Days Recap: Odd Duck.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

EJ is concerned Nick's more of an issue than he bargained for, Hope receives bad news about Bo, and John begs Brady not to turn his back on him.

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Sami arrives at Ciara's school with cupcakes for the bake sale. Hope confronts her about spending four grand on Ciara's earrings. Sami apologizes. Hope thinks living with the DiMeras has warped her values. Sami says Ciara insisted they go to the most expensive jeweller in town. Hope reminds Sami she's the adult. Sami reminds Hope she grew up rich but Hope isn't raising her daughter that way. She asks Sami to respect her values. Sami yells back and bumps into Aiden, spilling his cookies. She leaves and Hope and Aiden throw the cookies away. They seem to get along with talk about work until Aiden brings up Chase doing well now that he's not being bullied. Father Louis interrupts and they price the baked goods. Hope receives a text from an old friend who is back in town. She runs off. Aiden starts the sale and Ciara whines in the line-up and snarks off when Aiden apparently gets her cupcake flavor wrong.

At Club TBD, EJ accuses Nick of manipulating Gabi. Nick insists he's not. He thinks he and EJ are more alike than the DiMera wants to admit and plans on being more upfront this time. EJ laughs. Nick boasts about being in a position of power.

Lucas finds Kate in the park talking to Ortiz on the phone about Jordan. He questions her. She claims she's just protecting Rafe as a friend. He has always treated her with respect. If Jordan has no secrets, she'll let it go.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Rafe she got a job offer on the west coast and is leaving Salem. He doesn't get it. She has her reasons and staying wouldn't be right. Rafe pleads with her to stay and she breaks down in tears. Hurt, Rafe leaves. Ben arrives and hears Jordan's leaving tomorrow. He says this is all "because of him." Jordan doesn't want to beat a dead horse.

John shows up at Theresa's. Now Brady knows who was following him. Why is he back in Salem and what does he want? Theresa comes out in something skimpy. John is told she's Shane and Kim's kid. It's awkward so the men go into the hall. John is worried about Brady's drinking and asks why Brady's avoiding him. They both have issues because of Kristen. Brady gets angry. That's why he has avoided him. He doesn't want to hear "her" name. Theresa eavesdrops as Brady pushes his dad away though John begs him not to. Brady goes back inside and Theresa says she can relate to how Brady's feeling.

Sami runs into Brady and Theresa at the Horton Square. Sami takes Brady aside and admonishes him for dating Theresa. He doesn't want to hear it. She asks for help in stopping Nicole from breaking Eric's heart but he refuses. She yells about him letting Kristen come between them but Brady doesn't want to discuss it so she goes. Theresa returns with drinks. Meanwhile, Hope greets John Black in the park with a hug. He says he has a message from Bo who is lonely for his family. His undercover operation started out about the DiMeras but spun out to a more dangerous international crime syndicate. Hope worries. Bo's more worried about her and the kids and tells her the case will take another year or so. Hope's shocked. John says until the case is resolved, she won't hear from him at all. How will she know if he's alive or dead? John admits, "You won't." Hope is devastated. He comforts her and gives her a note. She has to destroy it after she reads it. In the note Bo says he loves them and promises to do all he can to return to them as soon as he can.

Kate meets EJ at the club. He warns her not to say anything to provoke Nick. She snarks that she works with him and his "odd duck" assistant. She's worked for worse. EJ assumes she means him and Stefano. Nick will make working with them look like a walk in the park.

Lucas meets with Nick at the Brady's pub about his project proposals. The lipstick prototype is great but they are looking into a non-organic compound to make the product more affordable. Lucas says that's not an option and he has final say but Nick disagrees. Kate does.

From home, Jordan flashes to making love to Rafe.

Ben sees Rafe at Club TBD. He remembers seeing him kiss Jordan. Kate walks in to discuss Jordan.

EJ arrives home to see Sami moping about people. EJ brings up Nick being more trouble than they bargained for.

Hope returns to the bake sale at St. Luke's Academy and Aiden goes to make a call. She reads Bo's letter again and Aiden returns as she's ripping it up and sobbing.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Marlena tries to get Eric to let go of Nicole.

John runs into Marlena.

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