Monday, May 7th, 2007

Adrienne and Steve make it to Bo's car, Philip takes Claire and makes a run for it and Sami attempts to come clean with Lucas.

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After Shawn is shot by Duck on Tinda Lau, Belle cries out in alarm to Gabby to get a doctor. Philip is stunned by the turn of events and grabs the gun from Duck before he can get another shot out. Gabby yells at Duck, asking what’s wrong with him and then quickly hands Claire to Philip, before running off to get a doctor. Shawn watches as Claire is given to Philip and whispers in pain to Belle, "Get Claire." Duck eggs Philip on. "Now's your chance. Take the kid and run," he encourages. Phil doesn’t make a move. Gabby comes back and before Philip can take Claire and leave, Belle tells him he can leave over her dead body! Shawn and Belle are beside themselves with worry that Philip would leave Shawn bleeding to death while he steals Claire. Belle begs and asks for a compromise but Philip refuses to let the baby go - not now, not ever, he informs her without a trace of regret in his voice. Meanwhile, Duck asks Gabby if this is the respect he gets after all he has done for her? Philip and Shawn spar over who's the worse father and Duck interjects with the story about their first arrival on Tinda Lau, and how Claire was very ill with blood poisoning. As he tries to give ammunition to fuel Philip’s anger, Gabby tells her father to stay out of it! Philip takes Claire and leaves while Shawn, Belle and Gabby watch in shock. Shawn and Gabby urge Belle to go after them and reluctant to leave Shawn, Belle tears off after their daughter and Philip. Once she’s out of earshot, Duck asks Shawn, "You really think she's a match for a marine?" Shawn drops from the pain and falls unconscious. The doctor comes by, stitches Shawn up and provides him with antibiotics. Shawn figures that Philip probably has a boat somewhere. Sherriff Jim comes by to take Duck to jail. He takes along with him the gun and Shawn tells Jim that Philip paid him to shoot him, but he's not pressing charges. After they're gone, Gabby explains to Shawn that Duck did three tours of Nam and all of his friends died. "It eats away at him," she says. Shawn explains to Gabby that Philip was once a good man, before the war as well. Gabby offers to help Shawn but since he is too weak, he agrees to let Gabby drive while he rides shotgun. Shawn grabs a gun from under the bar but an exasperated Gabby grabs it from his hands and says, "No more guns!" They leave the gun on the counter and make a dash for it.


At home, Sami talks to her baby. She tells him or her that she hopes that EJ won't do anything to ruin her big day. She considers that it’s altogether possible that she could have a happy wedding day. Lucas and Will arrive home with their wedding suits and get ready for the wedding. Sami answers a knock at the door from Celeste, who barges in to tell Sami that Kate has the photo taken of Sami and EJ in Lexi's car. Sami paces and worries that she's in for it now but Celeste tries to convince Sami to spill to Lucas. "It will set you free, Samantha." She urges, but Sami refuses and realizes that EJ won't let Kate use the photo because it could implicate him. Celeste continues her lecture and it appears that she has gotten through to Sami this time. She leaves the apartment and when Lucas comes out of the bedroom in his suit, looking dapper, she is ready to come clean. Lucas promises that this time their wedding will go off without a hitch. He reminds her that it’s getting late, when she asks if they can discuss EJ. Lucas asks her not to tell him."Don't do this to me," he pleads. He reassures her that everything will be fine and asks that she not give EJ and Kate anymore ammunition to hurt them. When she tries yet again to tell him the truth about her secret with EJ, he puts a stop to it and says he doesn’t want to know. He asks her if she loves him. She replies in the positive and he asks her if they can just be happy and let the past stay in the past. Sami doesn’t really have a choice and Will runs out of his room, camera in hand. He takes a few shots of Sami and Lucas and runs back in his room for the rings. Will and Lucas leave.


At the state mental hospital, Folley chastises Adrienne for touching Steve. Adrienne explains that she just thought that this was the common room where they can get to know one another. From the wire, Kayla tells Adrienne not to mess with Folley, and Folley asks Adrienne who she thinks she is. Steve yells out, "She's my sister!" Folley gets up and asks, "Is that right? Are you on a mission of mercy?" Adrienne goes silent and a look of panic appears on her face. Outside, Bo tells Kayla that he wants to go into the state mental hospital to get Steve and Adrienne out, but Kayla asks him to wait it out. “Adrienne thinks quickly on her feet,” she says.


She admits it's true, but says she's his sister too! She lies and says she's a nun from the Holy Order of Saviors, there to offer comfort. Folley tells her that this is off limits and then abuses Steve. He throws Steve's food to the floor and forces him to clean it up. Adrienne tells Kay and Bo that it's too late. "They've already got him under their control." Adrienne is almost in tears while she watches the exchange. Kayla asks Adrienne to put Steve on the wire. Adrienne explains that she lied to Folley about who she is and lets Steve know that Kayla wants to talk to her. Steve says that Kayla abandoned him but Adrienne promises that's not true. She shows him the wire and explains that if he talks into it, she'll hear him. Steve tells her he follows orders and has to turn her in. Adrienne promises she'll give him the wire if he'll listen to her. He places the wire in Steve's ear and Kayla talks to him. "Sweetness? Is it really you?" Kayla tells him she's been so worried about him and that Grainger won't let her see him. Steve thinks he's a soldier in training and asks if he's on leave. A quick thinking Adrienne says, "Yes, we've got your orders!" Steve is really confused but Kayla reassures him that it's simple. He just needs to do what Adrienne says. Dr. Grainger and EJ arrive at the common room and Kayla asks what's going on. He tells her that Dr. Grainger and EJ showed up. EJ turns to the doc and appears disgusted. "He's talking to himself. "My instruction was to get him in line, not turn him into some kind of idiot." EJ advances towards Steve and asks who his imaginary friend is. From inside the car, Bo asks Steve not to give them away, and EJ tells a shocked Steve that the doctor released Steve into his care! Bo stops Kayla from getting out of the car and saving Steve. Steve tells EJ he can't go with him because he's made other plans. "I'm going with her. Kayla told me to!" EJ pounces on Adrienne and greets her by name! He tells Steve, "You know," he says as he kneels before Adrienne, "I used to have an aunt who was a nun - Sister Mary Moira," he says while trying to part Adrienne's gown. Adrienne flinches but he tells her not to waste his time. He continues, "And I always wondered what was beneath those long flowing robes of hers!" With that, EJ parts Adrienne's gown, much to her chagrin and finds a wire. He talks to Kayla and Bo directly. "Testing, testing, 123. I'm assuming I'm talking to Bo and Kayla. In case you didn't recognize the voice, which I doubt, this is EJ Wells coming to you from the common room of the state mental hospital for the mentally insane." Bo tells Steve to give the earpiece to Steve and EJ tells Bo that the judge, who is an old family friend, has released Steve into his care. Bo tells EJ, "You leave him alone, you twisted freak. You're not taking him anywhere." EJ gives the wire and earpiece back to Adrienne and tells her she has a lot of hails of Mary to say to get back into God's good graces! EJ tells Steve it's time to go and that he's one of them. The patients gather around Steve and beg EJ not to take him with them. The lights go out and the patients start yelling and telling the doctor they're not going to let him leave. "We heard the screams while you tortured him," one patient cries out.


Kayla and Bo sit in the car listening to the chaos within, wondering what their next move is going to be. Suddenly, the back door opens and in slides Adrienne and a dazed looking Steve! Kayla gasps and asks Steve if he knows who she is. "Kayla…" he says quietly. Kayla thanks Adrienne and Bo tells Steve that everything's going to be alright now. They drive away.


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