Days Recap: A Big Gay DiMera Wedding.

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Sonny has a warning for Nick, Daniel and Jenn make love, and Nicole and Eric share a kiss.

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Daniel sets up his apartment to romance Jennifer. She arrives and they kiss. She's nervous and they forgo the wine and Daniel carries Jenn off to bed. They make love and make plans for their future. He admits Nicole kept it secret that JJ was with Theresa the night she overdosed in order to protect JJ.

Eric arrives at Club TBD for his date with Nicole. He hands her a rose and calls her beautiful. She tells him how handsome he is and they admit to feeling awkward. When some man stares at them from another table, Nicole confronts him for judging.

Brady arrives at Theresa's with a gift. She thinks it's the purse she was admiring. He considered that but it was empty. He holds up wine. "This isn't." She grins. "Not for long." They drink and go to Club TBD.

JJ handles the garbage at the Horton Square and lets Bev know his mother's out of the house all night. She grins knowingly.

At home, Gabi dreams that Arianna's older and chooses to be with Sonny and Will as opposed to her.

At the Brady's pub, Will tells Caroline he's marrying Sonny. She laughs and says it's about time. They hug and Sami's worried about Gabi. Will says she is happy about it. He jokes with Sami about having a double wedding. She chokes on her coffee when he says, "We can call it a big gay DiMera wedding." Gabi arrives to see Caroline. She asks if Nick's been by. He hasn't. Will and Caroline take Ari into the kitchen and Sami asks what her thoughts are on Sonny and Will's engagement. Before she can answer, Will says he's heading back to the apartment with the baby. Once they go, Gabi says she and Will need to discuss it further. She doesn't want Sami pushing her around.

Sonny looks tense, sitting on a park bench, twisting his ring. Nick arrives looking smug and Sonny rails on him for screwing with Gabi's life. He throws around the Kiriakis name and tells Nick he gets what he wants, no matter the cost. Nick doesn't appear shaken and confesses he knows Sonny and Will helped cover up his 'untimely demise'. Nick tells him not to push his luck. Sonny grabs him and Nick asks if he's clear. "You're shooting blanks Sonny and all I've got is bullets. One for Kate, one for Sami and two more for the happy couple if I need them." He warns Sonny to be careful from here on out.

At JJ's, Bev and JJ make-out. When her purse falls and a joint pops out, he confronts her. She forgot it was in her purse and feels judged. Next time she wants a boring time she'll call him. She leaves and he plays a little guitar and then leaves.

Back at the club, Eric comes between Nicole and the judgemental guy. The man goes and Theresa and Brady arrive laughing. They see Nicole with Eric and toast to hypocrites. Nicole goes to confront them and calls Brady desperate. They snark back and forth until Theresa drags Brady out. Nicole calls Theresa the Lindsay Lohan of Salem, knowing people likely said that about her at one time. Eric thinks Theresa needs love in her life. Nicole agrees.

JJ runs into Rory at the square. Rory tries to lighten his mood by joking about how upset his boss was earlier. He goes to get coffee and some girl walks up to JJ with his wallet. He seems interested in her but when Rory returns, she departs.

Brady and Theresa get back to her place and kiss. She goes to powder her nose and when she returns he has passed out. She debates stealing money from his wallet but tells herself not to show her hand just yet. She's in it for the big pay-off.

Will arrives home and Sonny tells him about his conversation with Nick. If he was not set on getting Gabi back, he is now.

Back at the pub, Gabi leaves Sami and runs into Nick outside. They set a breakfast date for tomorrow and Nick goes inside. He greets Caroline and tells her he's trying to be a good person. She'll be the judge of that. She goes and Nick blackmails Sami into hiring Gabi as the new face of her new "Dimensions" line.

Eric walks Nicole home where they share a goodnight kiss.

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