Days Recap: A Real Game Changer.

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Sami and EJ are once again at odds, Eric and Nicole are saved, and Abigail is startled by something Julie says.

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At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells EJ Gabi made her put things into perspective. She's ashamed she took EJ's love and loyalty for granted. He asks if their separation is over. They kiss passionately and head to bed. They're interrupted by a call from Marlena who tells them what happened to Eric and to get to the hospital.

At the park, Will thinks he knows who the guy is Abby's seeing. He asks what it is with her and older guys. He has seen 'them' together he says and asks if she took him to bed yet. "Oh my God you know," Abby says and swears him to secrecy. Will thinks she's seeing Professor Sutton. Abigail denies it and says Will doesn't know this guy. She asks him to drop it and gives him a hug. Meanwhile, at the Horton Square, Rafe tells Jordan a case he was consulting on cracked open. He's proud so they decide to celebrate at the pub.

At the Brady's Pub, Lucas tells Sheryl head of marketing has been impressed by her. Sheryl's glad. She says she's glad to give up her apartment in Birmingham. After Jordan moved out, rent was hard to handle. Lucas questions her but she's not forthcoming. Rafe and Jordan arrive and Lucas pays Rafe - they had a wager about the football game on the weekend. Things are tense between the women and Rafe notices. Rafe comments on how 'nice' Lucas is being to Sheryl. It can't hurt that she's pretty... At the table, Jordan clears the air and apologizes for assuming Sheryl got the job at MadWorld because of Kate. Sheryl seems happy with this and Jordan admits she'd like to stay in Salem. Sheryl thinks a guy like Rafe could be a real "game changer" for her. Sheryl wishes she knew what happened - why she left. Jordan says it has nothing to do with her. The guys return and the girls tell a story about a stinky car they rented to go to Memphis in. Jordan reamed the rental car company out but it turned out that the car wasn't stinky, Jordan's new bottle of cheap perfume had smashed in her suitcase and the smell permeated through the car. They fall over laughing at their story. Later, Lucas and Sheryl leave. Outside, Lucas takes a private call from Kate about Sheryl. He lies that he hasn't seen her since the office.

While on the way out of his apartment, Daniel calls Roman and tells him he thinks Nicole and Daniel have been in his basement this whole time. Roman calls it into the station while Daniel heads downstairs and finds the door locked. He breaks it open with an axe and finds Nicole and Eric unconscious but alive. He carries Nicole out and the cops arrive. They cart Eric out, coughing and turn the gas off. Daniel gets Nicole to open her eyes.

Hope and Julie meet at Club TBD. Julie needs Hope to find Nick. He has disappeared. She fills Hope in on the lack of communication. Hope gets a call from Roman and promises Julie she'll get to the bottom of this. She leaves.

Daniel brings Nicole and Eric into the hospital. Hope arrives asking for a sketch of their suspect. Daniel goes to Nicole, who wants to check on Eric. Hope offers to do it for her. Nicole tells Hope a little about Chyka and his drugs and then goes to interview Eric in his room. He tells her everything that happened is because of Kristen. Sami and EJ arrive and Marlena and Roman tell them what happened. Later, Roman gets word that both patients will be fine. Marlena goes to her office to get coffee and Sami tells EJ she knows the person responsible for this is Kristen and EJ has the tools to find them. EJ doesn't want to play amateur detective. They're right back to where they started. Sami runs out. Hope and Roman interview Nicole in her room. Nicole tells them Eric saved their lives. She flashes to Eric's profession of love. By the hub, Daniel tells Hope that their suspect wiped his computer clean while both Nicole and Eric attempt to get out of bed to see each other. Nicole repeats, "He loves me," over and over.

Julie runs into Abby and Will in the square. Julie asks if they've heard from Nick. They haven't. Julie won't give up until she learns what happened to him. She's beginning to think it's a conspiracy! She goes and Abby flashes to EJ asking her not to discuss Gabi's reaction to the text from Nick. She looks puzzled.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

EJ demands information from Stefano.

Hope gets surprising information from a father of a girl at Ciara's school.

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