Days Recap: For Zsa Zsa.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Nicole and Daniel do a little sleuthing, Eric starts confession at his retreat, and Jennifer gets on JJ's case.

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Jennifer jogs through the Horton Square where she is upset to see Daniel with Theresa. She shakes her head and it's an entirely different couple.

Daniel arrives home and tells Nicole he thinks they can help Eric after all. He shows Nicole the list of PhDs who did work with the compound used to drug Eric. Nicole's interested in helping and says Titan TV has an ip address that can be masked for their search. The only hitch is she's not sure she still has a job there.

Bev, JJ, and Rory arrive at JJ's. Rory can't wait to help with taking Theresa down. They leave when Jenn arrives and starts bashing JJ for hanging with them. He reminds her people think he's a loser druggie. Bev and Rory are true friends. JJ understands why she doesn't trust him but he knows what he's up against if he gets caught. He wishes he could take back what he did to come between her and Daniel.

At the hospital, Theresa stops some gal with the mail and tells her she got mail that shouldn't have been addressed to her. The woman tells her it happens. Theresa will take care of it. She grins and looks at the check.

At Club TBD, Tad tells Rafe he heard Nick Fallon was at the christening and flipped Gabi out. Rafe almost spits out his coffee.

With a picnic basket in hand, Nick guides a blindfolded Gabi to the spot they murdered him. He shoves her in the water and she wakes up with a gasp. She sees a note from Will and Sonny who took the baby out to breakfast. Rafe arrives and she runs to his arms. They talk about Nick's return and how he wants to put the past behind him. She wants the same. Rafe has major reservations and asks if there's something she's keeping from him. She flashes to "murdering" Nick and asks Rafe to leave Nick alone. Rafe only promises to protect her.

At the Brady's Pub, Nick tells Julie he thinks Gabi will be surprised at how much he has changed. Julie hopes he doesn't push too hard. Nick assures her Gabi will decide on the type of relationship they'll have this time. They discuss prison and Nick being raped.

Father Timothy finds Eric at the retreat. He's going to be his confessor. He asks why after months of maintaining his innocence is he suddenly questioning his faith. Eric talks about his feelings for another woman but says he hasn't acted on them. Father Timothy asks about Kristen and the sex tape. Eric looked willing. Eric asks how he can dare to say that? He was victimized. Timothy asks if he was devout in his heart.

Dr. Chyka arrives at a cabin looking happy. "Finally, a little rest for the wicked." He gets Googling and learns Eric and Nicole survived his attack.

Back at Daniel's, Nicole greets Theresa on her way out. They trade barbs and Nicole goes. Theresa heard he and Nicole were dating. Daniel says they're just friends. Theresa puts on an act about being committed to sobriety and gives Daniel credit. She calls them a good team and says it felt good to pay it forward with Brady. She moves in close and Daniel vaguely tells her they're not a good idea now or ever. They're saved by Theresa's phone. It's Anne, so Theresa goes.

Nicole meets Miles at Club TBD. He asks Tad for a drink and a virgin, "For Zsa Zsa here." Later, Gabi shows up and Tad asks what the deal is with Nick's return and his scar. Gabi acts like she doesn't know.

Daniel finds Nicole in her office. Miles kept her on since she's the only one bringing in the ratings. She eliminated one more name on the list and tells Daniel Eric's away on a spiritual retreat. That's all she'll say. Soon, they find Dr. Chyka's photo and Nicole fingers him as the kidnapper.

Jennifer runs into Theresa at the hospital. Files go flying and Theresa notices a Valentine's Day flyer and taunts her about who she'll date. Liam calls and Theresa meets some guy in her office. He makes her a University Hospital ID with her face and Abigail's name on it.

Rafe stalks Nick at the Horton Square and follows him to the park. He warns him not to have contact with Gabi or the baby. Nick turns to go and Rafe goes after him and falls to the ground. Nick just stands there.

JJ meets Rory and Bev outside the pub. Bev says Cole got the maximum sentence in his case from the same judge JJ has. JJ needs his plan with Theresa to work.

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