Days Recap: Little Girl Lost.

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Theresa fantasizes, JJ wants to come clean with Daniel, and Nicole gets a nasty surprise.

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From home, JJ gets the door to Rory, who came up with an idea to stick it to Theresa. Tell Dr. Jonas everything. JJ thinks it's a bad idea but realizes this could help Daniel have another shot with his mom.

Theresa fantasizes about making out with Daniel until he throws her out. She comes out of her fantasy at the hospital to Anne. They agree a good way to snag Dr. Dan is to turn on the 'little girl lost' role. In Daniel's office, Chyka introduces himself as Dr. Duval, a cardiologist from New York. They're scheduled to meet tomorrow. Eric's surprised Chyka knows his name but Chyka says he read the newspaper. Dan walks Eric out and Chyka flashes to Stefano telling him to tie up the loose ends. He fishes about Eric but gets nowhere. They discuss some new surgery process until JJ calls. Daniel agrees to meet him and reschedules with "Duval."

In Nicole's office at the TV station, Brady accuses Nicole of being addicted to Eric. Marlena interrupts. Brady dashes off and Marlena asks how the interview with Eric went. Nicole flashes to Eric saying he regrets hurting her but says the interview went fine. Marlena doesn't believe it. Maggie barges in and sees Marlena. She vouches for Victor's apology but Marlena refuses to accept it. She goes and Maggie needs Nicole's help. She'd like to get Brady into short term rehab. Nicole agrees but Brady won't do it so Maggie asks her to talk him into it. She's resistant but finally agrees to it.

Sami walks in on EJ and Abigail discussing how EJ took advantage of her and what a big mistake she made. Sami would like to know what's going on and EJ shuts Abigail up and tells Sami about how he helped Chad fake the brain tumor. Abby calls herself stupid after sharing the whole story but Sami defends her. They manipulated her! She tells EJ to get lost so they can have girl talk. It's awkward. Reluctantly, EJ goes and Sami tries to get Abigail to stop blaming herself. Sami talks about how much family means to EJ. A DiMera will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. She should know. Sami loves EJ even though he drives her nuts sometimes. EJ eavesdrops outside the door and Sami tells Abby not to let what he did define who she is. No man should. Sami walks Abby to the door and hugs her goodbye. Sami calls what EJ did ingenious but wants to know if the same doctor who lied about the tumor is the one Kristen used to drug Eric.

Brady finds a spot next to Theresa at the AA meeting at the hospital. She tries to butter him up to open up about Daniel but he reminds her he's also friends with Jennifer. She gets into it about them being family but he lets her know they're not, biologically. She thinks that makes him lucky. He calls her a "selfish little bitch." They get into it. Meanwhile, Chyka returns to Daniel's empty office and picks the lock. He downloads Daniel's files from his computer and takes Eric's file, and grins. Back in the office where the AA meeting is being held, Brady gets cold feet when it doesn't begin immediately. He leaves and Theresa shrugs and follows suit.

Daniel meets JJ in the park. JJ stammers as he says he got them both into trouble. He's about to tell Dan about Theresa's blackmail when Theresa shows up behind Daniel. JJ changes tactics and opens up about crashing Jenn's date with Liam. Daniel sighs. He and Jenn aren't getting back together so JJ should stop with the antics. Daniel's proud of how much JJ has changed. He goes and Theresa steps out and threatens to take both him and JJ down.

Marlena tracks Eric down at the Brady's Pub and asks about the interview with Nicole. It went "fine." She notes both of them had the same reaction. He knows what she's getting at and says Nicole's not into him anymore. Marlena calls her a narcissist who suffers from major attachment dysfunction. Eric tells her to stop it and admits he has feelings for Nicole. Marlena assumes Nicole knows.

Brady arrives home and stares at the liquor cabinet before heading upstairs. Maggie arrives and looks at the semi-full liquor bottle. "Seems okay." Upstairs, Brady gets drunk.

Chyka breaks into Dr. Jonas' apartment. He's busy downloading Daniel's files when Nicole comes out in a towel.

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