Days Recap: Rode Hard.

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

JJ enlists Bev's help, Abigail asks EJ right out if he killed Nick, and Hope is told something surprising about Ciara.

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From home, JJ calls someone and says Abigail cannot get into trouble. This is the one chance he has to take Theresa down. Jennifer arrives. Shouldn't she be at work? She should but jokes, "Wanna write me a note?" She searches for the folder Abby left her which JJ has hidden. Finally, she goes and Bev arrives. She's not happy with him for being MIA. He wants to make up for it and lays it on thick. He likes her. She thaws a little and he asks her out on a casual date. Casual because there's a good chance he's going to prison. He asks her for help and explains Theresa's blackmail. Bev calls Anne about candy striping. Anne's disinterested until Bev talks up her bigwig father. She gets an appointment.

Abigail brings treats to the church and sees a ten commandments plaque and shivers. She flashes to sex with EJ and tells herself it's not adultery because he's not married. Julie finds her. She swore off sweets since the marijuana doughnut fiasco but talks about Nick's disappearance. Julie insists Nick's not sending those texts. Abby flashes to EJ trying to keep her from speaking to Hope. She needs to talk to him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson tells Brady to get to the hospital. Eric and Nicole almost died last night!

At the hospital, Theresa hears from Daniel about Nicole and Eric. Hope says she'll get to the bottom of it. Brady arrives and Theresa tells him where Nicole and Eric are. "My uncle Roman would say you look rode hard and put away wet." Hope interrupts and says Eric and Nicole are fine. She fills him in on details and Brady berates himself for ignoring calls. Meanwhile, as Jenn arrives, Theresa puts on an act and asks Dan to reschedule dinner. Later, Brady spots Hope showing Daniel the police artist's sketch of Chyka. His jaw drops. He saw that man at the airport. He explains what happened and Hope says she'll check into it. She runs off to a parent-teacher conference and Brady's guilt gets the better of him. Jenn finds Daniel and calls him a hero for saving Eric and Nicole. Theresa interrupts so Jennifer wanders away. Theresa toddles off to an AA meeting. Once there, she is told Maggie's not coming. Now she can't score points with his mom.

Stefano calls someone from the DiMera mansion to make sure "that idiot doctor" has left town. EJ questions him. He's talking about Chyka, right? EJ asks where to find the doctor. He's out of control and needs to be stopped. Stefano refuses to give it up. They play chess and Stefano thinks it could destroy him, not help things with Samantha if he brought Chyka to justice. EJ admits he doesn't know much more than what Samanther thinks he knows. Stefano warns against crossing his sister and says Chyka will rat on EJ to the police. Later, Abby shows up at the back door and questions EJ about Nick. He lies and she catches him at it. He tells her not to listen to Julie's rantings. Abby says he played her. EJ denies it. Abby runs to talk to Hope but EJ grabs her. He tells her to keep quiet and kisses her forehead. Abby asks if he killed Nick.

At the apartment, Sonny coaches Gabi on how to talk about Nick to Hope. Will arrives and she gives orders for them to follow before she heads to the church. Sexy guitar music plays and she thanks them for being there for her. Sonny calls them family. Once she's gone, the guys kiss.

Hope has a parent-teacher conference with Father Matt and learns there's an issue between another classmate and Ciara. A man walks in - Aiden Jennings, and says he's glad she made it to take care of this. Her daughter's out of control. Hope is confused. He tells her he's Chase's father. Hope doesn't know what he's on about so Aiden tells her Ciara's harassing his kid. Hope thinks he's out of line but Matt says Ciara has been harassing Chase.

Brady returns home and tells Henderson Nicole and Eric are fine - no thanks to him. He takes a drink.

Daniel finds Jenn at the Brady's Pub. He's about to tell her how things really are between him and Theresa when Liam arrives with flowers, for a date with Jenn. It's awkward so Dan takes off.

Gabi arrives at the church and flashes to marrying Nick there. Julie finds her and drones on about Nick's disappearance and her concerns.

Theresa is about to leave the AA meeting at the hospital when Brady blows in high on alcohol.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric has a hard decision to make about where his life is going and Nicole.

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