Days Recap: Sami Would Kill Me.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

EJ and Abigail decide to keep their tryst quiet, Kate grills Sheryl, and Ciara lies.

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Theresa calls JJ from The Brady's Pub to pressure him about bringing the dope to her. Hope walks in and Theresa plasters a smile on her face. Hope asks why she was speaking to JJ when Jenn told her to keep her distance. Theresa covers. She was wishing him a good Christmas. Hope's skeptical but Ciara, her friend Corey and mother Helen interrupt. Ciara's sullen again. She tore her uniform and lies about how it happened. Theresa sits with mopey Ciara while Hope calls the school to verify Ciara's story. Theresa leaves and Hope hugs her daughter. The kids go off with Helen.

In the Horton Square, JJ and Rory are wrongfully accused of shoplifting. Abe comes along and the cop updates him. JJ urges Cole to vouch for them. The shopkeeper comes out and tells Abe and the cop these aren't the kids who robbed him. Cole's hauled to jail and Abe stops JJ to tell him he's proud of how he's been behaving.

At Club TBD, Lucas rushes to bring Sheryl her date book when Rafe on crutches and Jordan show up. Outside, Lucas gives Sheryl her book. She cringes. She leaves her stuff everywhere. He identifies. They agree to meet at the pub and Sheryl looks into the club and spots Jordan. She's in shock and runs off. Lucas heads back in and the foursome separates. Lucas tells Kate about Sheryl's reaction to seeing Jordan. Kate asks him to "grill her until she cracks." At their table, Jordan gazes at Kate uncomfortably. Rafe reminds her Kate ended things with him. They're just friends. They talk about where Rafe grew up and he asks why she moved to Salem. She read the case file and knew she could help him. He jokes that she must have seen his photo and decided on the spot to take the job. They grin and hold hands.

At home, Will excitedly tells Sonny an online literary magazine is to publish a short story he wrote. Sonny's proud and hugs him. Gabi comes out and fills the guys in on EJ's attempt to stop Abigail from telling Hope about Gabi's reaction to "Nick" texting her. Sonny tells her not to worry. EJ will shut Abby up. The baby wakes up. She's teething. Sonny takes her and Gabi and Will go find EJ.

At the Horton Cabin on Smith Island, EJ and Abigail break away from a kiss, agreeing the sex can never happen again. They soon start up for more frantic sex. Afterward, they dress and EJ asks her not to tell Hope about the text message. She won't and they agree to keep the sex secret. "OMG Sami would kill me," she groans. She reminisces about how they bonded over her father's book and she thought they could be friends. He thinks they can. His hands linger over hers when he helps her into her coat before they leave.

Abby runs into Hope in the Horton Square and brushes off her earlier text. Hope says she and Ciara went to check on the pipes and asks how Abby got home. Abby covers. Hope offers to lend an ear if need be.

Will and Gabi turn up on EJ's doorstep to see if he got Abby to shut up about the text. He grabs a drink and says he took care of it. Gabi toddles off and Will can tell EJ's distracted. He asks what's up with him and his mother. EJ tells him to ask Sami. Will hopes Sami appreciates all he has done for them, causing EJ to feel thankful. Later, EJ drinks. "Bloody hell, what have I done?"

JJ arrives at Theresa's pissed and hating her. He tells her he almost got caught. She apologizes. She doesn't want to be enemies. He doesn't see how they can be anything else. She makes some threats and he runs out and calls Rory to meet.

Sheryl arrives at the pub and Kate fishes for why she looked upset at Club TBD. Sheryl admits she saw Jordan who was a friend. She's not sure if they still are.

At the park, JJ tells Rory about Theresa's blackmail.

Kate bumps into Jordan and Rafe on their way out of the club. Kate can't wait to learn Jordan's secrets.

Will returns home and tells Sonny the crisis is averted but he doesn't feel like this is over.

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