Days Recap: Talk Smack.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Nicole and Daniel are a force to be reckoned with, EJ and Abigail have sex, and JJ's in trouble.

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From home, JJ takes a call from Theresa who wants him to score drugs for her. Jennifer overhears as JJ says he hates her. They hang up and Jenn questions him. He covers. She brings up her date with Liam. JJ thinks it's a mistake and doesn't want her to get hurt.

At the rectory, Eric meets with Father Matt and tells him how angry he and Brady are with each other. Father Matt thinks it's a shame. He was hoping Brady would help him reveal the truth. He encourages Eric to do the interview with Nicole because the bishop is supportive of it.

At home, Daniel hangs up his phone with someone, frustrated with no news on Eric's test results. Nicole arrives. He's off to get Brady's drug dealer to leave Salem. Nicole offers to go with him but he refuses her and goes. She follows him anyway.

Maggie finds Brady at the Kiriakis mansion looking flushed. He claims he's getting the flu. They agree to meet at an AA meeting later and once she's gone, he drinks.

At the hospital, Rafe lifts weights like it's his job, while his physiotherapist, Pete, tries to get him to go easy. By the hub, Jordan flashes to kissing Rafe and smiles dreamily and heads into the rehab room. She overhears the men singing her praises. Pete goes and she and Rafe flirt.

At the Horton Cabin on Smith Island, EJ and Abigail make out until he breaks away and apologizes. She's not sorry and kisses him again. He pulls away again and heads to the door but she stops him and they kiss and rip off each other's clothes and move to the bed. They have sex and afterward, both look regretful. He apologizes for taking advantage. She says she wanted it but shamefully realizes both men she slept with are brothers. EJ tells her the sex was 'really quite lovely' but it still shouldn't have happened. He finds her beautiful, smart and interesting. They go for round two.

From Club TBD, Kate apologizes to Gabi on the phone. She thought Gabi knew she was texting from Nick's phone. She reassures her before they hang up. Lucas arrives. The woman Ortis tracked down who knows Jordan is coming to Salem and she wants Lucas to conduct the interview. He reluctantly agrees but refuses to get dirt on the woman. Sheryl Connors arrives and Kate lurks as Lucas seems to be interested in her. Kate shows herself and acts surprised that Lucas is hiring. Kate doesn't fish when Sheryl admits she knows someone in Salem. Instead, she sends her to the Inn to freshen up. She goes, leaving a date book behind. Kate advises Lucas to give her a job and Rafe and Jordan show up just as Sheryl turns back to retrieve her book.

Juanita arrives at Theresa's to make sure she attends today's AA meeting.

Daniel finds the drug dealer in the park and recalls saving his life in ER. He tells him to leave Salem. Pissed, the man pulls a knife and Daniel smacks it from his hand. They fight and Nicole shows up. She grabs the knife and the dealer calls her a bitch. She yells, "Don't you talk smack to a woman with a knife." Daniel threatens the guy with Victor Kiriakis' name and as JJ eavesdrops, Nicole takes the dealer's photo. He agrees to leave Salem.

At home, Jenn gives Eric documents after hiring him to take photos of the ambulatory surgery wing at the hospital. She can't wait until he clears his name. He brings up Daniel's name and it's awkward. He asks if she's sure she has the whole story with Daniel.

At the hospital, Theresa whines to Maggie that Juanita forced her there. Maggie gives her a shot of reality and when Brady arrives, Theresa snarks at him for blowing her off for an AA meeting in the past. He discusses falling off the wagon and when the meeting's over, he snaps at Theresa when she tries to engage him. He leaves and Theresa gloats about Daniel being her best friend to Maggie. Maggie warns her to stay away from her son. Later, Jenn bumps into Daniel and notices he's injured. He brushes it off and she apologizes for forgetting he was a good person. Shame they couldn't find a way to be good to one another.

At the park outside the square, JJ talks Rory into handing over his stash. JJ thanks him. He just saved his life. They walk through the square and two thieves and Cole are being chased by the police. The two guys get away and the police mistake JJ and Rory for Cole's cohorts. They ask to see what's in their bags and JJ goes pale.

Nicole meets Eric at the Brady's Pub and he tells her he'll do the interview.

Brady goes home to drink.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Lucas has doubts about how to get information about Jordan from Sheryl.

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