Days Recap: He's Fish Food.

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Will offers to lend a shoulder for Abigail, Sami wants to talk things out with EJ, and Brady runs into Chyka.

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In Daniel's basement, Eric professes his love to Nicole. She's shocked. He doesn't think he ever stopped. She sobs. She's feeling dizzy and tells him she has had moments with Daniel but they lied. Nicole's in love with Eric. That's why she turned to Vargas and then Brady - to run away from her feelings. Not that it worked. They stare intensely at each other. Eric beats himself up for blaming her for Kristen raping him. He cries. He kicks his shoes at the breaker, hoping to turn off power so someone comes. Upstairs, Daniel tells Roman and Marlena Eric and Nicole are missing. They decide to trace Eric's phone.

Tad pounces on Will at Club TBD, wanting to see his engagement ring. Will turned Sonny down. Tad snaps. "Why? Sonny's a great guy. I would marry him if I swung that way." Will chuckles. He's glad Tad's in their corner. He loves Sonny more than he thought he could. Sonny eavesdrops and when Tad goes back to work, Sonny plants a kiss on Will.

Gabi runs into the DiMera mansion whining about Nick. Sami assures her, "He's fish food." Gabi talks about her undying faith in EJ. Sami gets a look and admits they're going through rough times. Gabi knows there's nothing EJ won't do for her.

Porn music plays as EJ and Abigail make out at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. Outside, someone takes photos. Abigail unbuttons EJ's pants and then backs off and apologizes, questioning what she's doing. He apologizes for being so abrupt when he told her they shouldn't call and didn't mean to ship her off to Europe. He cares about her. They have a great connection and they took it too far. She's a good person and he respects that. He's grateful for the time they shared and asks to be friends. She agrees to it and leaves.

Brady stomps into the Kiriakis mansion, grabs the booze and yells, "Maggie, you home?" There's no answer so he gets a drink and flashes to Theresa outing him for being drunk. He decides to get out of town.

Dr. Chyka throws Eric and Nicole's belongings and Eric's cell phone into the garbage at the park. Later, this is what Roman, Marlena, and Daniel find. Daniel recalls "Dr. Duval" recognizing Eric this morning in his office. Roman says this must be their guy! He calls Salem PD while Daniel and Marlena try to retrace Eric and Nicole's steps. Daniel calls Brady but his call is ignored. He goes home to wait for SPD.

Chyka sits beside Brady at the Salem Airport, glad he's not late. Brady tells Chyka to make himself comfortable. The flight is delayed. Brady receives Daniel's call and ignores it. When he doesn't have money for the vending machine, Chyka offers to break a twenty. As he gets it from his pocket, Eric's rosary falls out and Brady gets it. He notices it's identical to his brother's. He gives it back and Chyka says they've likely made millions. No, Brady says he got his in Africa. They're one of a kind but he knows that one isn't his because "you'd have to pry it out of his dead cold hands for him to give it to ya." Chyka thinks his brother must be a good man. The priests get a bad rap these days. Some guy interrupts and tells them about some priest making a sex video and Brady tells him to shut up. That priest is his brother! Brady decides not to go to Vegas after all. He leaves and Chyka throws the rosary in the garbage.

Gabi stops by the club and updates Will and Sonny on meeting with Julie about Nick. Abby arrives and Gabi goes on about how glad she is that Sami has EJ in her life. Abby doesn't have an opinion on them either way. When she leaves, Will follows her to the park and thinks she seems off. It's about a guy. Will thinks he knows who he is.

When EJ arrives home at the DiMera mansion, Sami says her brother's moving on with his life, maybe it's time for her to do the same thing. She says she let his family come between them. She took his love, support, and loyalty for granted and is ashamed.

Daniel gets home and finds a couple arguing. The A/C is off and she's having hot flashes. The man couldn't get into the boiler room because the key is missing, and the superintendent's not home. Daniel gets an idea and hopes they're still alive. Meanwhile, downstairs, Eric and Nicole are unconscious.

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