Days Recap: A Total Lowbrow Like Me.

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

John Black returns, Sami confronts Abigail, Ben and Jordan argue, and Brady questions Theresa.

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It's the morning after at Theresa's, and she stares at Brady's credit card. She puts it away and Brady comes from the bathroom with an apology for passing out on her. He starts in on the booze and Theresa offers some cocaine. He refuses. If they're going to hang out, he can't be near that. She throws it down the drain and they leave.

At Club TBD, Abigail flashes back to EJ dumping her and spills a drink. She goes to clean up and Ben walks in. Tad informs him he got the job. He signs paperwork and leaves and Abby leaves to change. Theresa and Brady arrive for breakfast. She talks about how envious she was of the girls she grew up with in L.A. If they could see her now... Brady thinks she likes hanging out with him for his money. She's never hidden the fact that she loves money and admits his "glamorous lifestyle" intrigues her but that's not why she hangs out with him. She genuinely likes him - and his rockin' body.

EJ reads the news at the DiMera mansion and learns Rafe was paramount to an arrest made on a stalker. Sami says Nick blackmailed her into offering Gabi a modelling gig. EJ agrees to it if it'll get "that jerk" to go away. Sami worries about what he'll want next. EJ asks her to rein it in. They have to let Nick think he's in control. If he gets out of control, he'll take care of it. EJ goes and Johnny arrives. He asks when Abigail can return and tells his mother she really likes Rafe. She and Daddy were talking about it. Sami's puzzled.

Nick smiles at the park when Gabi texts him. Kate walks up and assumes his smile means he's up to no good. She admits he has been doing well at work.

Rafe shows up at the pub and tells Gabi things between him and Jordan aren't good. Gabi advises him to go to her. Nick arrives and Rafe greets him coldly. Gabi's pissed and takes off. Rafe warns Nick to stay away from her.

At home, Jordan flashes to seeing Ben and leafs through her various identification cards. She books a one-way trip and says goodbye to Jordan Ridgeway.

Kate meets Lucas at the Horton Square. They discuss Nick's proposal and Jordan's secrets and Lucas tells her to let it go. Rafe and Jordan are in love. Kate scoffs at that but thinks Lucas is falling for Sheryl. Later, they have a meeting and Lucas says they can visit a factory in Missouri and see the Ozarks. Sheryl would love to. She once asked Jordan to but she was very against it. Kate picks up on this and runs off to call Ortiz with the update. Lucas catches her.

Nick drops by Gabi's. She apologizes for Rafe. He brushes it off and tells her he suggested Sami consider her for the face of her new campaign. Gabi's surprised.

Ben shows up at the hospital to see Jordan. He tells her about his job but she's upset. She now has to quit hers. She reminds him they can't live in the same city.

EJ comes up on Rafe at the park. EJ is glad he is back at work. Now he can focus on his own life not Sami's. Rafe realizes Sami told him about their chat and says he still cares about her and thought she should know it was only a matter of time before he arrested EJ and Stefano. EJ snorts and makes a sarcastic comment about the Salem PD.

Sami goes to Abby's to return a cupcake pan. She questions her about what Johnny said - Abby really likes Rafe. Abigail corrects her. She and EJ were discussing Raphael the Italian Renaissance painter. Sami throws her head back with nervous laughter. She's embarrassed. She's glad EJ had someone to talk to about art. "Someone who isn't a total lowbrow like me." She asks Abigail to teach her so she can impress her fiancé. Abigail uneasily agrees to it. Later, she tortures herself with fantasies of EJ.

Rafe arrives at the hospital to see Jordan. She tells him she's leaving Salem for good.

Sami arrives at Gabi's and invites her to be the new face of their cosmetics line. Gabi blurts out that she'll do it. Sami assumes Nick already told her about it.

Nick finds EJ at Club TBD working. They discuss Gabi and how blatant Nick is at going after her again.

Theresa and Brady rush back to her apartment and make-out. She gets a call. It's Caroline so she goes off to talk to her while Brady gets the door to... John.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady's unhappy John has returned.

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