Days Recap: Hop On Your Bat Boat.

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Two unlikely people share a kiss, Marlena does something surprising, and Brady hits the booze.

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Brady almost has a drink at the Kiriakis mansion and when Victor and Maggie walk in, he talks about his bender. He's done with cocaine and drinking. Maggie yells that he's an addict and if he doesn't admit it, he's still risking his life! Victor asks what he can do to help. Brady wants to get back to work to stay busy. "I'm proud of you," Victor says. Maggie grins. Victor's off to apologize to Marlena.

At the TV station, Nicole watches the video footage of herself, Eric, and Daniel promising to help Brady through his addiction. Miles rushes in. He watches and laughs that Brady's a "tweaker." She tells him they can't use the footage. He knows but calls it a shame. "Brady Black. Man, he is a train wreck."

Eric stands outside the Brady's Pub flashing to Nicole in Daniel's arms. Marlena walks up and they discuss Nicole. Marlena worries about her son, knowing he and Nicole have a history. He asks her to pray for him and goes in. Nicole arrives and brings up Brady using since New Year's Eve. She thinks Brady scared himself and hopes he's set straight.

Gabi paces the apartment and babbles to Sonny about Abby going to see Hope. She rants about Kate sending texts to Nick and not keeping her in the loop and learns Hope's not at the cabin. She texts EJ.

EJ temporarily stops Abby from going into the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. He receives Gabi's text that Hope's not on the island. Abigail heads in but the cabin's empty. EJ suggests they're out for a walk and follows her in. He flashes to telling Sami he'd do anything for her and says he spoke with Gabi about Nick. Abby finds that odd and worries Nick did something to Gabi and that's why he's 'checking out' on them. EJ laughs and promises Gabi's not in jeopardy. Abby says none of this makes sense. EJ tells her about Nick getting that modelling job offer for Gabi behind her back and when she confronted him about it, things got ugly. EJ says that's where he stepped in. Gabi now wants nothing to do with Nick.

At Club TBD, Ciara's glum and not ready to go back to school because the kids are gossiping about a video that could land Father Eric in jail. Hope assures Ciara he did nothing wrong.

Marlena meets Victor at the Horton Square. He apologizes to her for allowing her to play the sex video but she doesn't accept and never will. He thinks she's as guilty as he is and can't forgive herself.

Hope goes to the Kiriakis mansion and tells Brady about a tip about a woman being smuggled on a ship not panning out. He's upset. Hope's also there because John is worried about him. She says John learned he's not Colleen's son. Her son died. John still doesn't know who his birth parents are. Brady's shocked. Genetically, he is neither a Brady nor a DiMera. Hope says blood doesn't matter. She suggests he speak with John but Brady's still angry with him. Once she goes, Eric arrives. Brady confesses he can't forgive Eric, even though in his head, he knows Eric was not responsible for sex with Kristen. He needs to put distance between them. Eric leaves and Brady guzzles booze.

Back at the apartment, Sonny dashes Gabi's worries that EJ won't be able to stop Abby from telling Hope about her concerns about Nick. "EJ could talk a dog off a meat truck if he wants to." Gabi thinks it'll take everything EJ has to satisfy Abby.

Back at the cabin, Abby tries making sense of this. "You then hop on your bat boat or your phoenix boat or whatever it is that you DiMeras keep on hand," she says. EJ interjects. It's a speed boat. Either way, she wonders why he's running errands for Gabi of all people. EJ calls her relentless. Abby figures Sami made him do this. He denies that. Abby's still going to talk to Hope. She pauses and realizes Hope's not on the island. "No sweetheart, it's just you and me." Abby questions him and learns he just found out they were alone from that text message earlier. She grabs her coat to leave and he stops her and tells her Gabi slept with Nick twice last year and feels responsible for this mess and ashamed. Abby jumps up and thinks he's the one sleeping with Gabi. She can tell he and Sami are having problems. He denies that and says Gabi's too young anyway. Abby disagrees. She says, "Any woman with a pulse would want to sleep..." She stops talking and he pulls her in for a lingering kiss.

At the TV station, Marlena asks Nicole to help clear her son's name.

At the pub, Hope hugs Eric after learning Brady may never forgive him.

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