Days Recap: A Seminar In Sleaze.

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

EJ and Abigail get intimate, Stefano asks Kate to dinner, and JJ and Bev put their plan into action.

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EJ follows Abigail into the hospital supply closet and locks the door. She's playing a dangerous game and he warns that she'll lose.

At home, JJ slips the University Hospital check into an envelope which has Theresa Donovan's name written on it. He hands it to Bev. This has to work.

Daniel receives a call from Theresa at home. She wants to do dinner and discuss her overdose but be begs off. They hang up and Eric stops by and learns there is no hope in recovering the information he lost on his case. Eric feels like he has lost his last chance. He leaves.

From the Brady's Pub, Nicole edits Eric's interview. Miles pops in and hopes she's not working on a puff piece. What's the deal with her and the priest? She calls them friends. He snickers. "Was Kristen DiMera a friend, too?" Nicole thinks he could give a seminar in sleaze. When Miles says he'd hate to see her wind up in the priest's bed, Nicole slaps him. He takes off and passes Daniel on his way out. Nicole tells him she admitted to Eric she and Dan were never dating.

Kate finds Stefano in the great room at the DiMera mansion. She left behind her scarf. She calls being there a nightmare and asks where Cecily is. "Upstairs reading Yates?" He shrugs - has no idea and doesn't think it makes a difference. He asks her out to dinner but she's not interested. They struggle over her scarf and the moment is intense.

Nick slowly walks up to Gabi in the park, glad he caught her alone. He understands if she's nervous because of the last time they were alone together. Frowning, Gabi flashes to hitting him with a rock and Nick asks if she remembers and refers to their talk in the square. He asks if she really wanted him out of her life forever. She shakes her head and flashes to him "drowning." She never wanted that to happen. He's thrilled and asks for a clean slate.

At the hospital, Theresa takes a call from JJ, who tells her to meet him at his place. She begrudgingly agrees and almost runs into Bev on the way out. In the supply closet, EJ tells Abby that Nick's back and he's fine. They need to move on. He caresses her neck and chest and asks what it'll take to convince her to see things his way. She's pretty sure he knows. He grabs her and kisses her, hard. He pushes up her skirt and they start going at it while somebody tries to get into the room. They quickly dress, EJ hides and Abby gets the door. She hands over some towels to the guy and leaves. Meanwhile, in Anne's office, Bev gets the candy striping job and texts JJ to get Rory there to make a scene. When Anne steps out, she puts the envelope in Theresa's inbox.

Eric prays at St. Luke's where Father Louis finds him. Eric tells him he learned the medical results that proved Kristen DiMera drugged him into bed were lost. Father Louis says he's being tested but all hope is never lost. Eric admits he is in love with Nicole but doesn't know where to go from here. Father Louis says the bishop has a direct order for him.

Theresa arrives at JJ's. He tells her he Googled Nicole. Theresa's exasperated. She could have done that. He pretends he lost his spot online and Theresa calls him lame. "That pet rock you hang out with. That hair - what is he, in a Hanson cover band?" She thinks the girl he hangs with has a crush on him. She starts yelling when he doesn't have any dirt on Nicole 'sleeping' with Daniel. She starts to think he's up to something. He receives Bev's text just as Roman arrives. He demands to know what Theresa's doing there. She covers and goes and Roman warns him to stay away from her.

Eric, in his collar, finds Daniel and Nicole at the pub. Daniel apologizes to lying about his relationship with Nicole and goes. Nicole stares at Eric's collar. He tells her it's a first step in a necessary process. He's going on a retreat to think about his future. Abby arrives and flashes to sex with EJ. "What am I doing?"

At home, Stefano tries making small talk with EJ, but EJ's stressed.

JJ runs to the hospital and finds Theresa. She accuses him of following her as he nervously glances at Bev and Anne.

From the square, Roman calls Daniel. Does he think Dr. Duval was a real doctor? Daniel isn't sure and finds the list of doctors' names who could have drugged Eric. Nearby, Nick stops Kate...

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JJ scrambles to get Theresa thrown off track.

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