Days Recap: Misery Train.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Brady makes amends with Nicole, Jennifer goes off on EJ, and there's a lot of eavesdropping going on.

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In his office, Stefano tells Ricardo it's only a matter of time until Daniel finds out Dr. Chyka's the one who helped Kristen drug Eric. Ricardo asks if he should kill Daniel but Stefano reminds him the man saved both his son's lives, but something might happen to him that "is very bad." Not by Stefano's hands. Chyka arrives and Stefano rips him a new one and tells him to tie up these loose ends with Jonas.

From his office, Dr. Dan finishes a few calls to the doctors on the list of those who have access to the drugs Kristen gave Eric. He gets to Chyka's name and Brady shows up with an apology for beating him up. He's humiliated for the way he treated him. Daniel says their friendship still stands. Daniel fills him in on almost having what he needs to clear Eric's name.

In Nicole's office at the TV station, Nicole stops the interview when Eric says his biggest regret was hurting her. She tells him this is a vehicle to sell the truth. Eric's sorry for bringing up the past and hurting her. He asks if she and Daniel are happy and reminds her things between Jenn and Dan are unresolved. There's an intense moment and Eric says he just wants her happiness. He goes and Brady shows up to make amends for New Year's Eve. Nicole has already forgiven him. "I just wanted someone else to be on my misery train with me I guess." She assumes Eric's next on the apology tour. Brady admits he hasn't forgiven him. Nicole finds that outrageous. He's a priest. Brady retorts, "You know what, he's not dead, either." Brady suggests Kristen wasn't the first person Eric wanted to jump into bed with. Nicole calls that crazy talk.

Sheryl and Jordan come face-to-face at Club TBD. Jordan asks Sheryl to meet later. Sheryl's resistant but relents. She tells Lucas she's off sightseeing and Jordan acts suspicious around Rafe. She asks him to wait for her while she takes care of a work issue. Lucas and Rafe chat about how perfect Jordan seems.

From outside the park, Jennifer receives a call that upsets her. She won't let EJ DiMera hurt her daughter. She rushes off. Meanwhile, in the Horton Square, Kate guesses that EJ threatened Abby. He says he lied to her which got the job done. He goes and Kate spots Sheryl and watches her as Jordan shows up and the girls go into the park. Kate eavesdrops. Jordan demands to know why Sheryl is there but Sheryl doesn't want to be interrogated. They discuss Alabama and how Jordan needed to keep certain things private. Sheryl's hurt when Jordan suggests Kate brought her there for nefarious purposes. She thought they could still be friends but is cured of that illusion. They part and later, Kate meets Lucas and tells him to send Sheryl home to pack. She starts immediately.

Gabi goes to Abigail's and calls EJ incredible. Their wires are crossed and Abigail questions her. Is she there to make sure EJ bought her story? Gabi just wanted to make sure she understood how she feels about Nick. They hug and Gabi runs off. Abby flashes to sex with EJ and wonders what he wanted from her.

EJ arrives home and Harold tells him Ms. Deveraux is in the living room. It's Jenn and she starts yelling about what he did to Abigail. EJ yells that it was a mistake! They're arguing about two different things. When she threatens to tell Sami, he grabs her. Jennifer finally says Kayla told her EJ knew Chad was lying about his brain tumor and helped him. EJ pauses. He tells Jenn Abigail will get over it. Abby arrives and hides outside as Jenn storms out. EJ sees her and drags her inside. He thought they had an understanding. He tells her why Jenn was there. Why did she tell her mother, especially now? Abby thought it was a better idea than telling her she "slept" with him. She struggles with the moral implications of what they've done. She's disgusted. She barely knows him. Somebody walks into the mansion as they talk about regretting what happened. They watch as EJ comforts Abby with his arm around her shoulder while she asks why it happened and accuses EJ of taking advantage of her.

Eric sees Daniel at the hospital and is told in detail that they're close to proving what Kristen did to him. He's close to being back at St. Luke's. Eric bumps into Chyka on the way out.

Jordan returns to Club TBD to pick Rafe up.

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