Days Recap: A Little Hair Of The Dog.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Brady tried to prove a point, Hope realized what was bothering Ciara, and Theresa found the envelope.

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At their apartment, Gabi and Will ponder what it means to Nick to be friends. Will recalls this is how Nick acted the last time he blackmailed him and vows not to let him worm his way back into their lives.

Nick stops Kate at the Horton Square and asks her to recall the last time they were together. She flashes to 'murdering him' but tells him she recalls the virus he gave her computer which cost MadWorld a lot of money. He feels terrible about it. It only destroyed the work he did for her but he wants to make it up to her. She doesn't want to work with him but he asks if she is in any position to turn him down. He threatens her and tells her to take time to think it over. Meanwhile, from the park, Bev leaves JJ a message to tell him she left the envelope for Theresa in her inbox.

Maggie stops Brady from taking a drink at the Kiriakis mansion. "A little hair of the dog? That's your idea of a hangover cure?" She suggests rehab but he thinks it's just as stupid of an idea as it was the first time she suggested it. Maggie turns away, hurt. She gets out "the big book" and wants to read it together. He pours himself a drink and downs it with her looking on. He has a cocaine problem but not a drinking problem. She can't believe he can say that with a straight face. "Brady, you're a drunk," she yells. He loves her but orders her to butt out. She tells him she can no longer be his sponsor. Brady leaves then returns soon after. He tells Maggie that he went to a bar and ordered a drink. She wonders why he's telling her this. Brady points out that he left the drink on the bar and changed his mind. She wonders if he did it to prove he could walk away.

Father Louis replaces Father Matt in counselling Hope on Ciara bullying Chase Jennings. Aiden interrupts and cops an attitude. He suggests the Bradys think they run Salem and thinks Hope should pull Ciara out of St. Luke's and put her in public school. Father Louis mediates and Jennings admits since his wife died he's been overprotective. Father Louis leaves them to schedule an appointment with him and their children. Hope admits she knows what it's like to raise a child alone.

JJ distracts Theresa at the hospital while Bev and Anne walk by. JJ says he is meeting Abigail but when Abby shows up, it's clear he's lying. JJ tries to cover and Anne walks up. She asks if there's a problem and they brush her off. JJ takes Abby home and Anne and Theresa go into her office and discuss how Anne signed Theresa up to arrange the Sensitivity Seminar since she's the most sensitive person Anne knows. They howl with laughter and discuss destroying Jennifer. Later, Theresa finds the envelope, opens it, smiles and appears deep in thought.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ drinks. Sami asks if he had success getting Abigail to keep her trap shut. He flashes to supply closet sex with Abigail and tells Sami her problem is Nick. She shrugs. They debate whether or not Nick remembers. They get into it about Eric. Sami begs him to find out who helped Kristen drug him. Will texts and on her way out, EJ tells her they can't go on like this.

JJ and Abigail return home. She's miserable. He assumes it's a guy and she admits it is but it's over. He tells her about Theresa being a threat to his upcoming hearing. He's trying to get her fired. Abigail worries Theresa's on to him and makes him promise to leave her alone.

Nick gets a beer from Tad at Club TBD. Afterward, Tad sends a message to Will to let him know Nick's there. Will arrives and questions Nick about wanting to be friends with Gabi. Nick assures him he's trying to make up for his mistakes and throws out the family card. Will tells Nick not to push it. Nick leaves with a smirk.

At the Brady's Pub, Hope questions Ciara about her issues with Chase. Ciara claims Chase is mean and says things that upset her. Hope realizes that Ciara resents Chase because he talks about his dad a lot.

Sami meets Kate at Gabi's and warns them not to give in to any of Nick's demands. They agree to stay strong against Nick.

Abigail calls EJ from the park and apologizes for threatening him before. She promises not to say anything to Hope about Nick. EJ thanks her and stumps Abigail by saying that he's glad that she called.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

JJ worries Theresa isn't going to take his bait.

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