Days Recap: Blood Sucking Vampire Zombie.

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Liam has an unsettling reaction to Jenn's news, Maxine plays matchmaker, and Rafe asks Jordan for one last date.

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In Daniel's bed, he and Jenn cuddle after waking up and Daniel tries talking her into playing hooky at work. She can't. Daniel has concerns Parker could be hurt if they reunite only to break-up again. Jenn assures him she's going nowhere.

Hope discards Bo's note telling her he'll be gone for a year with no contact. She sobs as Aiden walks into St. Luke's Academy. He apologizes and leaves. John calls to ensure she's alright. She's not and worries about what to tell the kids. Aiden returns and she apologizes. He shrugs. It's not like they're friends. Daniel arrives and she congratulates him on his reunion with Jenn. He meets Aiden and thanks him for helping to keep JJ out of jail. The men bond over the silly TV shows their sons have enjoyed watching. He invites Aiden and Hope to a dinner party. It's awkward but both agree to it and Daniel leaves. Hope and Aiden both say, "I'll cancel," at the same time. Some lady bustles in to take Hope's shift since Hope was desperate to go, making Aiden think Hope wanted to leave because of him. She promises it's not and he hopes whatever was bothering her earlier works out.

At the hospital, Maxine mopes about Jordan leaving Salem. Jordan says Mr. Maxwell, a patient, won't be sad to see her go. He calls her "The Terminator." Maxine worries about Rafe.

Ben watches as Kate arrives at Club TBD to talk to Rafe about Jordan. He asks how she knew Jordan was leaving Salem. Kate questions him and he tells her about Jordan's job offer. Kate's skeptical. They seemed very happy together. She's sorry he's hurt and offers to listen if he needs a friend. She goes and Rafe meets Ben who tells him he's new. Rafe says Sonny's a good guy to work for. When he goes, Ben says he's not so sure Rafe is.

Marlena finds Eric at the Brady's pub cleaning his camera for a photo shoot for University Hospital. Mar brings up his date with Nicole. She thinks he's clinging on to Nicole because he's lost. He states that he's not and thinks Nicole has changed. This concerns the doc who mistrusts Nicole.

Nicole dreams that Dr. Chyka breaks into her room and warns her that she'll lose Eric once he finds out she destroyed the evidence that would clear his name. Nicole wakes up sweating and with bad nerves.

From the DiMera mansion, Stefano calls Dr. Chyka. He tells him, "That's an interesting story." He finds the information very helpful. He asks the doctor to keep his phone close. He'll be calling again.

Nicole interrupts Eric and Marlena's conversation at the pub. Stefano texts Marlena - he's granting her request. She runs off and Nic assumes Mar was calling her a "blood sucking vampire zombie." Eric says something like that. She just wants his happiness and he hers. They kiss before he leaves for work.

Marlena goes to Stefano's where she sees his laptop and assumes he has set up a video-chat with Chyka. Stefano says they're not chatting today, so Marlena huffs and walks out. He calls Chyka and tells him he'll be chatting with Dr. Evans but there are stipulations.

Maxine finds Rafe in Horton Square. She urges him to stop Jordan from leaving Salem. Maxine thinks they're perfect for each other. Rafe thought so too. Maxine plants the seed that Jordan's not happy about this. Later, Marlena hears John's voice...

Kate goes to Jordan at the hospital and congratulates her on the new job though she feels the timing is odd. What happened? Jordan tells her very little and Kate gets in a few jabs before leaving. In her office, Jenn receives Liam who has returned from a business trip with a gift. She lets him know she patched things up with Daniel and gently dumps him. She hopes they can be friends but why would he want to be friends with a b**** like her? Jenn's jaw drops. He quickly backtracks and apologizes. She doesn't think she led him on. He agrees. He overreacted and gushes about how incredible Jenn is. She's puzzled by his behavior. He takes back his gift and passes Eric on the way out. Eric thanks Jenn for this work opportunity. She asks if he's sure about leaving the church and he explains he has moved on. Rafe arrives and asks Jordan for one last goodbye. She agrees to it.

Nicole packs her things to move, angry at herself for deceiving Eric. Daniel arrives home and notices she's upset. What's wrong? She's not sure where to start but asks him to keep this to himself...

Liam angrily shoves the gift he bought Jenn in the trash outside the Brady's pub.

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