Days Recap: Weddings Ruin Everything.

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Abby and Sami have an awkward moment, Marlena faces off with John and Daniel warns Brady about Theresa.

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Sami and EJ suck face at Casa DiMera and try to imagine their honeymoon. She notices Gabi's contract on his desk. He explains that he wanted to make sure Nick didn't take advantage of her. Sami's happy they are past everything now. After she heads out, he thinks about sex with Abby and tells himself that everything will be fine. Johnny runs in. He's not thrilled when his dad tells him he's marrying Sami. "Nooooo!" yells Johnny as he runs away. EJ drags him back in. His son tells him weddings ruin everything. He quizzes his dad about the Brady and Kristen debacle. Elvis doesn't offer much of an explanation but claims that he and Sami have no dangerous secrets.

At home, Abby isn't feeling great. She tries to eat a sandwich. That makes her hurl. Soon, Sami shows up with books and lunch. She's excited that Abby is going to teach her about art. She makes Abby explain how she and EJ ended up discussing art in the first place. Things get awkward when Sami calls her a 'teenager'. Abby keeps assuring Sami that EJ loves her. Sami finds it hard to believe how much EJ loves her. "We completely belong to each other," Sami says. Abby gags and says she'll never have that. Sami's sure she will and then whips out her lobster salad. Abby runs off to puke. As Sami gobbles the salad, she wonders if Abby could be pregnant. When Deveraux returns, Sami asks her if she could be expecting. Abby gasps and drops her cup.

John startles Marlena in the square. It's a pretty icy reception. He's only sent her one email in the past year. John looks at her cockeyed. She tries recapping the past year but guesses he already knows everything that's happened. He walks away. She stalks after. John doesn't think she can justify what she did. The shrink wonders who he has been gossiping with about her. He's been talking to Victor. He has some things he'd like to get off his chest. The shrink declares that they have nothing more to discuss... ever!

Eric and Jenn are yapping at the hospital about his new job. Theresa arrives just in time to snark. Eric heads off, leaving Theresa to mock Jenn about getting back with Daniel. "Maybe the tenth time's the charm," she quips. Jenn lectures her for not wishing Daniel the best. That is what Theresa wishes for him. Moments later, Liam rears his head and asks to speak to Jenn in private. In her office, he apologizes again for what he said. He hopes that things won't be awkward for them. Once he leaves, he sneers to himself. Down the hall, someone starts writing a note about Jenn.

At Daniel's, Nicole tells the doctor that she destroyed some important information that could have helped someone. Before she can explain anything, Chloe calls the doctor. After listening to that conversation, Nicole changes her mind, makes an excuse and he heads for the door. "Don't be a stranger," he says as he departs.

Brady storms into the Kiriakis mansion and accuses Victor and Maggie of convincing his father to come back. "Of course I did," Victor says. After he and Brady growl at each other, he takes off with Red. Brady grumbles to himself. Daniel drops by to discuss the Dannifer reunion. Brady needs to work. As the doctor goes for the door, Theresa shows up. She lets him know about spending the night with Brady at the doctor's pad. She goes off to get the skirt she left at the mansion. Daniel launches a lecture about what they were doing in his apartment. "I sent in a cleaner the next day," Brady says. They argue about Theresa and the doctor leaves. He runs into Victor and Maggie on the way and tells them about the Dannifer reunion. Theresa walks out moments later, telling herself that she won't let Daniel and his 'simpy girlfriend' blow up her life.

Nicole meets Eric at the pub. They're about to head out when Caroline stops them. She thanks Nicole for helping her grandson and says she will always be welcome there.

Eric carries Nicole's bags to her hotel room. They smooch. She's excited to make love. He stares at her.

Daniel heads home with Parker, Victor and Maggie. They have toys with Parker. There is much laughter, Jenn arrives and hugs Maggie.

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Eric refuses to have sex with Nicole!

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