow up in his face. Nick smirks. He disagrees but Sonny reminds him the past is repeating itself. He goes and Gabi returns. Nick keeps manipulating her into thinking he has changed and she winds up telling him he's the only one who gets her.

At the DiMera's, Sami tells EJ Abigail's pregnant. EJ tries to hide his shock. She tells EJ Abby hasn't seen a doctor yet but Sami recognizes the signs. He has a lot of questions, making Sami wonder why he's so affected by this. He tries to cover. She runs off to meet Will.

At the Brady's pub, Abby refuses to be a part of Will and Sonny's wedding. He wonders why and she flashes to shower sex with EJ and then sees how hurt Will looks. She backtracks. She'll be there. She has to dash and once outside, EJ texts her an address to meet him at.

Sami meets Will at Club TDB and they talk about their weddings. He mentions seeing Abigail earlier and comments on her pale appearance and reaction to the wedding.

Abby meets EJ at his lawyer's office. He confronts her. Why did she confide in Samanther about the pregnancy and not him? Abby says she guessed but yells at him for making this all about him. She doesn't even know she's pregnant and wants to buy a pregnancy test. He shoots that idea down. They argue, she lashes out and apologizes. She's distraught. She was trying to get over him but if she's pregnant, this isn't over. It's just beginning. EJ will take her to a doctor in the morning. "We're in this together," he assures her.

Rory arrives at JJ's and hears all about Paige. Rory's surprised she's not into drugs and was volunteering. He has nothing in common with her! JJ shakes his head. "It's like you've got the hots for an alien," Rory says, laughing. Abe drops by to tell JJ he's coming to dinner and apologizes for shooting off his mouth, earlier. JJ accepts his apology and gets Paige's last name. Later, JJ finds a photo of Paige Larson online. Rory plays JJ's guitar and sings about how "babelicious" she is. Rory says she's always at the library. JJ plans on stalking her there.

Sonny goes to Victor at the Kiriakis home and Victor hears he's marrying Will. Victor's glad and the men embrace. Sonny complains about Nick and Victor compares him to a smarmy cockroach. Victor offers to take care of him if necessary. Later, Victor offers the mansion for the wedding but Sonny says it has a 'weird history'. Victor reminds him it's where he married Maggie.

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Abby doesn't trust EJ.

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