Days Recap: Dead In The Water.

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Julie worries for Nick, Abigail tells EJ that her mother knows about them, and there's a kidnapping.

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Adrienne arrives at Jenn's with Justin's old guitar picks for JJ. Jenn gripes about her daughter begin around the DiMeras and Adrienne admits she saw Abigail with EJ more than once.

Julie finds Abigail at the Horton Square. Julie's worried about Nick since he hasn't contacted her so Abigail promises to text him to call.

Kate visits Gabi at home. Gabi's cooking Cheros for EJ as a thank-you for helping get Abigail off their trail. Kate learns EJ worked his magic which makes Gabi feel calmer. Kate texts the Horton's from Nick's cell and goes.

In the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sami he had nothing to do with Kristen drugging her brother and doesn't know who the nu-Dr. Rolf is. EJ is sick and tired of saving her from herself. They lash out at each other and EJ finds it ironic that her family's so concerned about her marrying into the DiMera clan when "compared to you, for the last six months I look like Gandhi." EJ explains Gabi not knowing that Kate's been using Nick's cell to text his family so he took care of it. As usual. He explains the whole story and flashes to sex with Abby. "I had to pull out all the stops but eventually she bought it," he says, flashing to sex again. He's tired of cleaning up her messes and can't keep doing it. Sami leaves and later, Gabi arrives with food. He thanks her and gets rid of her.

At the Brady's Pub, Marlena is concerned to hear Eric told Father Matt about his feelings for Nicole which could mean he'll never get back into the priesthood. They discuss Marlena costing him his vocation. She feels awful which is why she wants to help. Roman turns up. He had to pull all his extra men off the Kristen DiMera case. Eric understands. He fills them both in on Daniel's findings with the drug combo which could prove his innocence. Eric leaves and they both feel they've failed their son.

Daniel explodes at the hospital upon realizing all of his files are deleted. At the hub, Anne complains of computer issues to Ted the computer guy. Daniel runs up and grabs Ted, but Anne tells him to wait his turn. She doubts his issue has anything to do with official hospital business. Ted has to put in a ticket for Anne goes off with Daniel and Anne and runs out of the room, slipping and falling on the freshly washed floor. She barks and the nurses stifle giggles as Anne notices the caution sign. She gets up and accuses Dan of pushing her. They laugh at her. She finds some girl and takes her aside. Meanwhile, in Daniel's office, Ted attempts to get Dan's files back but finds a virus. Dan realizes the hard copies are gone, too and makes a call only to learn the back-up files are missing, too. He rushes to go home to his computer...

Nicole gets a shock when she comes out of the bathroom in a towel and finds Dr. Chyka on Daniel's laptop at the apartment. He introduces himself as Duval and makes up a story about getting a key from Daniel who is meeting him there later to work on a case. Nicole's disbelieving and moves to call Daniel but Chyka stops her. They struggle over the phone. Nicole's towel drops and she rushes for the door but Chyka grabs her and injects her with a syringe. She yells and passes out. He covers her just as Eric arrives. Eric hears a noise and lets himself in. Chyka knocks him out.

Abby arrives home as Adrienne leaves. Jenn demands to know what's up with her and EJ. Abby flashes to sex with EJ and opens up about a few of her conversations with EJ about Jack. Jenn thinks EJ wants more from her and advises her daughter to stay away from him. Once she leaves, Abby calls EJ to say her mother knows about them. He's furious. She says Adrienne saw them together. He asks, "What, she put two and twelve together?" Abby says her aunt's just suspicious and probably on her way over. EJ thanks her and tells her they should never talk on the phone again.

Kate bumps into Julie at the square and is interrogated about her possibly being the reason for Nick's departure. "Any connection I had to Nick is dead in the water," Kate says. Adrienne comes upon them just as things are getting emotional. Adrienne defends Kate who doesn't need Adrienne to come to her rescue. Later, Kate meets Sami at the park to tell her about Julie being a "rottweiler with a bone" about Nick. Kate gets a surprising text...

Back at the hospital, Anne threatens a nurse into admitting she witnessed Dr. Jonas push her. Jenn eavesdrops and when security arrives, Jenn comes to Daniel's defense. The ladies go to battle over Daniel.

Daniel gets home and checks his computer.

Eric and Nicole are unconscious, tied to a pole at some warehouse. Chyka fondles some syringes.

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