Days Recap: Bambi VS Godzilla.

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Abigail and EJ meet at the Horton Cabin, Maggie tries to get Brady to open up about Kristen, and Chyka tries to figure out a way to kill Eric and Nicole.

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Someone watches Abigail as she gazes at EJ's text at The Horton Square and considers the next ferry is in fifteen minutes. She flashes to sex with EJ.

EJ stares at a family photo. Abby calls and invites him to meet her at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. He doesn't think that's a good idea so she hangs up on him. He's pissed off but texts: Smith Island.

From the Brady's Pub, Julie calls Marie, Nick's mom, to update her on Nick's last strange text and his cell phone service being cut off.

Gabi's ready to head home from Club TBD when Tad stops her. She grins. He knows something!

Will and Sonny canoodle in bed after making love. Julie calls and learns Gabi's at the club. They hang up and since Abby is Ari's Godmother, Will asks Sonny to be her Godfather. Sonny would love nothing more. They kiss. Will wants to marry Sonny but not before he gets rid of his baggage.

From her apartment, Theresa demands JJ tell her who Nicole is and why she's staying with Daniel. JJ rolls his eyes. Nicole knows Theresa's cousin Eric. Why not grill him? Theresa's jealous. JJ snickers. He hopes Daniel does try something with Nicole. "Because it'd be your basic Bambi vs Godzilla." He chuckles but Theresa's not amused. JJ tells her about Nicole being crazy and her false murder accusations, but says Theresa's a monster. Theresa threatens him and tells him to find out more about Nicole.

Brady polishes off some booze in his room at the Kiriakis mansion and sucks on a breath mint before going downstairs. Maggie wants to talk about what Kristen did to him. He shouts, "No way is that going to happen," and when she brings up rehab they argue and he stomps off.

In Daniel's basement, Dr. Chyka is sorry but it's time to say goodbye forever. Eric wonders what will happen to his mortal soul. He'll be damning himself. Chyka pauses. He doesn't share Eric's religious beliefs. They beg. He realizes he can't drug them but it could be traced back to him. He needs someone to find one of their bodies not associated with him. He starts rubbing Nicole down to get rid of his DNA but notices an old gas line isn't capped off and opens it. Nicole yells. It's the only way. He goes and Nicole sobs. Eric admits he has never stopped caring about her. He has feelings for her, deeper than friendship. She sobs. He admits he loves her and kisses her forehead.

Abigail gets a text from EJ back at the square that reads: Smith Island. Someone watches her as she takes off.

Julie pops over to the club to talk to Gabi about Nick. She thought they were getting back together. Gabi denies it and Julie asks if she heard from him. Gabi's jumpy but admits Nick texted Abby and is fine. Julie asks if Nick scared her but Gabi denies that. She agrees to tell Nick to call if she hears from him. Julie goes and Tad asks what that was about. Gabi's too freaked out to talk and runs away.

Abby finds EJ already at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. He knew she was upset and wanted to talk to her. She doesn't like covering up an affair with him. He reminds her it's not an affair. He cares about her and thinks she should move back to Europe. He'd pay her. Abigail's shocked at his bribe. Someone watches from outside. She asks him to look at her but when he does, he sees the pain he caused her and the feelings he gets when he looks at her are what got them in this predicament in the first place. She realizes he's engaged to a successful beautiful woman and she's just... her. He calls her beautiful. She has her whole life ahead of her. She's confused. She thinks she's a bad person and in spite of everything still wants him. It's consuming her. She feels like an idiot. He calls her human and thinks it's an infatuation. She moves in for a kiss. They make out as someone snaps photos.

JJ finds Maggie at home. She can tell he's upset and gives him a pep talk. Once she's gone he finds a University Hospital check and gets an idea.

Gabi goes home early and finds the guys talking about the christening. Gabi groans about Julie's visit. Sonny thanks her for choosing him as Ari's Godfather.

On a bench in the park, Brady sips alcohol from his coffee cup. He stops Theresa and challenges her to admit she hates the AA meetings. She scoffs that she can tell he does, too. He's drunk! He tells her to go to hell.

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