Days Recap: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Nicole and Daniel go after Chyka, Brady does something surprising, and Eric opens up at the retreat.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor's annoyed by issues at Titan. Brady feels guilty for not being there. When Maggie walks in the air grows cooler and Maggie eggs him on until Brady admits he missed Arianna's christening because he was drunk. Victor's shocked Brady quit AA. He leaves and Maggie explains that Brady's in trouble. Victor wonders if it's a one-off. Upstairs, Brady flops on his bed and then debates having a drink. He returns downstairs and eavesdrops on Maggie and Victor, who reminds Maggie Brady can't be forced into rehab. Victor will be watching Brady to make sure he doesn't slip up.

At the retreat, Eric tells Father Timothy he hates Kristen. Eric knows he has to forgive Kristen but doesn't know how. He can't help blame his brother who didn't listen to their warning about her. Eric is looking for clarity. Timothy tells Eric to separate his anger for Kristen from his feelings for Nicole. Eric wonders if there's more than one path to serve God. Timothy asks if it includes seeking solace with Nicole. Eric doesn't want to be with Nicole just because Plan A doesn't work out. Timothy thinks his intentions are honourable but he needs to find out what he needs, not what God wants.

At Titan TV, Daniel and Nicole talk about making Chyka pay but Daniel worries if they don't get the police in on this, nothing they find will hold up in a court of law. Nicole tries to convince him into doing more sleuthing and with prodding, she admits Eric confessed his love for her and he knows she still loves him. She tells Daniel she wants to clear Eric's name for the most selfish reason there is. She doesn't want to be second best with anyone anymore. They track Chyka and find him in the middle of nowhere. "Ready or not, here I come," Nicole says. They argue when Daniel says he's coming.

From his cabin, Chyka sees the news about Nicole and Eric surviving his attack. Now he has to get on the road again. He smashes his cell phone with a poker.

EJ summons Kate to Club TBD to discuss Nick ratting them out. He comments that Sami's in Chicago. Kate tells him to keep Abigail off their trail and everything will be fine. EJ says there's no physical evidence to back up anything Nick says but it's his word against theirs.

At the park, Rafe warns Nick to stay away from his sister. Rafe reaches out when Nick starts to walk away and falls. Nick just stands there, looking on and Jordan walks up. "What the heck are you doing?" she asks. Nick says Rafe wouldn't have taken his offer of help. He warns Rafe to take care of his health and accept Gabi makes her own decisions. He goes.

Abby flashes to having sex with EJ while she's in the supply closet at the hospital.

Abigail bumps into Nick outside the Brady's Pub. It's a little awkward. He asks if she's avoiding him. She says she's not but has to toddle off to work. He sizes her up.

Back at Club TBD, Kate fills EJ in on Nick asking to work for her and making vague threats. Rafe and Jordan walk up and they all agree that Nick Fallon should have stayed out of Salem. Kate and EJ leave for work and outside, Kate receives a text from Nick asking when they should negotiate the terms of his employment. She watches Rafe and Jordan canoodle and says she has to deal with Nick first but soon, she'll deal with Jordan. Inside, the couple trades funny Super Bowl stories and kiss before she goes to work.

EJ arrives at the hospital where Abby's working. They give each other a clandestine smirk and he follows her into an empty waiting room. He hopes running into her will become easier over time.

Kate meets Nick at the pub. She refuses to let him work for her but he has a pitch and hopes things can be "water under the bridge." Speaking of water, he shows her 100% waterproof make-up. He tested prototypes. He wants to be a permanent fixture and has an assistant. A man walks up. "Greetings," he says. It's Percy the birdwatcher!

From the hospital, Daniel calls Maggie to let her know he's going away and she has to sign for a bike he bought Parker. Brady eavesdrops as she says she has his keys. He takes them when her back is turned and Daniel calls Chloe and Parker to tell them he's going away.

Nicole packs at home and flashes to Eric's profession of love. Daniel arrives and they're off.

Back at the cabin, Dr. Chyka opens a safe and takes out a gun and sticks documents in the safe.

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