Days Recap: High As A Kite.

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Brady is caught, Will eavesdrops on Gabi and Sonny, and EJ tries to eliminate the evidence Sami left at the crime scene.

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Gabi is snoozing on her couch and dreaming of Nick's demise. She moans and wakes up. Sonny is there to give her a hug. He tries to ease her conscience but she feels like she should turn herself in. Gabi thanks him for being so helpful.

Will shows up at TBD looking for Sonny. Tad tells him he's out. Will worries that Gabi and Sonny have been acting odd. They yap and Tad suggests they are just planning the party again.

Gabi and Sonny go shopping in the square with the baby. Someone watches them from behind a plant. They are followed home.

At Casa DiMera, Sami wonders why EJ is dressed like a park ranger. He tells her to change because they are going hiking. She looks for an excuse but he wants to take her to the river. Samanther knits her brow and looks for excuses but he's insistent.

Eric shows up at Nicole's office. He's there to take her headshots. She doesn't think this will work. Eric's offended and needs the cash. The reporter points out there is a conflict of interest but he wants to make her look good. They get to work. She's impressed that he hasn't lost his touch. Then they look at the photos they took on Venice Beach years ago. It's never been hard for him to make her look beautiful.

Sami and EJ head out to the woods. They bicker among the trees as he demands all the details about the infamous night. He looks down and finds a branch covered in some of Nick's blood. "No one would have found that," she says. Then he finds a piece of Gabi's coat and demands she show him the crime scene. She freaks out and runs. He follows her. When she looks at the water, she screams as a rotting body floats to the surface.

When Gabi and Sonny get home, she gets a text about her coat from Sami. They discuss the night she killed Nick until they hear something. When she opens the closet, she finds Will inside.

In the park, Daniel confronts Brady for talking to a dealer. Brady claims he was having it out with him over JJ and spins him a story.

Theresa is on JJ's doorstep. She barges her way in and claims she's there to solve his problems. He doesn't believe it. She needs some information about Daniel. JJ reminds her that the doctor is not into her. Theresa is sure she can seduce a man. He says she used to seem sexy, but now he knows she's a buzzkill. Besides, he's sure she's only after Daniel to get back at his mom. She has to go but says she'll be back and he better be more cooperative. Once she's gone, he gets a text from Daniel.

JJ arrives at Daniel's. The doctor starts to lecture him about his dealer. JJ claims that Brady is out to get him. Once the doctor calms down and JJ explains things, Daniel believes him. JJ is grateful for that and goes.

JJ goes home and tells himself that he has to fix things for his mom so she can be with Daniel again.

Theresa shows up at the hospital. She hands Maggie something she wrote for AA and asks her to read it. Red agrees. Theresa smiles to herself smugly and wanders off. When Maggie sits down, Daniel joins her. They discuss Brady and she worries about how he has been acting lately. When the doctor heads off, Theresa returns. Maggie tells her that her writing seems pretty pat and warns her that she better be serious.

Nicole shows up at the mansion with her videographer. The door is open so they wander in. Brady comes out rubbing his nose. He's baked. They record his message to Kristen anyway. It's bitter and angry. Eric shows up. Brady isn't happy to see him and starts drinking. Nicole ends the interview. She wonders what’s wrong with Brady. "He's as high as a kite!" Daniel declares as he arrives.

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Gabi, Kate, Sami, EJ and Sonny panic when it appears Will won’t keep their secret about Nick.

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