Tinda Lau Shootout!

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Duck shoots Shawn, Adrienne gets through to Steve and Kate spills to EJ where Philip is.

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EJ reads the morning paper at Chez Rouge when he's interrupted by an angry Billie, who accuses him of using her security system to spy on Bo. EJ denies any wrong doing but she doesn't believe him. She tells him that her brother is out of the country, which means he has probably already found Shawn and Belle! EJ tries to get a word in edgewise but Billie tells EJ she'll find new investors for 'Century Cell'. EJ interrupts and tells her that's fine and asks if she knows where Philip is. Billie figures that EJ already knows where her brother is and that he and Philip are in cahoots. EJ pays his bill and suddenly has business to attend to! He leaves her.

Shawn, Claire and Belle all make a run for it while Philip lies passed out on the chair outside their room. Shawn tells Belle they're going to hitch a ride on a fishing boat until they get to Australia. They make it downstairs and suddenly, Duck comes wandering out from behind the bar. He tells them that the 'Duck is on duty', and says he's there to make sure nobody is getting an unfair advantage. Shawn tells Duck to wake up, and says that they're not playing war games but Duck stands his ground. Shawn asks,
"What are you going to do about it? Knock us over with your beer breath?" Duck suddenly pulls out a gun and tells Shawn, "If you have any brains left, take your lady upstairs before my finger slips." Shawn and Belle are visibly shaken and Shawn tells the man that he should have held out for more money. Duck denies taking money from Philip but Shawn knows better. Shawn and Belle turn to leave quietly but Duck shoots at the sky and Shawn and Belle go down. Gabby comes running into the room when she hears the shot and begs her dad to let them go.


Philip finally comes to and hobbles down the stairs to thank Duck for helping him. Shawn and Belle beg him to tell Duck to put the gun down and let them go. Philip tells them, "Fine go, and just leave Clare on your way out." He then grasps at straws and because he didn't think things would go this far, he asks them to give him joint custody. Shawn doesn't believe anything that comes out of Philip's mouth and he refuses his uncle. He reminds Phil of what he has done in the past and that they were once friends but he won't trust him again. Shawn turns to Belle and forces her to leave while he waits behind. Gabby helps get them to the docks while Shawn tells Philip that they're gone and it's over. Philip is silent as Shawn turns to go. A shot fires out and Shawn goes down! Duck pulls back the gun and Philip spins around to ask him what he's doing! Philip grabs Duck in order to stop him from shooting again. Belle hears the shot and runs to Shawn, crying.


Bo and Kayla nervously sit in Bo's car, waiting for news from Adrienne.


Roman wheels Adrienne into the state mental hospital and gives her to orderly Folley, who wants to know who he is and what he's doing there. Roman introduces himself and says he doesn't ask questions about the patients, he simply delivers them. Adrienne makes little sounds and jerks her body while the two men talk. Roman gives Adrienne's papers to Folley and leaves. Once Adrienne is left alone by Folley, she whispers into her wire and tells Kayla and Bo that she's in but Steve's not in the cafeteria, where she was left. Adrienne gasps as Dr. Grainger brings out Steve. She's in tears as she notices that there is something wrong with him. Once Grainger and Folley are gone, Adrienne makes her move. She goes to him and tells him who she is but he doesn't speak. She goes on to remind him of their family and how much they've been through. Bo and Kayla listen outside while the exchange happens inside. Steve tells Adrienne to eat and says, "Grainger doesn’t like trouble." Adrienne reminds him of their father, Duke Johnson, who used to beat them. He looks around and says, "Duke…" She says, "That's right. When we were young, you were there for me and now I want to be there for you." Steve starts to cry and says, "I think I killed somebody." Adrienne assures him that he didn't do it and that he lied to help her. He realizes she's right and she tells him that he was tricked into doing bad things. He starts to remember but then tells her he's a soldier and does what he's trained to do.


He calls her a liar but she shows him a bracelet that belonged to their mother. "It had a matching necklace that you gave to Kayla," she says. She goes on to try to get him to remember and tells him a story about finding a pigeon in the park. He remembers it had a broken wing. She says that Duke was angry about it, and he finishes, "But I wouldn't!" She smiles and says that's true! She forces him to look at the bracelet and remember Kayla and he does!! "Kayla,.." he says. He looks at her, his voice filled with emotion and says, "Adrienne!" He tells her he's one of 'them' though and he's confused. "If there is a Kayla, then maybe I'm not one of them," he says fiercely.


In the car, Bo gets a call from Marlena, who tells him that Philip tracked Shawn and Belle down to Tinda Lau. He relays that EJ Wells and Philip have been in cahoots all along. Bo wants to go to Tinda Lau now, but Kayla urges him to see this thing through with Steve first!


Inside, Adrienne tells Steve that Kayla is real and the reason why she's there to help. She tells him Kayla's right outside waiting for them! He starts to panic and tells her he can't go. She holds him and Folley walks in and asks her to get her hands off Steve. He tells her to move away and asks, "You want to be locked up"?"Kayla and Bo listen with worried looks on their faces.

Kate sits in her car and schedules meetings with her secretary. EJ gets into the car and tells her about his chat with Billie. He tells her that he just found out that Philip went overseas and wants to know where he is. Kate hems and haws and acts innocent but when push comes to shove, she admits that he's gone to Tinda Lau. She asks her to promise he won't hurt Shawn. He says, "I can assure you. I have no intentions of harming Shawn." The emphasis appears to be on the 'I'. He leaves the car to make a phone call and when he returns, he tells her that he found out that Philip was watching a tape of Bo and Marlena discussing where Shawn and Belle are. Kate asks him about what happened with Brandy Mathas and he looks at her as if to feign confusion! She asks, "Doesn't that ring a bell or an …. Anagram?" He asks her not to get too clever or it could get dangerous, but she tells him she doesn't care what his plans are, as long as Lucas doesn’t get hurt. He promises her that it won't, and says he isn't going to the island himself. He'll send someone else! She wants to know more information, so he explains that he's sending one of the finest soldiers he knows. "But there is only one problem. How to get him out of his cage."


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Foley asks Steve just who Adrienne thinks she is and Steve stands up to Folley and says, "She's my sister! She tried to help me." Adrienne looks on with fear in her eyes.

Bo tells Kayla he's going in there now before Adrienne gets in any deeper but Kayla stops him and points out that Adrienne is sharp, and thinks fast. "Just give her a minute." She pleads.

With blood on her shirt, Belle tells Philip that he's not going anywhere. "You have to kill me first." Phillip holds Claire to him and retorts, "I'm not letting her go. Not now,… not ever."

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