Days Recap: Pop The Question.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Sonny has a question for Will, Chyka prepares to inject Eric and Nicole, and Kate fishes for information from Sheryl.

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Sonny prepares for romance at home.

Lucas and Allie surprise Will at Club TBD. Rafe arrives and everyone visits. Sonny texts Tad saying everything is set. Tad tells Will Sonny needs him at home.

In the Horton Square, Jordan wants to talk, but Sheryl isn't interested in hearing her conspiracy theories on why she got the job at MadWorld. She says Kate spoke glowingly of Jordan so why is Jordan trashing her? Sheryl starts to share how she thinks Lucas is nice and cute but suddenly can't deal with 'this' and leaves.

In the park, Kate learns Nick's cell phone bill wasn't paid and the service will be cut off. They need to act fast. They scroll through his texts and Sami's surprised he has friends. "People probably say the same thing about you," Kate drawls. Sami rolls her eyes as Kate snickers. Kate sends a note to his distribution list saying Nick's out of the country without access to his phone, then texts Julie. The service dies and they're both outraged.

At the hospital, Anne yells that no matter how much Daniel humiliates Jenn, she keeps coming back for more. Jenn figures Dan must be doing something right if she hates him so.

Theresa visits Caroline at the Brady's Pub. Caroline tries to get her to include the rest of the family in her life. Theresa admits she is interested in a man but she's having trouble getting his attention. Caroline advises her to improve her mind. Anne rushes in and bitches about Jennifer putting the brakes on her trying to stir up trouble for Daniel. Anne thinks if Theresa manages to get him into bed, Jenn will come apart at the seams. Anne's surprised she and Daniel never had sex that night of the overdose. Theresa says he was protecting someone but won't say who. Anne leaves and Theresa comes up with an idea to get Daniel into bed. She fantasizes.

Daniel yells for Nicole at home while noticing his computer files were deleted. He calls the office and gets Ted.

Eric comes to in the basement, tied to Nicole and a pole. Chyka busies himself with his syringes while Eric struggles with his binds. Eric tries to reach his cell phone and recognizes Chyka from Daniel's office. Eric yells and Chyka smashes him across the head as a warning and leaves. Nicole wakes up and panics. They struggle to get free and Nicole tries to get to the cell phone. There's a sign on the wall with Daniel's superintendent's name on it. Nicole gasps. They're in the basement of Daniel's apartment!

At the hospital, Jennifer eavesdrops as Ted speaks to Daniel on speaker about needing the flash drive. She offers to take it to his apartment.

Will arrives home. The sexy guitar music starts up and Sonny greets him. They've got the afternoon together - alone. Will pulls Sonny in for a kiss. Will thinks they're celebrating the christening but Sonny's trying to pop the question. "What question," Will asks, lamely.

Back at the club, Sheryl meets with Lucas and is introduced to Rafe. She says she has seen him with Jordan. Sami arrives and Sheryl has trouble keeping up when Sami admits she was married to both Lucas and Rafe. Sami looks for Will but Tad says he's alone with Sonny and not to go looking for them. Rafe receives a text from Jordan and tells her to come to the club.

Jordan finds Kate at the square and calls her 'relentless' and asks if the name Sheryl Connors rings a bell. Kate acts innocent and disinterested. She leaves and Lucas and Sheryl arrive. Lucas takes a call and Kate mentions Jordan thinking she manufactured the job for Sheryl. Sheryl calls her paranoid. Kate brings up Jordan living in Atlanta before Birmingham but Sheryl says that's untrue. Before she can say where Jordan was from, Lucas returns.

Jenn surprises Daniel at home with the flash drive. He thanks her for that and defending him against Anne, earlier. Jenn makes a call and learns the real Dr. Duval never came into Salem a day early. Jenn asks if this has to do with Eric but Dan can't discuss it and finds her a distraction. Jenn says she knows there may be more to his story with Theresa than he's letting on. He won't say so she goes, bumping into Theresa on the way out.

Dr. Chyka goes through his drug cabinet in his room and grabs some vials. This time he has enough to do it right.

Chyka returns to the basement of Daniel's apartment and prepares to inject Nicole and Eric. They won't remember a thing.

Jordan arrives at the club and Rafe questions her about Sheryl.

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Theresa toys with Jenn.

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