Days Recap: A Thousand Paper Cuts.

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Jenn has an accusation, Abigail is shocked that she could be pregnant, and JJ finds his mystery girl.

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At Abby's, she drops her mug when Sami suggests she may be pregnant. "I can't be pregnant," she says. She starts to cry. Sami comforts her and Abby says the father can't know. She begs Sami to keep this to herself.

EJ brings Gabi her modelling contract at home. Will arrives and they fill him in on her new job. She goes off to the baby and EJ admits this is Nick's doing. Will worries Gabi will find out but when she returns she says she knows. Will tries to warn her but she won't listen. Will starts yelling. The baby cries and Gabi leaves the room. EJ tells Will just to support Gabi. Don't trash Nick and give her a reason to defend him. Will agrees to it and Gabi returns. She signs the contract.

JJ finds his mystery girl at school but she disappears before JJ can ask Rory who she is. Bev drops by and dumps JJ who is too boring now.

At the hospital, Anne chides Theresa about showing up for work today. Is she still wreaking havoc in Jennifer's life? Theresa says there's a change in plans since Dannifer is back together. She's still on the case with a vengeance but the less Anne knows the better. "Death by a thousand paper cuts," Anne snarks.

Daniel takes Parker to bed at home while Jennifer receives a text which upsets her. She tells Daniel she has a work emergency. Once she's gone, Liam shows up. He apologizes, saying he didn't react well to Jenn's news that she and Daniel reunited. Daniel was unaware but is understanding. He leaves when Parker calls and a nasty look crosses Liam's face. Daniel returns with his son and Liam wishes him all the best and goes.

At her hotel, Nicole can't wait to make love to Eric and though he's tempted by her, he doesn't want it to be 'like this'.

Jenn meets Abby at her office. There are hate-filled messages directed at Jennifer on the hospital's website. Abby says it sounds like something Anne Milbauer would do. They try to decide what to do about it. JJ arrives with flowers from Daniel. She invites both her kids to tonight's dinner party. Later, Jenn calls Anne in and suggests Anne wrote the nasty posts. Anne thinks people have the right to loathe her. Jenn says all of the posts are coming from the same place. If it's Anne, she will be fired. Anne goes to confront Theresa. She thinks her friend was clever, assuming she didn't use her own computer or the hospital's for her little scheme.

Eric takes Nicole to the Brady's Pub. She questions why he wants to wait for sex. He wants marriage first, before they make love. He wants to follow the Catholic teachings. She finds it irritating since they've had sex before. Eric knows they're not ready for a commitment but this will give them time to know each other again. He goes and Nicole thinks this is her punishment for destroying those documents. Meanwhile, Nick and Percy walk the square and Percy agrees if Nick learned from his mistakes, he could be good for Gabi.

At Gabi's behest, Nick shows up at Gabi's and she tells him her good news and he's happy for her. He apologizes for the way things turned out. He shouldn't have overstepped his boundaries. He tells her that's all over with but Gabi wonders then why it feels like he's controlling Kate and Sami. Nick thinks what he's doing to them is fair considering they attempted to kill him, but whatever happens between them is Gabi's choice.

Abby sits at the park, amazed at how late her period is. Will wanders over and gripes about Gabi repeating her mistakes. Abby frowns. "Who doesn't?" They go off for chamomile tea. Later, Eric arrives and thanks God. Nicole took things pretty well.

JJ cleans the Horton Square and gets ridiculed by some "mean girls" nearby. JJ ignores them and Rory arrives but JJ can't talk. If his supervisor saw him he'd be in trouble. Rory goes and JJ's mystery girl walks up, wearing the same yellow vest as JJ.

Sami hides the art books she borrowed from the DiMera library as EJ gets home. She's distant so he asks what's wrong but she can't say. When EJ reminds her secrets get them into trouble, she still won't say. He kisses her seductively and tickles her and eventually she caves and tells him Abby's pregnant. EJ tries hard not to grimace.

Nicole goes home and looks through sexy lingerie trying to decide which to seduce Eric with.

Will takes Abby to the pub and tells her about marrying Sonny. She's thrilled and they discuss the planning. Will asks her to be part of the wedding. She blurts out that she can't.

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