Days Recap: Smug Looks.

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Brady gets nasty at the Kiriakis mansion, Will takes off with Ari, and Jennifer confronts Anne.

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At home, JJ is looking at the newspaper as Abigail enters the room. He suggests they take their mother to the fireworks. She tells him he's being obvious - he knows she has a date with a guy that is not Daniel. JJ grumbles about Liam. Abigail asks him to run her application over to the hospital - she has to get it in to go from full-time to part-time.

At the hospital, Jennifer bickers with Anne. They trade barbs and argue about Abigail needing to switch from full-time to part-time. Jennifer says she has to go. Anne wishes she'd never come back. Later, JJ arrives with Abigail's application. He tells Anne she has it in for his family and that she'll clearly do anything to hurt his mom. She laughs at this coming from the juvenile delinquent son who came back and made so much trouble.

At the Horton house, Abigail and Jennifer meet Liam at the door. Introductions are made and Abigail teases about curfew as Jenn and Liam leave for their date. Abby's friend arrives to go out, but Abby gets a text from Cameron.

At Gabi's apartment, Gabi tells Sonny that Sami wants her to burn the coat she wore when she killed Nick. She opens the closet and screams - Will's inside. Will is stunned - Gabi murdered somebody! Sonny says it was self-defense and they fill in the details. Will is determined to call Roman, but then learns Sami and Kate are involved. Gabi texts Sami and Kate. Will marvels that his daughter is being raised by the Sopranos.

At the river, Sami and EJ check for any evidence left behind. Sami sees leaves surface on the water and screams. EJ reassures her as she gets a text from Gabi that Will knows.

At Gabi's apartment, Will is upset at Sonny having known about the murder. Will goes to check Ari in the bedroom. Kate arrives, followed by Sami and EJ. Sonny goes to get Will and returns to tell them he is gone and he's taken Ari with him. The women start yammering loudly. Sonny reminds them he couldn't have gone far - he'll go find him. EJ insists the women let Sonny go alone. The women bicker. Kate mocks EJ, asking him since he's the go-to guy, how do they get away with murder? EJ tells them to gather up everything they wore that night - his man will be around in the morning, and then he'll have a team do a sweep. Kate sneers about EJ being his father's son.

In the square, Will asks Ari, "Where do we go?" He walks to the park and talks to the baby on a park bench. His phone rings, but he ignores Sonny's call. As he's telling the baby no one else matters to him, Sonny appears.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel arrives and says Brady is high. Brady smashes the videographer's camera on the floor. Brady rants. Nicole sends the camera guy away. Daniel confronts Brady about using again. They all want to help him. Brady says he only talked to a dealer to protect JJ. Daniel says that's a cover-up. Brady argues with Eric as Nicole and Daniel try to intervene. Brady gets defensive and physical and drops his vial of cocaine. Brady asks if they're satisfied and rants about the smug looks on their faces. He insists he deserves this after all he's been through. They plead with him not to go down this road again. Brady asks Nicole if she'll turn him in. She says she'll make the call because she cares. Brady starts getting nasty with all of them. Daniel follows him out of the room. Nicole reassures Eric about Brady's hurtful outburst. They hug. Meanwhile, Daniel and Brady fistfight by the door.

In the Brady Pub, Liam and Jennifer are talking when JJ appears. He pulls Jennifer aside and tells her that he thinks Anne is going to make sure Abigail doesn't get the job. Jennifer tells Liam that she has to take care of something right away and leaves him with JJ, who tells him how in love with Daniel Jonas his mother was.

At the hospital, Jennifer gets in Anne's face about her scheme. She hisses at her not to deny it. "I know!"

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Sami and EJ try to help Sonny.

Nicole fights her attraction to Eric.

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