Days Recap: Under The Sheets.

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Abigail confesses something to Jennifer, Eric begins his interview with Nicole, and Kate grills Sheryl.

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From the Horton home, Abigail has a nightmare that an appalled Jenn walks in on her and EJ having sex. As EJ laughs hysterically, Abby wakes up and gasps. Jenn comforts her and goes on about how proud of her daughter she is, which causes Abby to feel guilty about sex with EJ. She talks cryptically about making big mistakes. She almost confesses to "sleeping" with EJ but blurts out Chad's name instead. She reveals Chad's fake brain tumor and how she turned to Chad when Cameron dumped her. Jennifer's disgusted - but he's a DiMera, "and this is what they all do." She doesn't blame Abby. Later, Abby can't stop thinking about EJ. How could she have been so stupid?

At the Brady's Pub, EJ thinks about Sami. Eric stops by and asks if he has heard from Kristen. EJ hasn't so Eric says he saw Sami with a suitcase and asks if they're having problems. EJ tells him to mind his business. Eric can tell EJ doesn't have a clear conscience when it comes to his sister. "Nothing that is hidden under the sheets stays there for long," Eric says, causing EJ to flush.

Jordan and Rafe arrive at Gabi's with the christening dress for Arianna. The christening is in two weeks which Rafe points out it's a year to the day she was preparing to marry Nick. Gabi makes light of it and says everything worked out. Rafe can't wait until the day Nick Fallon's out of her life for good.

Kate and Lucas meet at Club TBD. Kate thinks Jordan is a liar. "What kind of liar? We all lie. Look at you," he points out. Kate sighs. Her private investigator hasn't dug up any dirt on Jordan. Sheryl arrives and Kate takes her aside and asks if her issues with Jordan Ridgeway will interfere with her ability to do her job. Lucas interrupts, wanting to protect Sheryl's privacy. Sheryl is baffled by why it matters. Kate reads a text from Sami asking her to take care of Gabi. She leaves and Lucas tells Sheryl not to worry about Kate. They look over some of her past campaigns. She's proud of her accomplishments which he finds endearing.

Daniel walks into his apartment, exhausted from being in the lab all night. He picks up Nicole and swings her around, excitedly. He has proof the trio of drugs Eric was given was a combination of a sedative, memory eraser and an aphrodisiac. At the same time, at the DiMera mansion, Stefano gets a call that Daniel has learned something. Back at Daniel's, he says a college is sending him a list of everyone who has access to the esoteric compounds. He can use it to narrow down who gave the drug to Kristen. They'll soon be able to clear Eric's name. They cheer and hug and share a moment and instead of hugging, they agree to shake hands in order for things to stay platonic. It's awkward. She goes and after Dan has showered, Stefano stops by. Dan eyes Eric's tests results uneasily. Stefano claims he wants to thank Dan for saving his son's life. Daniel gets rid of him and outside, Stefano calls him an SOB. Dan knows his visit's no coincidence and takes the test results and leaves.

Kate arrives at Gabi's and Jordan and Rafe leave. Kate tells Gabi she should make sure Abby keeps quiet about Nick's texts.

Eric finds Nicole at the TV station setting up for his interview. She tells him about Daniel's breakthrough on his case. Eric's grateful to hear. They begin the interview. Eric brings up hurting Nicole being his biggest regret in all of this.

Kate runs into EJ at the Horton Square and thanks him for keeping Abby quiet. EJ blames her for not telling Gabi she had been using Nick's cell to text his family. She mocks his whining and he lets it slip that if it wasn't for her he wouldn't have had to... Kate questions him.

At the hospital, Dan prints off Eric's results and grabs them from Maxine at the hub. He bumps right into Jennifer and it's awkward. He reads the list - Dr. Chyka's name is on it.

In Stefano's office, he tells his thug Daniel's hiding something. He fears the doctor's on the verge of finding out the truth and it can not happen. "That will not happen," he scowls. It's only a matter of time Chyka is outed. The thug asks if he should kill Daniel.

Rafe and Jordan return to Club TBD for coffee. While Lucas makes small talk with Rafe, Jordan spots Sheryl. Both pull a face.

Gabi goes to Abby's. EJ told her everything. She calls him incredible while Abby gapes.

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