Days Recap: It's Not About The Bacon.

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Hope's concerned about Ciara, Jordan has a heart to heart talk with Maxine, and JJ worries that Jenn will move on with another guy.

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At the Horton's, JJ overhears Jenn and Abby agreeing that her new dress is perfect for her date with Liam. Jenn apologizes for Abby eating all of the bacon when he joins them and rushes out. He asks Abby what she's thinking. She's sorry she ate the bacon but he exclaims it's not about the bacon. When Jenn comes back for something, JJ mentions it's great that Victor and Maggie worked things out. She agrees before leaving. Abby's confused and JJ chastises her for allowing Jenn to think it's okay to go out with 'that jerk'. Abby's surprised he wants Jenn to get back together with Daniel. He asks Abby how she ever got the courage to come clean when she screwed up. It wasn't courage; it just worked itself out in the end and she wishes she never lied. He's about to tell her something when Theo calls her.

Brady finishes ordering drugs and is surprised when Maggie returns home with Victor. He warns Brady that they need to be on their best behavior. Alone, Maggie explains her conditions that Victor had to apologize to Eric and Marlena. He's done one of the two. Brady thinks there's no need for him to apologize to Marlena if she's already moved back in. Maggie thinks Victor will do the right thing. She asks Brady if he's alright. As a recovering addict she clearly sees the signs that something's wrong and thinks they should go to a meeting together. He snaps, "No," and then apologizes. He isn't going to meetings.

Theresa runs by the nurses' station and asks Anne to improvise. Daniel arrives and Anne jokes that he's already on to his next conquest when he gets off the phone with 'Donna' and asks how many illegitimate children he plans to have. Theresa rushes over and says, "Stop it Anne…this man saved my life." Anne snaps at Theresa and storms off. Theresa admits Anne stresses her out and wishes she had someone to talk to. Victor interrupts. Privately, he thanks Daniel for getting him to do the right thing to get Maggie back. Elsewhere, Maxine delivers a package to Jordan's office. It looks like it's from the fancy boutique in the square. Jordan thinks it's inappropriate since Rafe was her patient. Maxine doesn't judge as Jordan explains that her thing with Rafe is complicated. Maxine thinks she's scared not knowing if Rafe feels gratitude or something more. Meanwhile, Anne explains how Victor is rich to Theresa in the break room. Theresa decides to take it up a notch. She unbuttons her blouse to snag Daniel. Jenn sees her return to the nurses' station and request a chat with Daniel anytime, anyplace. He leaves and she approaches Jenn to thank her for the invitation to the family Christmas. She reiterates that she and Daniel are just friends. Jenn doesn't care and reminds her to stay away from JJ. Alone, Theresa knows it's time to hurt Jenn more.

Hope's pleased at Rafe's progress when he opens the door standing up at his apartment. She's grateful when he takes the time to listen to Ciara. She doesn't know if Ciara is really okay and wouldn't do what Bo is doing to her. Ciara comes out modeling her recital outfit and invites Rafe. Jordan arrives to get something straight about his gift and Hope and Ciara leave. He wants Jordan to stop talking and open the present. She doesn't take orders and is certain this is wrong. He's frustrated that she's still talking and she decides to open it. She does and finds a t-shirt with "Coach" written on the front. It's obviously not from the boutique. He's sorry she wasn't there for Christmas so he could put the mistletoe to use. They're not aware of it having an expiration date and kiss until she's paged. He's glad they've cleared up that he's no longer her patient and can't wait for her to return. She leaves as he promises to keep the mistletoe up for a while.

Jenn turns down Hope's invitation to lunch at the hospital and introduces Liam. He steps away to reschedule a meeting so he can keep their date and Hope shares how cute she thinks he is. Jenn's not certain about dating again and worries how some people don't understand the concept of 'just friends'.

Brady picks up drugs from his dealer in the park and refuses his offer for something stronger. Daniel catches up to him before he leaves and asks what he's doing. Brady claims he wasn't doing anything but Daniel accuses him of lying. He saw everything.

Theresa visits JJ at home. She's come to set him free.

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