Days Recap: Semi-Annual Murder.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Brady is mugged, Sami refuses to give an answer and Gabi freaks out.

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Abby and Gabi are at the Brady pub. The blond gets a text from Nick. "Everything is going swimmingly," Abby reads. Gabi nearly explodes when she hears this. She flips a glass. Abby explains that Nick has been sending texts to Hope. She realizes that Gabi is reacting strangely to this news. Gabi does not explain but asks her to just let this go.

Daniel shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. He tells Maggie that Brady has relapsed. They start making calls and the doctor runs off to look for him.

Eric drops by Nicole's office with the proofs from their shoot. He asks if she had a nice New Year's with Daniel. They discuss Brady until he has to leave for his meeting with Father Matt. She assures him the truth will come out. He rushes off and leaves his phone behind. Maggie calls and fills her in with the latest on Brady.

Eric visits Father Matt's office. He confesses that he has feelings for Nicole that go beyond friendship. The priest reminds Eric that he's human and maybe part of him wants a life outside of the priesthood. He wonders if Eric still wants to be a priest. Eric says it is still his calling. Besides, even if it wasn't, he's sure that Nicole doesn't have the same feelings for him.

Brady meets a dealer in the park to get some blow. He sits down to snort. Some dudes watch from behind a bush. They come out once he's alone and ask for his watch, his coke and his wallet. After they pound on him and take his drugs, Daniel shows up. They run off. The doctor shakes his head. Nicole arrives next.

Nicole and Daniel take Brady back to the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie lectures him until he confesses that he 'played' his friends. She orders him to get to a meeting as soon as possible. He thanks the doctor and Nicole for saving his life. After they leave, Red tells Brady they need to tell Victor what's happening. When she leaves to get him, he pours himself a drink.

Nicole and Daniel go to her office. She worries about Brady and he tells her how lucky everyone is to have her in their corner. They hug. Eric stands in the doorway and watches as Nic tells Daniel how great having him in her life is.

EJ locks Sami into the living room of Casa DiMera. He demands that she give an answer to his marriage ultimatum. She doesn't like being bullied. Elvis yells at her for not kissing him on New Year's Eve after he tried to clean up her 'semi-annual murder'. Sami demands that he tell her everything he knows about Kristen and Eric. Sitting down, he says that he and his sister mixed the drugs themselves and he did all of the camera work. "I'm sorry about the lighting," he jokes. She doesn't appreciate his sarcasm and her gut won't let her believe him. Sami has been almost-married too many times to go through it again. He wishes she would just believe in him but she demands that he give her the truth when she returns. After she leaves for Chicago, Gabi shows up. She's freaking out. EJ orders her to take a breath and she tells him about the messages from Nick. He explains that Kate sent them. Gabi panics about Abby going to Hope so EJ sends her a text. Abigail responds that she is on the way to Smith Island. Elvis heads out.

Elvis tracks Abby down on Smith Island before she can get to Hope.

Kate walks in on Rafe while he is smooching Jordan at his place. "I didn't realize you were in the middle of physical therapy," Kate snarks. The therapist jumps across the room and Rafe adjusts his towel. Jordan explains she's not his therapist anymore. Rafe decides to put some clothes on and hobbles off. Roberts apologizes to Ridgeway. Kate explains that people often get crushes on caregivers but they're not serious. She hopes they can put all the tension behind them. Rafe returns and Kate pulls out a christening gown for Ari. After Kate leaves, groaning to herself, Rafe tries kissing Jordan. She stops him and says things are going too fast. "I can barely walk," he points out. They make date plans and she leaves.

In the square, Kate arranges for someone to meet with Lucas. Smirking to herself, she mutters that Jordan will get what's coming to her.

Salem Spoilers for Monday on Days of our Lives:

Victor tries to apologize to Marlena – but it doesn’t go well.  Later, Marlena has an unexpected message for Nicole.

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